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  1. Im sry but a ford mustang will in 100 quazillion years not make u look rich bt instead a crowd hitting loving man having his Midlifecrisis

  2. Lmfao OK!!! Please tell me where you can find a Cadillac CTS for 5k to 11k also a Supra specially in 1990s for 4k to 9k please do tell I sell japanese imports in LA and San Diego area as a side job even a left hand drive supra goes for more than that unless it has a blowin motor you cant even get that price at a dubai auction or a dealer auction I can sell stock 1990s supra rims for almost 2k come on now video is so MISLEADING it blows my mind how many videos are like this it never gets old i cant stop laughing at this stuff according to a mx5 or mustang has a higher price than a 1990s supra and a mustang also has a higher price than the CTS are you buying these in working condition or is it a rolling chassis? Just WOW is all I can say special the people who like this video they most likely didn't do there research or know nothing about cars and just want to look cool when it cones to it something happens or the get ask a question they don't know there seeing all these videos of guys reving getting chicks it doesn't work that way they will leave the next morning or if you don't but them nothing I think I said enough next time make the price some what realistic.

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