Top 5 Truck Wheels UNDER $1000

– What’s going on guys, Fuller
here with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on
the YouTube, and today, we’re bringing you the top
five wheels under $1,000. (epic electric music) So I know right off the bat you
guys are probably wondering, “What wheels could we possibly “be showing you that
are less than $1,000?” And I know you guys aren’t
here to look at 16 by eights. Believe it or not, you can
actually get some 20 by 10s and 20 by 12s under
that $1000 price point, and that’s including free mounting and bouncing as well as free shipping in the lower 48 states. Let’s get into it. The first wheel on this
list is also the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth wheel as well. The Moto Metal 970 takes up a good chunk of the top 10 wheels in all it’s varying finishes and bolt patterns. The standard black finish on
the Moto Metal 970 right now is actually coming at under $900 for a 20 by 10 negative 24 offset wheel. You’ve seen this wheel
or a variation of it in a ton of our videos,
this is super popular, it’s featured in a lot of our spotlights. You’ve seen it in the Hot n News, you’ve seen it in the Match
ups, extremely common wheel. For as much hate as the
Moto Metal 970 gets, you’re gonna have a hard
time finding this simple and clean of a design in
any other wheel that comes in at this price point, especially in a 20 by 10 negative 24 that actually has a pretty decent sized lip on it too. The second wheel on our list is a 20 by 12 negative 51 Vision Prowler. Yes, you can get a 12 wide negative 51 for under $1000 shipped to your door. If you want to go wide on a
budget, this wheel is ideal. We’ve seen this wheel
pulled off on OBS trucks, on new body sale trucks, we’ve
seen it with street tires, we’ve seen it with mud tires, people do a ton of crazy
stuff with this wheel and it works in a lot of
different applications. Personally, I’ve seen Vision wheels take a beating first hand, so, I know that they’re not
skimping on the quality, but we get it, most of these trucks are just gonna be driven to
the Walmart meets anyways. Number three is another 12 wide
with an absolutely huge lip. The red dirt road RDL
one or commonly known as Dirt Wheel can be had for less than $900 in a 20 by 12 negative 44. Again, with this wheel there’s
multiple finish options but black and machine is
definitely the most popular. To get such a huge lip, the wheel actually has tip back spokes, which gives the lip a larger appearance than
what you might think. RDR has been a quieter
name in the truck market, but they’re definitely
gaining in popularity. They continue to deliver
extremely wide wheels at a really affordable price point, and that’s why so many
people are turning to RDR. I can guarantee you you’ll be seeing more of these at your local truck meets. I don’t have the cameraman,
filming by myself. Just strange talking to nobody. – Maybe I’ll make the video. – Yeah you might make it in there now, yup, thank you, good job. Number four on our list is the Gear Alloy Big Block the 726MB. This is another wheel that we’ve seen on a ton of trucks in
various sizes and finishes. Like I’ve mentioned before,
super popular wheel, very clean, very simple style, and that’s why it’s becoming so popular. With shipping you can actually get a set of 20 by 12 negative 44
Big Blocks for under $1000. These wheels are actually so popular that we have just short of 900 trucks in our gallery running them. Everything from the 2011 Cadillac Escalade all the way down to like a 1980’s K10. Last but not least, number
five is the Havoc H109. Here’s your chance to get a big name brand wheel for less than $1000. You can pick up a 20
by 10 negative 24 H109 for just short of that $1000 price point. This wheel is available in a black, black in machine, as
well as a chrome finish. Due to their popularity, they often go on back order and can
take six to eight weeks to get your wheels, but I’ll let you in on a little hint if you’re
watching this video right now or minutes after it’s posted. The H109 and 20 by 10 with a black finish in a six by five and a half. That’s a Chevy wheel
pattern if you didn’t know. Is in stock. If you’re watching this later, chances are somebody who did watch the video already picked em up. So remember, these are
brand new wheels shipped from us to you, right to your doorstep. Free shipping to lower 48
states for under $1000. Let us know what you think, are there better wheels
for less than $1000? We read every comment
on our videos whether on YouTube or Facebook, so make sure to drop a picture of your ride below and show us the set that you’ve got. If you’re interested in
any one of these wheels, we actually made it really easy for you, you can just check the description below, I’ll put a link to all the wheels and you can check them out on our website and all the different finishes,
all the different sizes, full details will be on there. On top of that, feel
free to browse the rest of our website, we’ve got a gallery with over 30,000 trucks in it so you can help find your exact fitment. We’ve got tons of cool gear, decals, everything else you could ever want for you truck, suspension, wheels, tires, the whole nine yards
all in Custom Offsets dot com. I’m fuller from Custom Offsets, and we’ll see you later, peace. (strong bass music) (phone ringing) Yup, by myself. (phone ringing) Hello, this is super weird to film by myself with no camera guy, let me tell you that right now. This (beeping) line. No please, Lawson, stay right there. This is Lawson, Lawson’s supposed to be filming but instead
he’s hanging up clothes. I failed my photography class, in college. – It’s pretty funny, ’cause he’s probably the best photographer here.

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