Top 7 Luxury Cars Under 5k

welcome guys this is a Decker and today I’m a list of my top seven luxurious cars under 5k if you want a budget looking for a nice comfy car that also fits your luxurious desires then here are some great options you can think about their 2003 Range Rover it gives 12 to 17 miles per gallon which isn’t too hot with a 4.4 liter v8 I was pushing 282 horsepower to me is somewhat of an iconic look with elegant stitching and design it may be a while until it is outdated the interiors leather and all throughout the car is laces with wood grain and it also has a LCD monitor which is pretty rare for 2003 has power seats the second occurs via collab both front and rear view window has heated linings within it which is great for the winter when it need to be defrosted and a person can have a sunroof there’s a temperature control and heated seats for both the driver and the passengers the Range Rover was above this time 2006 Volvo xc90 all-wheel drive is a v8 with a gas monitor seven teams join three miles per gallon gas monsters getting their bit better for the Range Rover pushing 280 311 horsepower with an option of a five senator or a v8 now if a senator was happy under eight horsepower and the v8 rule has been 11 horsepower the interior isn’t nearly as remarkable as Range Rover but it’s still true tonight automatic speed controls convenient steering wheel controls for the audio and cruise control automatic folding mirrors and rear passenger air controls 2006 Infiniti g35 rear-wheel drive and producing 280 298 horsepower out of a measly 3.5 liter v6 and it can either come into a coupe or sedan depending how sporty you want to fill its 11-year old car but it still such a beautiful car we have a leather wrapped steering wheel very basic and nice seamless interior with a great trimming which you could replace with aftermarket liquors what if you felt like this we have an injectable navigation system and unlike its distant cousins at 350z it does have back seats you can fit four people in this car basically it is like seriously 50 c 2006 bmw x3 all-wheel drive or extra which towards the X stands for with three liters big cylinder which is a nicely balanced engine which is 225 horsepower with 17 25 miles per gallon as well it has leather interior panoramic sunroof nice antistick stain will work great on the center console and on the doors as well this car has electric speed to me this BMWs the least beautiful we call my top seven but it’s still pretty car and I still would not mind owning this car it’s 2006 top 90 this company is now to business and we found us net this car has 22 to go to one master Garmin the best out of my top seven yet still wielding two liter 4-cylinder alright 2.8 liter v6 pushing turnitin for the floor senator and join 50 for the v6 the interior of the sub is anything crazy but something about it makes me like it a lot with its optional leather interior and an uma accent power seats like usual there are many cars up with the ignition switch and mineral at the console seviche steering wheel which is uniquely shaped and for the automatic transmission it does cocktail shakers for 2006 2006 Audie a cig this is such a beautiful car it can simply send out in front of a crowd of normal cars it has a deep oint 1 litre v6 or a 4.2 liter v8 especially 255 335 horsepower which is the quickest out of my top 7 and still has a 21 to 29 gas mileage it features an all rules sedan interior is very rich all leather were nice talk wooden grains throughout this car this also has a full-size spare in the back he cryptid with his multimedia integrate that control to monitor 2005 Mercedes ES 320 which has a 3.2 liter v6 with 221 horsepower that gives 20 to 28 miles per gallon this same simplistic exterior like the majority of Mercedes cars of this year with leather interior and wood grand throughout the car and this general is on the wider side it’s kind of bulky everything in this car is automatic including the transmission this seat is controlled by the on door controls has dual zone climate control LCD screen heated seats power sunshade in the rear which is pretty awesome and an automatic rear headrests collections for better view if you needed on my top seven or Jerry’s cars I personally love to own the Range Rover or the Infiniti g35 and I noted Infiniti g35 as researchers so I just love the look of it it’s still pretty luxurious and it has a great sporty feel and still pushing a great amount of horsepower if there’s any other card I should have attitude list please let me know down in comment section down below and I haven’t noticed hot seven cards s3k and you can check that video out if we down below in the description and if you like this video don’t forget to press that like button and subscribe to me for more content and that’s all I have for today guys just studies ecker y’all have a great day

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