Top 5 Truck Parts For Your 2009-2018 RAM 1500 | Top Truck Accessories – The Haul

Top 5 Truck Parts For Your 2009-2018 RAM 1500 | Top Truck Accessories – The Haul

now there are a ton of ways to modify
your RAM but on this episode of the hall we’re gonna go over the first five mods
you might want to consider if you’re just getting started hey guys it’s joe from american trucks
and whether you just picked up your own 9 to 18 ram you’ve had it for a couple
years you’re starting to feel like you’re getting lost in the crowd a
little bit we and American trucks have you covered I’ve compiled my list of
recommendations for the first 5 mods you might want to take a look at if you’re
just getting started modifying your ramp so our first modification on our RAM
here is going to come in the suspension department and as you can see I did a
little bit of work leveling out the ride height on this truck and what I went
with is the supreme suspensions 2 inch front one and a half inch rear Pro
Billet lift it now a spacer lift like that one it’s gonna be a great
budget-friendly option if you’re looking to get all the benefits of a lift
without the cost and let’s be honest we all know suspension gets expensive quick
but it doesn’t have to be with this you’re gonna get some ride height you’re
gonna get a little bit more clearance you’re gonna fix the rake on your truck
you know we all don’t like it when the front of the truck sits a little bit
lower it gives that weird angled look this is
gonna fix that and level out the stance of your truck also if you plan on going
with any heavy-duty off-road gear for the front of your truck in the future
offer a bumper with a winch in it that’s gonna help dial out the sag from that
added weight so a lot of utility in that option now one thing this isn’t going to
be is that pool five thousand dollar suspension lift kit but you just bought
a brand new trucks you probably don’t have that much money laying around to
throw your suspension so this is going to be a great option this one from
supreme is really high-quality their newcomer to the game but their stuff is
great it’s made out of CNC billet aluminum it’s got that anodized coating
on there for durability and really a great item to add to your truck right
out of the gate now our next one is going to be a little bit of a
two-for-one here moving up to the front of our truck it’s going to be these
awesome wheels and tires and what we have here are the xt machetes in satin
black and the size four these is 20 by 9 now these are a great
option one of our best sellers their solid one-piece aluminum in their
construction that dual six spoke design looks awesome and that satin black
finish is really going to complement any blackout look you might be going for now
if that’s not your style these are also offered in a bunch of different options
you have machine black matte gray and what we have right here the satin black
sizes are gonna range from 16 by 8 all the way up to 20 by 9 which these are
the 20 by 9 and offset you have two options 0 and plus 18 now what can
really complete the look of your wheels and frankly what plays a little bit more
into the driving experience is what you wrap them in and what we have right here
these are the Nitto Ridge grapplers and they are one of my favorite tires on the
market right now mainly because they’re not as aggressive as a mud terrain but
they’re a little bit more aggressive than an all-terrain these mud shoulder
lugs right here when you air this tire out those are gonna come into play and
give you that offer of performance but when you air back up that hybrid tread
pattern on top is going to be nice and quiet when you’re on the highway these
are a great option for the off-roader on Sunday get to work on Monday kind of guy
it’s really no wonder why these tires are so popular so we have our lifts we
have our wheels and tires and our RAM is starting to get up there now this truck
is no Godzilla by any means but climbing in and out of this thing can be a little
bit tough what can help us out though are a nice set of running boards like
these the barricade pioneer aluminum running
boards are a great all-around ER for your truck that aluminum gives you that
nice brush finish on here but it’s also really light and really tough so tough
in fact that barricade advertises these two double as some light side protection
for your truck you also get a nice wide area to plant your foot on here and
non-slip tread throughout the length of pretty much this entire running board so
a great option but what I think is the best benefit of these it’s just how
tough to up they are to the body of your truck you’re only losing about an inch
or two worth of your breakover angle in the middle here so you get to keep a lot
of your clearance from the lift and the wheels you’re not gonna lose that you’ve
just added it on why would you want to lose that with these you don’t really
have to one or two inches is going to be too much to lose out of there breakover
angle for some guys out there and if that’s the case for you if you could
probably mix these all together and go with some side armor instead so our next piece here is going to be
the rough country hard trifold tonneau cover and this is going to be great to
keep your stuff safe from not only the elements but prying eyes as well and we
harp on this a lot at American trucks with those regular old vinyl tonneau
covers all that separates someone who wants to get into the bed of your truck
and what’s in the bed of your truck is a regular old pocketknife not with this
one those aluminum paddles are tough yet lightweight it’s gonna take a lot more
tools to get through this thing as once the tailgate is locked there is no way
to get this off again that aluminum is lightweight so this is quick and easy to
operate it’s low-profile too so it’s gonna maintain the looks of your truck
as well so speaking about looks a lot of the stuff we’ve gone over today are
concerning the looks of our rim and this thing definitely looks cool how about we
jump into how to make this thing sound cool as well now one thing I hope we can all agree on
it’s the fact that factory exhausts are way too quiet
we bought the Hemi we need to hear this thing so what we went with in the
exhaust department is going to be the Borla stinger S type dual exhaust system
with a rear exit and black tips Borla has made themselves a household
name in recent years and that’s definitely a reputation that is
well-earned their stuff is amazing and this one is no exception
304 stainless throughout mandrel bends throughout black tips for added style on
there and the sound is just as good a nice aggressive deep throaty sound three
out of five on our loudness meter if you were looking to add some more volume the
attacks are for you a little bit less the Touring’s are probably for you
all three are a great pick but the stinger is my personal favorite the only
downside is the Borla kits can come at a premium we’re looking at around 1,100
bucks for this one but trust me it is well worth it this thing sounds amazing
it’s my personal favorite picked and it’s a wonderful mod for your ramp well
guys that is gonna do it for our list today I hope you guys have enjoyed the
video and again this isn’t going to be a detailed breakdown on everything you
could start with on your ram but it’s at least a good collection of parts to get
you off to the races and if you are interested in any of them we have
detailed breakdowns on all the stuff we featured here today check out the
description box down below for lace to all of that stuff thank you again for
watching subscribe for more videos like this one I’m Joe keep it right here at
American trucks for all things ramp you you

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    XD Machete Satin Black 5-Lug Wheel – 20×9 –

    In this video, Joe shows you the first 5 mods you need on your RAM 1500.

  2. I got a 2012 ram question is..about the leveling that ok if I use the stock shock..front and rear..thanks

  3. 1 ARH long tubes cat less 1 3/4
    2 CAI/thermostat/ exhaust
    3 Pro Charger
    4 Jay greene Camshaft
    5 Jay Greene engine/transmission Tune

    You won’t regret it .

  4. I just recently bought 2019 Dodge Ram classic two-door regular cab everything is stock I've had all the nice Wheels a custom car that custom truck wasted so much money in the last 10 years this brand new truck will keep stock for a long time to come from the engine all the way to the exterior and interior

  5. Mods for a ram
    Wheels tires 33 12.5 20 22s or 35 11.5 20s on 10 wide wheels
    Carven exhaust tips with any louder muffler
    Kn filter or cold air
    Window tint
    Led backup lights led interior lights
    Throttle sensor like pedal commander or something
    Nerf bars or bedlined stock bars from Mopar
    Shorty or bullet antenna and debadge it.
    And tailgate strut
    All this can be done under 5k with premium options

  6. Every video like this i see first thing leveling kit. worst idea ever sure it looks nice just sitting there, you also get more wind resistance so yo feel it more going down the road and you lose mpg and if you haul or tow anything 300 lbs or more you truck looks stupid going down the road. my 200 lb butt drops the rear an inch all by myself. Now guess what you hualing something now you get chin up and even worse mpg and acceleration B/C you don't get one without the other. Absolutely terrible.

  7. there's really no point replacing so much of the exhaust on a stock, newer ram 5.7, just throw a flowmaster super-10 muffler on the stock pipes for loud, great muscle car sound. the stock cat-back pipes are high quality and plenty wide, so replacing an entire cat-back is an expensive swap for almost no hp gains over a highflow muffler. i don't think people realize if they go too wide on the pipes on a fairly stock engine they will lose a bunch of low-end torque/hp, and they'll never drive the truck at the higher-end rpms where the wider pipes "may" have a slight benifit. too little back-pressure will result in a flat low-end feel.

  8. I don’t even know why I’m watching this stuff other than I love ram 1500s but I still have 2 years before I get a truck

  9. Exhaust tip seems like it’s sagging even further on the passenger side than the driver side, which already looks too low.. Is that adjustable? I would hope so for that kind of cash.

  10. I got the supreme suspensions 3 inch in the front and threw 305, 70, r17s Cooper AT3 XLTs with 17×9 Pro Comp Raven wheels. No rubbing or trimming looks goood

  11. I have a 2013 ram 1500 express
    Would that level kit work for my truck
    Everything as far as I know is stock but compared to other stock trucks on the road I definitely sit lower to the ground

    I think that’s the main diff between the express and tradesman right? the lower to the ground more muscle look?

    I really don’t know anything technical about trucks or any parts lol

  12. Had a question! I got 09 ram Trx 1500 what leveling kit would you suggest for that? Looking for maybe 3 1/2 front 2 1/2 rear!? Is apreciate your info! Thank you!

  13. I like how both those exhaust sound like shit. Go with some off road headers with flow master super 10s or Corsa sport exhaust and you will be dropping panties left and right

  14. Yeah, throw spacers in it. That way mod number 2 will be replacing your busted UCA's. Way better to go with a Bilstein leveling kit.

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