Top 5 Car Maintenance Considerations for Your Vehicle – CARFAX

Top 5 Car Maintenance Considerations for Your Vehicle – CARFAX

Vehicle maintenance is an ongoing endeavor
and may cause you a fair amount of headaches. With all of the things going on in our lives,
thinking about our cars’ next oil change is the last thing we want to worry about. But to keep our cars on the road in reliable
and safe driving condition…we have to take care of our cars, and Carfax is making that
easier. There are three primary factors driving a
cars maintenance needs: The car’s age – the older the car is the
more frequently it will need care. The type of mileage you drive – short local
trips can impact wear and tear as much as high volume mileage. And the driving conditions – highway, city
and off-road driving all have different effects on the frequency and type of maintenance that
may be required. Your car’s maintenance manual contains all
of the information you need to keep your car well maintained, but let’s be honest – nobody
has the time to read that thing. That’s why we created MyCarfax. All you have to do is jot down your license
plate number and visit You can sign up for our free service reminders
and reduce the headache of vehicle maintenance. When you go for service, MyCarfax will tell
you what your manufacturer recommends you have serviced and help you figure out the
right price to pay. Better still – if you go to a MyCarfax participating
shop, your service will automatically be reported and included inside the app. You won’t need to keep all of those receipts
in your glove box anymore. And you’ll get credit for all of the services
performed when you go to trade in your car. In addition, you’ll want to check for signs
of unusual wear and any type of leakage from hoses or seals. So whenever you gas-up your car take a look
at your tires and lights and under the hood. To best way to maintain your car you just
need to know what to do and when to do it…so go to today and let us help
you out.

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  1. Carfax overcharged me when I attempted to purchase a single search. The receipt I received showed they had charged my card for their largest multi-report package although I had not selected it. Caveat emptor!! And boo on the bad business practices.

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