Top 4 Dumb Things NOT to do to Your Car

Top 4 Dumb Things NOT to do to Your Car

1, 2, 3, 4! Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for I’ve been working on cars
for the last 43 years. And in all that time
I’ve seen people do some pretty dumb
things with their cars. And today, I’m going to
talk about a few of them so you don’t do them
to your own car. Now the first thing is never
jump start your car backwards. If you look at any car battery,
you’ll see one side has a plus, and the other side
has a minus on it. And of course, the plus
is the positive cable, and the minus is
a negative cable. So when you jump start a car,
get the red positive cable, stick it on a positive battery. Then get the other positive
cable of your jumper cables, the red one, and stick it
on the positive terminal of your battery. Now that’s easy to tell
on this Toyota’s battery because it’s got a big
plus on the left side and a negative on
the right side. But many car batteries
have the markings under the battery terminals,
so you can’t see them. If you don’t know
which is which, move the battery
terminals out of the way, so you can see which is
plus and which is minus. Because if you hook
them up backwards, you’re going to have
serious electrical problems in your car. You can destroy the alternator. You can destroy the main
computer of the car. You can fry all kinds of stuff. So never jump start
a car backwards. It only takes a few
seconds to check. Always put the
positive on a positive, and the negative
on the negative. Now the next dumb thing
I’ve seen people do is running a car out of gas. If you’re running low on
gas, put some more gas in. Don’t try to start a car that’s
run out of gas, and here’s why. If your gas gauge really is on
empty and the car won’t start, stop it right there. Because if you keep cranking the
engine with the car out of gas, the fuel pump will suck
air and burn itself out. And that’s because most motor
cars have their fuel pumps inside the gas tank. And strange as it
sounds, the gasoline lubricates the bearings
in the electric pump. And if you run out of
gas and this sucks air, it will burn the pump out. Then you have to crawl under
the car, pull off the gas tank, and change the pump assembly. And some of these pumps
cost more than $500 or $600. So if your gas gauge
is stuck on empty, don’t keep trying
to start the car. Put some gas in it first. Now the next dumb thing
I see all the time is people not changing
their oil frequently enough. When I was a young mechanic,
eons ago, I saw lots of engines blow up because the people
didn’t change the oil enough. And it’s even more
important in modern vehicles because most of them have
variable valve timing, like this Toyota. Most modern cars have variable
valve timing engines, even more small holes that
oil has to go through. And if you clog them
up and ruin that, you can spend
thousands fixing that. So if you’re using conventional
motor oil, change the oil and filter every
3,000 or 4,000 miles. I don’t care what they suggest. I change mine
every three or four and never have engine problems. And if you’re one of those
people who always seems to forget to change the oil, you
should use fully synthetic oil. You can change that every
7,000 or 8,000 miles. It costs a lot more but it
also lasts a lot longer. Now the last dumb thing
I’m going to talk about is the failure to change
the coolant in your car. Coolant wears out over time
and should be changed out. It’s a simple thing to do. If you have
conventional antifreeze, you change it once
every three years. And if you use
extended-life antifreeze, you can change it out
once every five years. No big deal, but
don’t forget to do it, because modern engines have
a lot of aluminum parts, and aluminum
doesn’t rust, but it corrodes very badly if
the anti-corrosion parts of the antifreeze break down. So now you know. Learn from other
people’s mistakes and keep your car running
smoothly down the road. And remember, if you have
any car questions just visit [MUSIC PLAYING]

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Like my grandmother used to say… 'the oil and anti-freeze to a car, is like blood and water to your body.'

  3. Hey Scotty… it's called a Diode and it prevents the backwards flow of electricity… and if I was a betting man I would say that a lot of modern day cars have a few of them, including an alternator that uses a… you guessed it… a diode to convert AC to DC.

  4. All the stuff your Dad was supposed to teach you while he ate Cheetos off his belly in the barkolounger watching Family Guy. Scotty Kilmer IS PRESIDENT the way I see it!!!

  5. I accidentally plugged positive terminal to my left nipple and negative to my right nipple and now im missing my belly button. What did i do wrong? How much does a new belly button cost?

  6. @ scotty i have a 04 f150 with a bad engine valve in Tennessee where it broke down on me would u be interested in buying or fixing for me lol weird but true

  7. dude you actually remind me of my grandpa 😂😂 hes been a mechanic for about 40 years to and you kind of like him to🤣🤣🤣 and act like him🤣🤣🤣

  8. Scotty, I have 2 tabs open in my browser, and each have your video on it =) And I don't even know how to work on cars, except put gas in it =) LOL But today, I learned how to properly jump a car (which I wrote in the Note in my phone)… from the video on the other tab "This Will Destroy Your Car" =) Thank you Scotty =)

  9. Hey scotty have I been in a time warp I watched your channel yesterday and you have been working on cars for 51 years n this post it's 43 years scotty I need to be beamed up into your time

  10. I never change my oil! I feel so free! Of course my car burns a quart every 600 miles so i’m always adding anyway! Ha-ha! The manufacturer says it’s normal. The filter and drain interval I do once a year.

  11. Thank you so much for making this! I bought a car 2 months ago and the estimated gas remaining was 50 miles left, then the car stalled and wouldn't turn over, since the fuel pump is 17 years old I think since then it's been struggling but now I know why! Thank you!

  12. It makes no sense to me as to why Steve Perry would retire from singing and become a mechanic instead

  13. You explain things the way I can understand it. I really appreciate you and your common sense information.

  14. +=+, -=-. Genius. E=empty.Genius.
    Change your oil. Genius
    This is not a knock on Scotty. Alot of people have became voluntary victims, by self ignorance. Go Scotty go.

  15. Remember, when paying big bucks for labor to change the fuel pump because of the almost gargantuan task and all the lives that will be lost taking the four bolts loose to the two straps that hold it underneath most cars, what the mechanic fails to mention, is that there is an access panel usually underneath the rear passenger seat that allows easy access to the top of the fuel tank, allowing the fuel pump to be removed in minutes… they, btw will fail to mention this to you before sucking your wallet dry for the massive labor involved in removing the six screws of pre-mentioned access plate.

  16. My wife's car was jumped backwards and now the dashboard and radio doesn't work? Could this just be a fuse or is it deceased?

  17. my dad puts water in the coolant reservoir: although it works ,I always tell to buy some antifreeze because it'll last longer and will be better for the car but he doesn't listen.

  18. Although I jumped the car battery many many times before, I 'goofed up' and did the first dumb thing by hooking up the jump cable correctly on the dead car but then reversed the cable on the good car :(! It sparked and smoldered a little from the contact terminal before I realized it.

  19. 1. People jumpstarting their car backwards 0:34
    2. People running their car out of gas 1:47
    3. People not changing their oil frequently enough 2:44
    4. People failing to change the coolant in their car 3:39

  20. You should have mentioned that the easiest way to determine which is the positive and negative battery terminal, is the positive one is always bigger.
    So ft the markings are hidden, just stand directly over the battery and look down and it's easy to see that the positive terminal is always a lot bigger than the negative 🙂

  21. Where do you request topics for videos?

    I want to ask about why Volvo wiring is so stupid and that you should rewire your Volvo so it makes sense and reduces weight by removing hundreds of pounds of unnecessary wires thus improving gas mileage and saving the planet from DOOM!

  22. 3:38 I'm a Master Tech to I don't know about eight thousand mile oil changes I would say 3000 for regular oil 5000 plus synthetic although I have use synthetic and still change my oil every 3,000 if you really care about your car you should always changes every 3000 I don't care what oil you use

  23. Also if you feel your car struggling up a hill (even in 1st and 2nd gear) don't lug the engine trying to make it up the hill. It's not worth it man.
    And after a good uphill run (driving fast) give your car like 30 min. before you try to go uphill again. My car absolutely hated going up hills, and that's what killed it in the end. Also the high mileage but mostly the hill (and possibly drifting on a super bumpy dirt road couldn't have helped either lol)

    I ran that car to the ground, and now it is time for a new engine. As I have been saying, hmu if you find a nice vvt 1.8L Miata engine with less than 50k miles.
    These are desperate times

  24. Well look at that! Eight years ago your garage didn’t look like an episode of hoarders. You even park your motorcycle in there.

  25. Scotty, you actually did one dumb thing in this video. You put negative on the negative terminal of the battery, you must put the negative cable on some metal part of the engine instead.

  26. bhxdfnjfxtg,kznbfkwzvdrnzu where the hell did these intros go?! hahaha that was amazing scotty!

    2:38 sooooo we could fix this with a simple run-dry d5 pump. good fight automotive industry.

  27. I use mobil 1 extended performance full synthetic and change the oil every 3k with a mobil 1 filter on my highlander v6

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