Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Car Privately

Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Car Privately

When it comes to selling your car, a private
sale can be the most financially rewarding option, but will also require a little extra
work on your part. So keep these simple tips in mind to make your car sale successful.
Present your car like it is going on a first date – first impressions count. No-one will
be able to picture driving away if they’re looking at old food wrappers and dirty seats.
While online ads give you more space to spruik, keep it snappy for newspapers which charge
by the word or line. Pricing your car is a balancing act – get it wrong and you’ll either
be inundated with calls from bargain hunters or you won’t get any calls at all. Be sure
to put all the important details in your ad and highlight the positives – but not too
much as over the top language can scare buyers away. If you’re uncomfortable meeting potential
buyers by yourself, get a family member or friend to come with you on the test drive.
Ensure your insurance will cover others test driving and if asked, allow your car to be
inspected by RACQ or the buyers mechanic. Sell the car’s good points, then let potential
buyers look over the car themselves. Be reasonable and don’t be bullied into giving your vehicle
away. Once you’ve found a buyer, you’re nearly there – there’s still a few housekeeping items
like transferring rego, contacting your insurer, your toll company and notifying transport
and main roads if you have personalised plates. Keep the paperwork safe, so if something goes
wrong, you can quickly prove you are no longer the owner. Remember these tips and have confidence
in selling your car yourself.

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