Top 5 Best Toy Stores in Tokyo Japan

Top 5 Best Toy Stores in Tokyo Japan

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  1. Awesome. I pretty much went to all those stores. I often go to yamashiroya and yodobashi. As a kid i used to go to kiddyland though that building was renovated. Hakuhinkan was the one i mentioned to you before which is by far the best toy store i have seen in japan though not in the most convenient location. Tokyo station in the basement can count too in a way but a bit of a mess due to the many many shops. I went to nakano last week and its been awhile since ive been there. Its not as good as it used to be sadly. But a great place for tourists to visit.

  2. I'm pretty sure i hear a very odd version of "La Bamba" with a kid singing it in the second store… Japan, you amaze me lol.

  3. Nakano Broadway is awesome. I live here in Tokyo, and if you would like to see some of the more obscure vintage toy shops let me know! Cheers 🙂

  4. Thank God we found this. Since were going to Japan this August this Channel helped us alot in locations, food, etc. (We used this to Brainstorm to!).

  5. I been to Japan a lot of times, and man, their toy stores are light-years better than the US. What do we have in the US? Oh yeah, Toy's-R-Us, a cheapo corporate store that sells low-quality, overrated brands, and overpriced cheaply knock-off toys.

  6. 1:58 I think you mean thirty four thousand yen. As the label reads 34,500, and three thousand four hundred yen most certainly isn't $300.

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  8. I actually went to The Gundam Base in Diver City, which is in Odaiba. As you can guess, there are lots of Gunpla being sold there, there are even Gunpla exclusive to there. Also, if you go to Diver City's festival plaza, you can see a life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue. However, the Gunpla being sold there aren't very cheap.
    There's another location where you can buy cheaper Gunpla. It's a department store in Shinjuku called 'LABI'. The Gunpla being sold there are cheaper.

  9. OMG I'm so happy I found this!! You showed about kiddyland which had detective conan and since I didn't know that anime, I searched for it and now I have watched over 400 episodes and it's my favorite anime EVER!! Thanks ❤️

  10. Looks like that first one was Akihabara. 20 minutes from me…. dunno, didnt watch the whole vid, but i think so

  11. 群馬のトイプラネット、秋葉原のまんだらけも楽しいので行ってみてください。

  12. If you're looking for plastic models kits and hobby supplies, Akihabara can't be beat. Yodobashi is amazing and has anything you could want. Yellow Submarine and Volks are awesome as well. All of them are close to the station too.

  13. Your vid makes me want to go back to Japan to add more toys to my collection lol
    Thanks for the vid man. Keep it up!

  14. Japan is famous with toys (*hentai too*)
    Canada is famous with peace and kindness
    China are famous hunters (if you know what I mean)
    Russia is famous with dubstep
    Philippines is famous with food and urban legends

  15. One question which toy store sells bandai super sentai toys 90s one or current one both because i want to go to japan someday to buy it?

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