Top 3 Stolen Trucks and Simple Tips to Prevent Your Truck From Being Stolen

Top 3 Stolen Trucks and Simple Tips to Prevent Your Truck From Being Stolen

It’s a scene you hope you never have to
encounter. You’re walking back to your truck, you know
this is where you parked, but it’s not there. There’s only one thing it could be. Your truck was stolen. Hey guys, Ken here with 4WheelOnline. If you like what we’re doing hit that subscribe
button! And stick around until the end, we want to
hear about your truck theft stories. You never want to experience it, but sometimes
life sucks. Losing your truck isn’t as horrible as losing
a loved one, obviously, but if you love your truck, sometimes it’s close. Now, we don’t mean the kind of hot wheels
you played with as a kid. While those are awesome we’re talking about
the top 10 vehicles stolen in 2015. 3 out of the top ten were trucks. Which state do you think had the most truck
thefts? If you guessed Texas you’d be right. A huge 18,400 trucks parted ways with their
owners last year in Texas. California is second with nearly half that
at 10,500. Third is where thefts per state drop off in
a huge way. Florida lands at 3,400 and the numbers only
go down from there. I guess this makes sense though. Texas and California are the two most populous
states. And they’re also states that have a lot
of industry like oil and farming. If you’ve ever driven through rural Texas
then you know just how many trucks are there. Plus they like big things there, in Texas. California, I don’t know what they like. So, which truck was stolen the most? Let’s start at the least stolen and move
up. Coming in at 6 out of 10 overall is Dodge
full size pickups with 11,212 stolen last year. The report doesn’t say which models specifically,
but does show 2001 and 2004 model years as the most stolen. Chevy full size trucks are 4th overall on
the list which 2.5 times as many stolen compared to dodge at 27,771. The 2004 model year makes up the largest portion
of that number at 15% of the total. And, the number 1 most stolen truck, the number
3 most stolen vehicle in America is Ford full size trucks for a total of 29,396. So if you have a Ford full size truck, you
probably want to keep listening. Is this surprising? Trucks are getting more popular every year
and the rankings fit in with sales numbers. It’s simple math that the truck that is
sold the most would also be stolen the most. But how can you prevent your truck from being
stolen? Here’s a few simple tips: Now, the first one is obvious. Double check that your doors are locked. Unless of course you’ve got a soft top jeep
because it’s not cheap to replace a cut soft top. Don’t leave a spare key in your car. Just don’t do it. No putting your keys under your visor and
flipping them down. There’s a reason it’s in the movies, people
actually do it and then their cars get stolen. Idiots. Park in a well lit area, thieves hate being
seen. If your truck doesn’t have one, install
some sort of alarm. But the best method, period, is to use some
sort of immobilizing device, this could include smart keys, starter, ignition and fuel pump
disablers, fuse cut-offs, or hidden kill switches. Has your truck been stolen? Have you ever stolen a truck? Tell us the story and what the end result
was. Did the thief get caught? Are you still in jail? Was your truck ever found? If it was did you get it back in one piece
or was it a total loss? Let us know in the comments! Then be sure to thumbs up and share. Unless you stole it of course. Until next time, I’m ken, with 4WheelOnline
and you’ve just been refreshed.

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  1. As a retired insurance agent, I can tell you that the reason TX and CA are the 2 states with the most stolen trucks is because they border Mexico. According to the same insurance statistics you used in this video, the vast majority of stolen trucks in those states are most likely driven over the border and sold in Mexico. They're big money.

  2. I own an 03 silverado regular cab short box. i know they're stolen all the time in my area so i keep it locked up, alarm, club, killswitch and in my moms spot in the garage haha.

  3. I remember my 1999 GMC Yukon was stolen back in 2014.
    I was 16 and drove without a license and was careless in every single was imaginable.
    When I woke up in the morning it wasn't there anymore.
    Police came and everything and no glass was broken.
    We looked for the keys and we couldn't find them.
    What had happened is I left the keys in the ignition switch and doors unlocked.
    It happened to me about 2 times before that and my dad got after me.
    The worst part of it was they also stole my TOOL CD I always listened to in the truck!

  4. our 99 f250 diesel was stolen right from our house. the indians stole it. do day painted it took the tailgate and trasged it rip big red

  5. ok Ford's are easy to steal because you stick a key in the door lock pry it and your in pop of the ignition lock stick it in and turn it. that easy

  6. The tips are ok but most stolen cars in my city are from either people leavig keys in ignition or from people using tow trucks and just taking them

  7. I have stolen my grandpa’s truck going up the driveway to take the trash down and he gave me a weird look the rest of the day

  8. My truck was stolen front of my house, I'm in Lancaster California it's an older 1984 Toyota truck, never in my mind crossed my mind ,thiefs would take it.

  9. My truck was stolen from the mall 3 days before Christmas while I was getting fitted for a tux for my buddies wedding. 2007 Chevy 2500. Loved that truck. STAY AWAY from Knoxville center mall in Tennessee. Finally settled with the insurance today.

  10. When i was 12 there was a Ford F-350 4×4 sitting on the street for a month I found out it was unlocked only to find out that it was a manual. But I still looked for a key and I found a hide a key under a truck, so I watched about 10-20 videos on how to drive a manual so I got some gloves out of the bed of the truck and went mudding in it lucky me it had a full tank of diesel after a week of driving it and putting it back It got low on diesel so I returned it back to its parking space on the road. Then it got towed a week after I stoped driving it

  11. Here in south florida, i sell alot of truck alarms. Mostly F series Super Duties getting stolen alot down here. Then theyll go get a trailer and steal a boat or some stupid things in the truck bed. Had a guy recover his truck within 2 hours. All his truck cap locks were busted, the radio and dash pulled out. They almost had it stripped within 2 hours they got the truck but no criminals.

  12. Had my 2006 F250 stolen 3weeks ago here in Houston, TX while me and my family were eating dinner 50' away. They stole in less than 60 seconds by popping handle and shoving house key into ignition. Cops said number one use was smuggling drugs in and out of Mexico by removing back seat. Truck was recovered and totaled by insurance. One thief actually dropped smart phone in truck. The thieves were Hispanic. Even with all the evidence and a smart phone, no arrests made yet. This whole theft has set me and my family back alot of time and money. This truck was my livelihood and pride and joy that I had alot of blood sweat and tears in.

  13. I had just bought my 2018 Ford F-150 and with in 3 hrs after I bought it . It got stolen at the parking lot of carabas…

  14. Just found out the hard way. Left my keys in my ford f350 dually. Luckily typical 6.0 broken down for high pressure oil leak. They got the keys but not the truck. Replacing ignition and door locks before I fix it. Wanted to install fuel pump shut off switch in case they try to come back and try to steal it. Is this possible so my truck does not get stolen

  15. My 06' F-250 6.0 diesel was broken into Jan 5th 2019. The thief tried to steal the truck. Broke the 1/4 glass and steering column and steering wheel lock. I installed a starter interrupt relay years ago. A momentary foot switch like the old school floor mounted high beam switch. Truck didn't start. But they got away with my tools and personal belongings like clothes, watch, tablet, ect

  16. I checked all the doors they were locked… left my 2006 silverado parked under a lot of light. I checked on it multiple times throughout the day and before I was gonna go out with the homies around 11:00 at night. As soon as I opened up my door they messed up the ignition cylinder and my truck wouldn't turn on. So I said fuck it imma wait for the dude to come back. It was like 3 in the morning and some fat guy on a bike came back and knocked on the drivers side window but he didn't get in and dipped like the bish he is. I Hope y'all enjoy the stupidest non fiction story. 😂

  17. I had a 04 denali and i caught the thieve inside of it trying to take off with it ,i whooped his ass first then broke his leg with a 2×4

  18. Had a 18 Denali and there was two thefts that stole it and they were able to open the hood and took it in like 2 minutes

  19. Truck was stolen, on security cam they came up to it and somehow unlocked the car door with their own key or something. You could see the lights flicker from it being unlocked and they hopped in and drove off. Idk how it happened. Truck was in the shop all day long the day before so maybe they did something. Shit idk. But I still have both keys.

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