Top 5 Tricks To Increase Used Cars Value | Chemical Guys Car Care

Top 5 Tricks To Increase Used Cars Value | Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys today in the Detail Garage
I’m going to be showing you the top 5 tips and tricks to give your car the ultimate value. This is a 2011 Range Rover and it is in pretty
decent shape but there are still some areas that are taking away from the overall curb
appeal. It has faded headlights, discolored trim,
the interior needs some attention and the paint is rough. So over here I’ve started by taping off the
headlight and using our new Headlight Restorer Compound to take care of scratches, swirls
and oxidation to restore the clarity. So I’m going to finish off both headlights
and then move on to the paintwork. I used EcoSmart to remove that loose dirt
and debris that was sitting on the surface and then using the Clay Block I pulled out
the embedded contamination to revive that slick feeling and now it is ready to be polished
then glazed, sealed or waxed. We’re gonna wrap up these headlights and get
started on the rest of the vehicle. Tip number 1 is to restore these headlights. As I mentioned they have scratches, swirls
and oxidation but we can remove all of that using Headlight Restorer. Plastics get cloudy from UV rays and harsh
elements so we need to restore that clarity. To save time I already did half of this headlight
and you can see it has rejuvenated that factory clarity and shine. We’ll protect it with JetSeal but in the meantime
we to finish of the rest of this headlight and start the drivers side headlight. We’re going to get to it using the drill. As I said, you can use this with a machine
or by hand. Definitely going to get better results by
machine which is a lot faster and a lot more fun. This headlight looks awesome, it has brought
back the clarity all the way to the bulb which isn’t restricted by swirls or scratches anymore. We’ll come back over here to show you the
before and after. This is the half I already polished which
is really nice and over here is what years of poor washing techniques have scratched
it and also UV rays have been beating down on the plastic giving it this yellow look
that still needs to be polished. So we’re going to finish this off and move
on to the rest of the vehicle. Now I’m going to move on to the painted surfaces
and as I had mentioned this car had really rough paint but after using EcoSmart and Clay
Block you can hear a slick finish with all the impurities pulled from the pores of the
paint. So now we’re going to begin our polish. Using V4 All-In-One Polish + Sealant which
is a micro abrasive polish that refines minor scratches and swirls to revive the finish
while leaving behind a protective layer of sealant. So to do that I’m going to use our TORQ 10FX
with a White Pad, this is a finishing pad that breaks down the polish nicely for an
even shine as well as protection. To give you guys a 50/50 I’m going to tape
off half of the hood to compare between a polished and a non polished hood. So once the polish has gone clear take a clean
microfiber towel and buff off the excess. By using the V4 All-In-One Polish it took
care of the minor imperfections and you can see a huge difference between these two halves. The protective layer of sealant makes it harder
for anything to stain or harm the surface. It’s also going to give the surface more gloss. I’m going to take the tape off to show you
the before and after. Now that I’ve done this side I need to finish
off the rest of the hood. Our third tip is going to be applying a layer
of Wet Mirror Finish to fill the minor blemishes while enhancing the metallic flake of this
silver paint while also leaving behind a layer of protection. So we’re gonna get on that and then we can
get to dressing the plastic and wrap up the detail with the interior. I’ve corrected the paint on this Range Rover
and although it looks amazing I want to add more gloss and depth. I’m using Wet Mirror Finish which is a glaze
that fills minor scratches and swirls while making the metallic pop and add a protective
layer. All you have to do is shake up the bottle
and using the Black Finish Pad I’ll apply five dime size dots. This will evenly spread a thin coat over the
paintwork for a higher gloss. Wet Mirror Finish only takes about fifteen
minutes to bond to the surface so after it attaches to the paintwork I’ll take a clean
microfiber towel and buff off the excess. Just blotch it out and on the lowest speed
setting I’ll spread it out in an even coat. A very little bit goes a long way. Just those five dots covered the entire hood,
so we’ll give this a chance to bond and in the meantime we can hit the rest of the vehicle. Tip number 4 is to dress this plastic cowl. This has turned to a gray and dull finish
which is supposed to be a deep rich black gloss. Using C9 Trim with a Towelette and Applicator Pad. Slowly pour some out on the applicator, the
trick to not spilling this is to invert the pad and work it back and forth on the towelette
then flip it over and place the cap on it. Now we’ll slowly apply it here on the valance. You can see it is reviving it back to a deeper
black look. This is overall a better finish and it is
also now protected against UV rays and anything that can harm or stain it over time. As you can see just by doing this small section
it has made a huge difference and made the whole area look better. I’m going to finish off the cowl and move
to the interior. As our last tip we’re on the interior. As I mentioned this car has leather that hasn’t
been treated in a long time. It’s typical when lotion or grease from your
skin is absorbed into the leather hide of the seats. You can see the blotchiness from grease and
dirt building up on the surface that we need to remove using Leather Cleaner. To prevent this from happening in the future
we are going to add Leather Serum which is durable protectant which also revives the
leather scent. That’s great is you plan on selling your car
or hanging on to it, it will have this rich leather scent as well as protection from UV
rays and spills. To start off, I’ll spray down the surface
using Leather Cleaner and to help agitate I’ll use a horse hair brush and scrub away
body oils and grease to revive the natural clean supple leather which makes it more willing
to accept a protectant. So now that I’m done working the Leather Cleaner
into the seat, I’m going to take a clean microfiber towel and buff it off. I’m using a yellow towel because we have designated
these for interior cleaning jobs and this way you can see all the grease and dirt that
you pull off. So I’m only doing half of the seat to show
you the difference between and clean and protected side and the unclean side. So now that the surface is completely dry
it is willing to accept a new protectant, that’s what will protect the hide from UV
rays and harmful elements while bringing back that leather scent. Using one of applicator pads, I’ll shake up
the bottle, then apply a few strips of this. Since there is creases and stitching I don’t
want to create any clotting. I’ll apply some to the applicator and using
my finger I’ll spread it out over the pad so that I’m not there isn’t a huge glob in
one area. We’ll get an even shine without build up. Starting on the headrest and spreading it
over half the seat. So after working the Leather Serum into the
surface it only takes a moment to absorb into the hide then it will be dry-to-the touch
without a greasy shine. You can always wipe off any excess using a
clean microfiber towel if you want more of a matte look. It is still going to give it the same protective
property while reviving the leather scent. If you think about it, the interior is where
you spend most of your time so you want it to look nice and smell nice. So to recap, we started off by taking care
of any loose dirt by using EcoSmart which emulsified the grime without scratching. Then using a Clay Block it removed the embedded
contamination from the pores of the paint to give it that slick feeling. Polishing it with V4 All In One Polish refined
the paint will leaving behind a protective layer of sealant. Topping it with Wet Mirror Finish to give
it the best combination of shine and protection. Hitting the trim with C9 protected them against
UV rays and harmful elements to prevent them from cracking and discoloring. Moving our way to the interior we got this
leather looking right. So, to check out these products go to our
website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Am i wrong saying that leather interior of last years produced cars has factory coating, so we just have to clean it (conditioning won't stick to the surface cause of that coating, so if applied it would not stay for a long time)?

  2. hopefully its mechanically sound lol otherwise its a polished paper weight. on the other hand, i wish people who dont know anything about washing their car, didnt try to wash it or let others who dont know because they just get swirl marks all over it. at most, they should just spray them with soap and rinse. that way there wont be any swirl marks, just a little dirty. because just spraying it is often not enough to get all the dirt off. but better than ignorantly scratching the clear coat and swirling it.

  3. Just quick question didn't you wash the car before everything? Than you did clay bar and all the other stuff correct?

  4. can I use that product on my headlights after they have been cleaned up if not what would you recommend for a sealant to put on top of the plastic headlight housings to keep them from oxidation

  5. Once again Nick knocks it out of the park! Superb job sir! I love using the Wet Mirror Finish, it is a great product to add to any arsenal of detailing products. Super easy to use and while you are waiting the 15 min cure time is a good time to take care of those leather seats!! #chemicalguys

  6. How often do you need to reapply the C9 solution on the exterior trim to maintain the glossy look? Looks great!

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  9. Thanks for the pro tip chemguys the video was awesome. Maybe I'm gonna be detailing my car tomorrow or on the weekend. Thanks again chemguys for all the awesome videos take care!


    Your number one fan!


  10. Did you use the Eco Smart as the lubricant when using the clay block? If yes then awesome I have a gallon of that and don't need the actual clay luber. Also when your about to use sealant and wax, dont you strip the old wax layer off, then apply a new fresh coat of sealnt/wax? cause eco smart has wax in it and then leaves a glaze when it dries. If you do, do you have a product that can strip the old wax layer off?

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