Top 5 Used Trucks with the Best Gas Mileage

Top 5 Used Trucks with the Best Gas Mileage

One feature that’s often important to car
shoppers is good gas mileage – and that’s no different for truck shoppers. This list highlights the top
5 used trucks with the best gas mileage. Each truck on this list gets an average of
26 combined city/highway MPG, is two wheel drive and priced around $11,000. The first truck on our list is the 2004 Chevrolet
S-10. It’s followed by the 2011 Ford Ranger Number three on this list of top used trucks
with the best gas mileage is the 2004 GMC Sonoma The 2000 Isuzu Hombre comes in at number 4 And last on our list is the 2009 Mazda B-Series
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  1. You basically said two trucks. The ranger and mazda are the same and so are the isuzu Chevy and gmc. Also what configuration of engune and transmission? Thanks for nothing

  2. You basically only mentioned 2 trucks because the S10, Sonoma, and Hombre are the same truck. And the Ranger and B2300/3000 are the same. What's the point of this video

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