Top 5 Most Expensive Cars In Nigeria

Top 5 Most Expensive Cars In Nigeria

Hey Everyone, my name is Yemi! So you all know the popular saying that a
man’s best friend is his dog, so i’m sorry to burst your bubble but whoever made that
statement probably never owned a car. So maybe this was the case in the prehistoric
times but I can assure you that in the 21st century, a man’s best friend really is his
car! And in Nigeria, the man and car romance is
as big as anywhere else in the world. I mean what else do you expect from a nation
where the general rule of thumb is for you to work hard and play harder. And who better for you to play with than with
your best friend which is your car? Super-expensive superstar cars are no strangers
to Nigerian roads which is a bit funny considering the less-than-superstar status of the roads
itself. The world’s most expensive cars have reportedly
been sighted on Nigerian roads and today we are going to be counting the top 5/ And did you know that a popular car manufacturer
once said that Nigerians are his biggest customers. So in our top 5, we are going to look at cars
that cost more than the internally generated revenue of four Nigerian states combined and
some cars which even cost more than two plots of land in Banana Island. So let’s jump into our top 5 most expensive
cars found in Nigeria. And at No 5 we have the Rolls Royce Phantom
VII Now the Rolls Royce Phantom 7 was the car
that officially restored Rolls-Royce status as the number manufacturer of luxury cars
around the world. Now if you want to buy this car, you can contact
the Rolls Royce and they will help you customize everything from the color of the body of the
car to the color of the leather seats and more and you know for extra efize, Rolls Royce
always makes sure that the “RR” logos on the wheels always stay upright even when the wheels
keep spinning. All these extra packaging will cost you an
extra $420,000 which is approximately 150 million Naira. And at number 4 we have the Range Rover Sentinel
So it’s an open secret in Nigeria, that the Range Rover is the official big boy car
but then there are big boys and there are bigger boys and the Range Rover Sentinel is
reserved exclusively for the bigger boys. For the security-conscious people, the Range
Rover Sentinel is the perfect car. It comes heavily armoured and can withstand
bullets, grenades, i mean just about anything you throw at it. And the good thing about this car is that
even though it is completely bulletproof and has all the armor work around it, it still
maintains the luxury you can expect from a range rover car. This car will cost you approximately $455,000
which when you convert to Naira is N163 million Naira.. And at Number 3 we have the Maybach 62 s
So now the Maybach 62 s is by Mercedes Benz and although it is not the most expensive
car in the world, it is the most expensive car by Mercedes. This car is Mercedes Benz answer to the Rolls-Royce
and the Bentley and it will cost you approximately $459,000 which when you also convert to Naira
will cost you N165 million. This car can reach a speed of 250 kilometers
per hour and yes we can see where all the money went to. If you are driving around in this car, you
are guaranteed to feel like you are in the first class of an airplane. And at Number 2 we have the Brabus Bullit
Coupe 800 If you love the Mercedes Benz C-Class, you
would definitely love the Brabus Coupe 800. This is because the Bullit Coupe 800 was built
after the Mercedes Benz C-Class and there are a lot of comparisons that can be made
between them but one thing that stands out as a huge difference is that the coupe is
built with carbon fibre which makes the weight feather like. This wonder-on-wheels can move at a speed
of 0 to 96 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and will cost you $495,000. Now we’ve done the maths for you, that will
cost you N178 million. Now if you think this is insane then you should
wait to see our next car. And at Number 1. We have the Bugatti Veyron
Now the Bugatti Veyron costs 1.75 million dollars which if you convert to naira is 690
million Naira. This is the superman of all cars. We all know that Bugatti is not necessarily
known for their modesty but i’m sure that they themselves know that they went over the
top with the Veyron line. Even the Guinness Book of Records recognizes
the super sport version as the number one fastest street-legal car in the world as it
can reach a speed of 431 km/h. Now this means that you can travel from Lagos
to Ilorin and back to Lagos in just one hour, let’s assume there’s no traffic. Now the Bugatti Veyron is not an ordinary
car, it even uses special type of tyres by Michelin which costs $25,000 per set so if
you are looking to change the tires of this car, you have to spend 9 million naira. Rather interestingly there’s only one place
you can change your tires and that’s in France and it will cost you $75,ooo just to
do the change, that’s about N25 million naira. O you are giving away N25 million to a vulcanizer
just to do your tyres. Let that sink in. I For a car that costs more than the internally
generated revenue of Imo, Kano and Oyo you can tell that this car is no to be messed
with. So if you see any other expensive cars on
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