Top 5 Best Bang For Your Buck Car Mods | The Build Sheet

Top 5 Best Bang For Your Buck Car Mods | The Build Sheet

– So are we tailgating
before Area 51 or what? – What is going on everyone,
Gels from Fitment Industries and welcome back to another
episode of The Build Sheet where today, we’re going
to be talking about the best bang for your buck mods. Now we went through some
mods that maybe you should stay away from, and we though
we’d give you the other, like, more helpful hand of what you could actually do to your car to
make it a little better. (tense music) And before we go ahead and get into it, don’t forget to subscribe. Wheels, tires, suspension, The whole thing. Just a heads up too, by the time you see this
video we are probably about two days out from the announcement of the Konig Wheels giveaway winner. So we’re giving away a set of Konig Wheels for the month of July. It’s your last chance if we’re not already sold out of t-shirts. To pick up one of these
t-shirts right here, drift mode with Supra, all the cool stuff to get entered with a chance to win a free set of Konig Wheels. So first up on the list is one that may be a little out of left field for some but is a mod that you can do to your car, especially if you are autocrossing
or anything like that. And that would have to
be upgraded brake pads and steel braided lines can offer a good bump
in braking performance for not a crazy amount of money. Performance brake pads for
the most part are made out of a semi-metallic or metallic compound, or a ceramic compound usually paired with some
sort of composite material. Now, of course, there’s
always the argument of which compound is better for performance, and for the most part,
if you’re doing a lot of performance driving
with your car regularly, a metallic compound is probably
going to suit your needs a little better than a ceramic pad. However, if you’re looking
for something that produces a little bump in performance but also allows for less brake dust and is a bit quieter as far as operation, a ceramic pad is also
a good option as well. By upgrading your brake pads
to fit your driving needs, you can reduce the amount of heat build-up in your braking system which helps with any fade that might come around, or that you might get
with performance driving. Upgrading the brake lines
that go to your calipers, on the other hand, can also help a ton with pedal feel and overall stopping power. The stock brake lens that come
on your car from the factory are made of a rubber compound that can flex and expand
during hard braking, especially when things start to heat up. This is really taking away from some of the stopping power
that you could be getting going to the pistons of your calipers. By upgrading to a braided
line you are minimizing the amount of expansion
or flex in the brake line, giving you more responsiveness
and power from your brakes. For right around $100 for some upgraded brake pads that are decent and right around another $100
for a set of brake lines, you can really increase the stopping power of your car’s brakes without
spending a ton of money. And it’s something that you’ll feel every time you get in the car. So coming in at number
two is something that isn’t available for every
car out on the market, but as a modification you can do. But a short shifter with
some upgraded bushings can really make a world of
difference in a manual car. By decreasing the amount
of throw that is needed to move from one gear to the next, it can give you a little more confidence when rowing through the gears in your car. Usually short sifters
will feel a little more notchy and solid to the point that you know when you’ve hit the next gear. Now even though this isn’t a true performance modification by any means, but it is another one
of those modifications you can do for relatively cheap and that you’ll use every
time you drive the car. And they just feel damn good. They give you a lot of confidence. You’re not thinking about “Oh man, I really hope I hit third
instead of first this time” when shifting gears. Starting off right around
$200 you can get yourself into a decent short throw
shifter for your car. Now if that sounds like
a little much for you, to go along with that as well, just by upgrading your shifter bushings you can eliminate a good majority of slop in your OEM Shifter. Now especially if you have an older car with bushings that are
straight from factory still from like 20, 30 years ago, dropping in some fresh aluminum bushings for right around $50 can give you some better driving experience as well. And for the next one, of course we had to mention it on the list because it’s probably
one of the first things that anybody does to a new vehicle if they’re looking to modify it, especially if you’re a
16-year-old or are like me, just because I love installing exhausts and hearing them start for the first time. A proper cat back exhaust
for your car is probably one of the most satisfying
modifications you can do. Now even though the costs
for a proper exhaust system is usually up into the
at least five or $600, if not into the thousands of dollars, hearing the car start
up for the first time with the first cold start
on a crisp fall morning or rolling down the
windows and dropping a gear through a tunnel or overpass, is going to make it all worth it. And that’s why it’s on the list. But make sure you do some research on exactly what you’re
looking at getting first. Unfortunately some exhausts out
there just don’t sound good. Like, at all. Even if they do cost quite a bit, sometimes they just
don’t sound the greatest. Or they just, they’re like, over designed and that was the thing back then to have cars sound like that, but it’s not the same thing today. So don’t be afraid to be that guy that spends hours looking around on YouTube to find the exact setup that you want because when it all comes down to it, you want your car to sound good. To kind of pair along with that as well, moving into our next item on
the list would be a flash tune. Now we’ve talked about flash tunes on The Build Sheet before and
what they all have to offer. Now this is another one of those mods that can get a little pricey but it wouldn’t be on the list today if there wasn’t at least
one good reason for it. Things like the COBB Accessport or even the Openflash tuning tablet can run you a good $500 at the least. Flash tunes can offer a nice little bump in the horse power and torque, and ensure that you’re
getting the most out your car without spending an
insane amount of money. Now if you’re pairing this tune with a nice intake and exhaust, you can get a little more
power out of it as well and really kind of open up the benefits of having those other bolt-ons. Having personal experience
with the OFT for my Scion FRS I was able to almost
completely eliminate the FA 20s horrendous torque dip that is like right around
like 3000 – 4000 rpm. So it helped out a lot. So it was definitely worth it for even a naturally aspirated platform. And then last on the list today is something that we know, and love, and you knew it was coming,
you know we had to do it. It wouldn’t be a Fitment
Industries video without it, but coming in last but
certainly not least today would be aftermarket suspension. Specifically a set of coilovers. Now we recommend aftermarket
suspension to be one of, if not the first things to do to your car if you’re looking at modifying it. No matter if you’re looking
to get performance out of it, or just general looks, simply because almost any car with a little bit of drop will look a thousand times
better than on stock ride height. It’s something we’ve talked
about in the past too. There are quite a few
cars out there as well that look good even
lowered on stock wheels, but that’s not what we’re
here to talk about today. I know, you’re like Gels,
I get it, it’s a sales plug,
wheels, tires, suspension, the whole thing, and you know
what you’re not wrong, okay? But coilovers are on the list for a reason and you get a ton out of them. You get the adjustability
of damping, ride height, some camera adjustment
if your coils come with adjustable camera plates. And all this can really change how the cars feels for the better. By lowering your center of gravity with the height adjustability and connecting to the road
with a more stiffer ride, the suspension can completely change how the car feels, and how it drives, and the entire attitude
of the driving experience. Now depending whether you’re going with a set of TEINs or KWs the price
can vary pretty drastically. But no matter what you’re looking for, performance or just something for looks, installing a set of coilovers on your car is one of those mods that
just makes you feel good. You know what I mean bud? Well that’s going to wrap it up for today for the list of the best
bang for your buck mods. If there’s something that you thought should have been on the list don’t be afraid to drop it down in the comments section below. Don’t forget that time is running out for the Konig Wheels giveaway. Pick up a shirt if they’re
not already sold out. We’ll be doing a live giveaway this week. But that’s going to do it for today, I’m Gels from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe Wheels, tires, suspension, I think that’s it. We will see you later. Peace.

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  1. What mods would you add to the list? If you have some mods on your car add it to our gallery!

  2. I have a 2013 audi a3 sportback, About to buy 18×8.5 +30 jnc 005, and H&R/eibach lowering springs, strictly for aesthetics otherwise id get coilovers. Is this an appropriate beginners set up or is it just me being a 16 year old boy who wants to make his car look nice impulsivity and bad decision

  3. Short shifters can also damage your transmission…

    Yes, good quality brake pads are worth the money, but stainless lines are more of eye candy on a daily driver.

    Good quality tires will probably improve your braking more than pads, though. If you can't grip the road, the best pads in the world won't stop you.

  4. 1) Learn how to drive well. Your local SCCA chapter offers very reasonably priced schools. Take advantage of it. I doubt many fully comprehend the competitive advantage brought about via skill. Wish I could show you.

    2) Tires. At the risk of stating the brutally obvious, they're your only connection to the road. Depending on where you live and how you drive, there isn't a best. I live in Upstate, NY – all four seasons. I'm on my third set of Hankook V12. Why not an even stickier tire? Well, it would allow me to be fast from May to September. The Hankooks are fairly predictable from March well into December, assuming there's no salt/snow. In addition, a stickier tire would take longer to warm up; doesn't work for my needs. They also weigh relatively low. The point is, consider your tires carefully. Good luck.

  5. Don't get stainless braided lines. They aren't worth it. New rubber flex lines will be just as good, and help alot over your original ones. Oh, and tires are way more important than suspension for performance. Seriously. On average you can get a set of good 200 treadwear tires for like $800. Way better value than a lot of the stuff on this list.

  6. Selling my 2014 genesis coupe3.8 . I live near Austin Texas if anyone’s interested! Going for an inexpensive build and first tuner car ! Can’t wait to start . Def getting my wheels from fitment industries

  7. I would add, and this one is basically free, that clutch pedal "limiter", adjust it where the clutch is disengaged, and the shifts are much faster

  8. Short shifter was one of the first mods I did on my WRX. Honestly, if you said I could only have 1 of my many mods that would be the one or at least in the top 3.

  9. What about weight reduction? It’s free 😬 just takes a little time. Orrrrr if you want to spend $20 at Taco Bell… that works too…

  10. Unless you have a pagani, Koenigsegg, Or La Ferrari. It doesn’t matter what you drive. You at least need a drop and a front lip. I promise.

  11. Not gonna lie I was expecting 3/5 of the mods to be wheels, tires and suspension (from fitment industries of cours)

  12. These are some of my favorite items that u may find for under $200, and get so much for what they are.

    1. Upgraded headlight bulbs.
    2. Polyurethane sway bar bushings
    3. Rack and pinion polyurethane bushing
    4. Motor mount inserts
    5. Subframe collar inserts

  13. Not needed for the street but if you want to do hard driving while your up grading your brakes swap out your brake fluid for a racing brake fluid eg. ate type 200 dot 4 . Just like the brake pads the fluid will get hot to the point it can boil in the brake system. Racing brake fluid provides a higher boiling point which allows you to be harder on the braking system and helps to reduce brake fade. Some good performances brake pads braided lines and good quality racing brake fluid is a great way to start. Also you can use dot 4 inplace of dot 3 but not dot 3 inplace dot 4 and dot 5 only in dot 5!!!

  14. Upgrading your suspension bushings is also a good and fairly cheap mod that does wonders! Solid rubber polyurethane or spherical bearings if you wanna get real fancy all great upgrades but not all the best for daily driving

  15. The is350 I believe comes with Kevlar type brake lines , so is braided ss lines an upgrade or downgrade ?

  16. Just did my first mod to my car with a new invidia n1 for my mini. Sounds amazing and is perfect. Plus it really helped reawaken the power it’s lost over its 105k miles of driving before me.

  17. I really thought weight reduction was gonna be #1. Higher top speed, better handling, better braking, faster acceleration and not a single penny spent to do it? Come on man. Also, you forgot tires

  18. Please do not advocate that street driven cars utilize steel braided brake lines. Those need to be replaced every couple years and WILL fail. They should be a competition-only item. Also, exhaust typically is the worst bang for your buck. Take that money and get some upgraded tires.

  19. You know what engine responds really well to mods. The n54. And it's in the 135i/335i/535i and any mod to the car will be awesome.

    Still waiting on that so you want a 335i video

  20. Ceramic Pads ftw. Sick of cleaning the darn wheels every 2 days with slotted rotors. No drilled they crack. Also upgraded to SS lines with high temp brake fluid.

  21. 4:49 RIP Juan Ramirez,
    I think it sounds great man 🤛🏻 long as you don’t rev around in 4 o clock in the morning👍

  22. Interesting how bang for your buck includes exhaust but not header (exhaust manifold) way more bang there. Especially if your gonna do exhaust and intake. Not even any of the comments mention this. Probably the 1 bolt on piece that will give you the most gains power wise.

  23. Why did you not include tires? You can only brake, turn, or accelerate as hard as your tires allow you to grip.

  24. I have 2016 Hyundai Accent hatchback
    I want more hp what type of exhaust would you recommend, and turbocharger
    It's hard to find mods for this vehicle

  25. Got a quick question about coilovers:

    Can you replace shock absorbers when they go bad, and not buy a whole unit? If not, what are good lowered springs manufacturers, Eibach maybe?

  26. ummmmmmmmm. brake flexlines are braided core, that is why they dont collapse after releasing the pedal. of course when they shit the bed and do collapse, you know it from all of the smoke and pulling.

  27. Hi Fitment Industries, I just subscribed and want your advice on what I can do to improve the ride of my 2016 Cadillac Escalade. I have made the following mods: Corsa Exhaust, aFe Cold air intake, 2/4 Bell Tech drop, and Hotchkis sway bars. The truck shudders when it hits bumps in the road. I was thinking about end links upgrades or air suspension upgrades. What would you do next to make it ride better?

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