Top 5 Minivan Of All Time

Top 5 Minivan Of All Time

Here are the top 5 most reliable minivan of
all time Number one. Toyota Previa. If you own a Previa then you know what I am
talking about. This minivan can easily go 300,000 miles trouble
free. In fact, many drivers have reported the Previa
can go beyond 200,000 miles without replacing anything major except the battery, brake pads,
spark plugs, spark plugs wires, belts and basic maintenance such as oil change, transmission
flush, and coolant flush. The Previa engine and transmission are known
to last up to 500,000 miles. Back in the days Toyota engineer really cared
about reliability and the Previa was the result of it. Even though this vehicle is over 20 years
old. It is still worth purchasing. If you truly want a minivan that feels like
it can last forever the Previa is your answer. As a used vehicle I recommend this minivan. The Previa is king of all minivan out there. Number two. Ford Aerostar. Usually when you think of ford, you think
of poor quality and unreliability. That is not always the case. Ford does have some decent vehicles that can
last much longer than you expect. The Ford Aerostar happens to be one of the
most reliable van out there. Drivers have reported the Aerostar is bullet
proof and the Aerostar is extremely affordable yet reliable. Some drivers have used the Aerostar to carry
heavy equipment and construction material since it’s very spacious. Some drivers have also removed the seats to
haul things. Regardless how the Aerostar is used whether
it is used as a family vehicle or to haul things. It’s truly a great van. You know what they say what ford means? Found on road dead or fix or repair daily. Not this Aerostar. It is truly reliable. Number three. Honda Odyssey. Honda is renowned for reliability and affordability. The odyssey is truly reliable despite some
issue it has faced such as a faulty transmission. I don’t recommend the 1999 to 2001 version
of the Odyssey. I recommend purchasing any Odyssey beside
those years. The great thing about Honda is that it is
easy to repair, maintain, and parts are always available. Honda makes some of the best engine out there
that can easily go over 200,000 miles. Odyssey has comfortable seatings and interior
looks nice. There is plenty of cargo spaces in the back
to store groceries or even a stroller. I highly recommend the odyssey just make sure
to maintain it. Number four. Toyota Sienna. Toyota sienna is one of the best minivan out
there. Toyota motto is lets go places and places
is where the sienna go. I highly recommend the sienna because it can
easily fit 8 people inside. There isn’t much minivan you can call reliable. Luckily, the sienna is one of them. Toyota motto is let’s go places and places
is where the sienna go. The sienna is known for their spacious cargo
spaces. Top-notch interiors and comfortable seating
for long rides. Did you know that the Sienna was a finalist
for U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 Minivan for the money? Number five. Mazda 5
The Mazda 5 is perfect for a small family. The minvan is easy to park and maneuver and
on the road it is fun and easy to drive. On top of that it turns very well around sharp
corners unlike larger minivan. The mazda 5 comes with a third row seat which
is perfect for a small child. In addition there is plenty of storage and
cargo space for such a small minivan. Whichever minivan you like. I’m sure these minivan will give you little
to no problem. Thank you for watching. Please leave a comment below. Like and share for more top 5 videos.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The Ford Aerostars were a complete pile of junk,The 4.0 engine was a pile of junk known for breaking crankshafts.The bodies rusted away and won't find one in great shape.The Honda,the newer models still have transmission problems and the 2014s have problems with the rocker arm assemblies breaking galore.The Chrysler and Dodge minivans should of been put on that list.The Toyota Previas were bought back by Toyota and crushed,rusted right out.One junk yard in my area received them and was told not to sell parts off of them,had to crushed put in the crusher

  2. top five auto rep. i lost my hearing from job i use have i need caption please i'm not the only one who need it so caption caption caption please thank you I want to BE able to under stand what's being said caption all you'r vlogs please thank you yes I'm subscribed to this channel on you tube C😎😎L

  3. Can you do top 5 list of reliability sport coupes ? Please I hope the 2001 MR2 spyder makes the cut I want to buy one over a dam Mazda Miata.

  4. I have to take issue with the Ford Aerostar on this list. I bought one new and had it for 12 years. I had nothing but trouble with the A/C and electronics, mainly the digital dash. In later years, I discovered these were common issues with this van. In addition, I had to replace a transmission once. The paint was poor quality, too.

  5. This should read top 5 most reliable minivans in america. I have never heard of any of them except the Mazda 5, and I don't know anyone that owns one of those.

  6. I think the Chrysler mini vans need to be in top 5 aerostar I don't agree with Honda and Toyota Yes! But I've put many caravans and town and country through the mill over the yrs.

  7. I onwed a 2000 honda odyssey ex with 219000 miles on the odometer and still going strong.
    After two years of ownership trouble free and now showing 231000 miles on the odometer I can say that this van is very reliable and affordable since I only paid $1800 for it.

  8. In my country, since 2008, the roads have been full of Toyota Avanza and its twin brother Daihatsu Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga, Nissan Livina and Honda Mobilio. Mitsubishi comes on late with XPander that is released in 2017. Chevrolet Spin is mostly used by taxi company.

  9. Thanks for your efforts. I am a professional car guy. Totally disagree with aerostar as a good van. Totally disagree with advise to avoid odesseys upto 2002, they we in fact the best odesseys. The previa is a mobile coffin, as it has no protection in the front

  10. Thank you so much on that vidio.I'm looking for a small van and I will go with your recommands.What do you think about the used chrysler mini vans and the Ford Freestar?

  11. Thanks,😀 very well presentation and I enjoyed learning knowledge about the mini vans. I once owned an Ford Aerostar, ut was reliable up until the end the transmission went out the yr. if was an 1999. Thanks again!

  12. I currently own a 2012 Mazda 5 and it is a fantastic car but I would like to give fair warning to the people that buy the sport model with the 6-speed manual transmission as I did. If you look through the foums online you'll notice that the majority of 2nd generation Mazda 3 Mazda 6 and Mazda 5 have faulty manual transmissions. There's an easy fix for this so don't count it out as the Mazda 5 with the 6-speed manual is one of the most fun cars I have ever owned

  13. I am against the Chrysler mini-van being on the list. If some people had some that lasted they were lucky. Fiat got Chrysler and their quality and reliability did a nose dive. We have seen far too many Chryslers come in with major problems they should not have. Somehow Fiat managed to really trash the Chrysler quality. Electrical problems, trans problems, gasket problems, you name it and Chrysler shows it. We joke about having a no Chrysler policy taken at the shop.

  14. seat alhambra??????? more reliable than anything with the 1.9tdi faster than some sports cars and has more room than some vans!

  15. Don't go for the Toyota Previa! It scored terribly in crash tests. The Sienna is great for both reliability and crash safety.

  16. Why I did onto like the video is because I did or see Dodge Grand Caravan on it they said Toyota ford sienna and more and when I am 17 I am buying a old version of the Caravan the 2007 or 2005 because I heard their is some problems with the 2018 and I am going to own 3 dodge vehicles


  18. Ive read that the toyota sienna has the same engine as a lotus and no other minivan has a super car engine with 296 bhp beat that honda and other dealerships

  19. Also the car has fast acceleration than the honda and more luxurious than the kia,toyota cares for the handicap for the automatic sliding chairs in other models,all wheel drive,and instand braking and acceleration.Not so shabby for a minivan.

  20. I think your analysis is wrong, mazda 5 never going to be better than Toyota Sienna. I had both of them for some time. Mazda to small and very uncomfortable, the third seat usless

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