Top 6 Ways To Beat A Car Dealer

Top 6 Ways To Beat A Car Dealer

the top six ways to beat a dealer so
you’re ready to buy your new or use the ideal card from the dealer and you know
what the worst feeling in the world is it’s not what you think actually it is
when you leave that dealer and all of a sudden you find out that you overpaid
for your new car well before you wander into a dealer and work with a highly
trained sales professional that honestly is gonna use tactics to get the most
money out of you possible you need to know these six ways that you can beat a
car dealer at their own game yeah you may end up buying the car during a
blizzard or late at night on a weekend but using these strategies will get you
to the ideal price you want or at least way closer than you ever thought
possible and if you’re interested in learning more about the buying process
as a whole be sure to check out the ideal car strategies where I break down
the whole buying process to more or less in exact science okay awesome
the first thing you need to figure out is exactly how much you want to pay for
that car I like to call this the ideal price and here are a couple of tools to
help you identify that if you’re in the market for a new car I suggest you look
at true car comm they’re estimates for what you should actually pay are pretty
accurate so if I’m gonna look for a new BMW 3-series all right so we’re on true
car comm and we’re gonna shop new and we’re gonna be doing a BMW four-door
3-series and you’ll put in your zip and you’ll start to see the MSRP and then
the market average and then if you want to take this one step further you can
actually go see true prices of cars that are in your area you’ll see these cars
and you got to make sure that they’re exactly what you want what I suggest is
you take this true price here you can see it’s already discounted off of the
MSRP and take about five hundred to a thousand dollars off of this price and
that’s what your offer should be you’ll have to work the phones and the email
but it can be done and for a used car I like to use Kelley Blue Book and check
out their wholesale or trade-in value so if I’m looking for a used BMW 3-series
alright so here we are on Kelley Blue Book and first I want to show you what a
2016 BMW 3-series 340i sedan and this is just the basic model goes for and it’s
roughly thirty thousand nine hundred dollars and so this is fair
market range for a dealer to price it at now what we’re gonna do is find the
trade-in value so we’re gonna go to my car’s value and you’re gonna take the
car that you’re looking at to get the trade-in value so we’re gonna go here so
we’ll go 2016 make em W model 3-series mileage will say it has 40,000 it’s a
sedan and we’ll scroll down to the 340i sedan price with standard equipment and
again you could select your options if you have the build sheet on the ad will
just say this one’s blue and it’s in good condition and now you can see the
trade-in value so this is roughly what you would get from a dealer if you were
to trade in the car now a lot of times dealers will actually pay a lot less
than the trade-in value so what I suggest is that you offer a number ten
to fifteen percent less than the trade-in value again this is an
extremely aggressive deal and you’re gonna have to work the phones and email
but I’d be close to this number here twenty three four seventy five so this
is the process I’d go through so yeah it’s definitely gonna take some work but
you can get a deal done by using the other tips that we cover in this video
so offering the true market estimate for a new car or the trade-in value for a
used car you’ll most likely get it but what’s the fun in that
instead identify the true market estimate or the kbv trade-in value add
the discounts we just discussed that you actually want to pay and utilize these
other tactics to get your ideal deal so the second thing before you even walk
into a dealership is you need to secure your own financing go to your local
credit union and secure a loan for the amount you’re looking to spend on your
new ideal car by knowing that you qualify for the loan you have way more
buying power because you can tell the sales person that you have cash and you
are ready to buy the car today sales people want to sell cars and every sales
persons nightmare is closing a deal only to learn that the buyer can’t get
financing also you don’t have to deal with the drama in the loan office of the
dealership where you’re brought into a room with a very good salesperson
now if you do decide to finance with the dealership to qualify for either a
special loan rate or if they’re gonna help you out with your bad credit please
say no to everything that they’re going to try to sell you on you
are an adult you can do it you don’t have to do them a favor by buying an
extended warranty that they’re gonna mark up a hundred percent just say no
number three is do not negotiate yeah be an educated buyer know exactly what
you’re going to pay for the car so go into the dealership and tell them that
you are ready to buy today again this is music to the salesperson ears and tell
that salesperson or the sales manager whoever you’re working with that you are
ready to sign for the car when they meet your ideal price seriously say ideal
price they’re going to counter with whatever you offer be polite hand them a
piece of paper with your name ideal price your phone number the specifics of
the car color and options and ask them to call you when they can make it happen
since you’ve done your research and the price that you proposed is within the
realm of possibility they’ll give you a call at some point number four time
you’re buying if you haven’t heard from the dealership that you left your offer
at call them on a Saturday or Sunday night about an hour before they close
and just remind them that your offer still stands and that you are ready to
buy tonight if they’ve had a slow weekend and your offers reasonable
chances are they’ll work with you to get one extra sale also follow up on the
last day of the month if the dealership hasn’t met their quota meaning they
haven’t sold the amount of cars that they need to to meet their bonuses they
may be willing to make a deal on the 31st that didn’t make sense on the 20th
of the month number five is watch for weather changes if there’s a huge
snowstorm in your area and businesses are closing the dealerships are going to
be extremely slow so if you have a safe way to get to the dealership call the
salesperson you’ve been working with and tell them that you’re ready to buy today
this also works if it’s been a really rainy or snowy winter and it’s finally
the first nice weekend in spring people want to go out and play in the nice
weather and not shop for cars so the dealership is going to be dead slow and
when they’re slow they’re willing to make deals number six
wash rinse and repeat buying a car for an ideal price is a process so you’ll
want to use these tactics at a couple of different dealerships that have cars
that fit your specifications dealerships are in the business of selling cars and
if you’re in the need of an ideal car by working with multiple dealers your
chances of getting an ideal deal dramatically increases so there you have
it six ways that you can beat the dealer and get the ideal price in the ideal car
now have you used any of these tactics before how did it work for you let us
know down in the comments also if you’re new here my name is Brad
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  1. Remember, buying an Ideal Car is a PROCESS, and offering below True Car Estimate for a new car, and KBB Trade In for a used car, will take time, patience and a lot of hard work! These tactics will get you the best deal, but it will some time!
    ALSO, I just added some new Ideal Swag! Go check it out HERE –
    Now, have you used any of these tips before?! Or do you have any to add? Let us know!

  2. Last time I checked, “books” don’t write checks, so remember that trade values and suggested selling prices have those ranges to account for conditions and options and colours and market demands and other things. It’s called “do your due diligence”, and requires effort on your part. Cars are RARELY an investment, so treat them as an expense. As for trying to save as much of YOUR hard earned money as possible on major purchases, question your realtors and lawyers and Drs and department stores as much as people love to question their car dealers, and you’ll soon realize there are far worse things you waste your money on than sometimes and rarely (these days) sightly over paying for the car that you wanted and/or needed and/or desired.

  3. 1. Don't expect to get a quality car for below trade in value. Reconditioning costs $ as well as employees. It can get trade in value at auction easily.
    2. Having your own lender gives us less incentive to give you $ off the car as we won't have an opportunity with financing. Some warranties are 100% worth it.
    3. You drove 45 minutes to low-balled me on this car you researched a month for, your not walking out.
    4. Last day of the month big advantage. But call 1-hour before close, we will choose to go home.
    .02 Sometimes its worth paying 44k for the 48k car you want and not let the opportunity pass you by. Holding out for 42k may not be reality or get you the car you want. Time is $.

  4. What happened to the videos where you bought ideal cars. The content on this channel has really fallen of in the last few months. You are just pumping out videos that have already been done to death.

  5. Beat a dealer? You overpay for things everyday. At the store, at a gas station, etc. so time to start beating anything that is in retail right?

  6. I used many of what you said before I watched this video. I got a 2017 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD (new) with second row bench seat ( not easy to find in the south Florida area)
    This was last year in 2018 as well.
    The sticker was $46,789.99
    Well since this SUV was a year old but not in the used lot!!! I was excited to see it. Had a sticker that said mangers special and a tire was low on air and had 25 miles only on the dash!!! I found my golden goose. Walked out paying only 32,768.78 and financing $27,565.67 with only paying 443.56 for 5 years

  7. my favorite tactic that has never failed me is write them a check for what you'll pay for the car, come in near end of month, slap it on the salesmans desk or mangers desk. They call within a day or 2 usually. Especially if the car has been in inventory more than a month or 2.

  8. Buying at the end of the month works great. I went to buy a car dec. 29th for $8,900. They dropped it to $7,800.

  9. That feeling that you feel and get controlled by the dealer, man y’all know what I’m talking about

  10. Used these tactics when I bought my Hyundai Veloster for 5 grand under the sticker price. When I first made my offer they flat out turned it down but they still had it over a month later and it had already been on the lot for a while. I kept talking and at the very end of the month (not deliberately at the end of the month I'll be honest) called them back and all of a sudden they let me have it. Turned out they'd bought the car for a grand more than I payed them but they'd had a really slow week/month so just needed to move a car. Got a 2011 Veloster for 13k with 50xxx KMs on it when the sticker price was 18k. I had a check for 13k in my old cars (locked) glovebox so I could drive down the minute I got a call from them. Was officially the cheapest Veloster sold by a dealer in the country with that few kilometres on it. I would have felt bad but they sold a guy a 60k Mustang that should have gone for at most 50k the next week

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