Top Gear Fanatic Builds Replica Of £5,000,000 Supercar From Scrap

Top Gear Fanatic Builds Replica Of £5,000,000 Supercar From Scrap

COMM: Sleek and shiny – this beautiful motor looks every part the million pound super car. But it’s actually an incredible replica, built by Top Gear fanatic Jacek Mazur. COMM: The 48-year-old amateur mechanic built the 200mph McLaren F1 with spare parts and scrap, spending just £20,000. COMM: McLaren F1’s can sell for more than five million pounds and Jacek gets treated like a Hollywood star when he takes it out for a spin. COMM: Jacek spent hours analysing photos and researching on blogs before starting the build. He also built the seats, chassis and streamline shell of the car himself. COMM: He even managed to install a small chair in tribute to Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond. COMM: After eight years of graft Jacek’s incredible car is finally tearing up the tarmac. And despite costing 250 times less than an actual McLaren, he says he wouldn’t swap it for the real thing.

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  1. Finally someone who can make a decent replica inside and out, to build this on your own without the proper tools that the actual supercar companies use is impressive, it takes something special to build something like this from scratch for it to look good and sound good too

  2. Cool, now all I have to do is channel my secret engineering prowess as a Purdue Student and make my own Koenigsegg One:1 Replica…JK.

    Is it weird that I'll feel bad if I can't make a replica that ALSO replicates the performance, don't bother at all?(especially in the case of the One:1 I wouldn't dare build a replica if it's power/weight ratio was off, I would be so ashamed). IDK, I would hate to feel like a fraud, I don't hate replica cars because there's a reason they exist in the first place as reminder of the cars legacy (like half of the Shelby Cobras you've seen are probably replicas from Factory Five). I think I'm just gonna build my own SLC instead…I can't do shit from scratch too hard!!! Much respect to anyone who can.

  3. I'll have to admit this looks the part. The only replica I have seen done better is the guy who built a lambo in his basement literally to the exact dimensions and then had to have his house excavated to remove it. That car was probably better than the original lambo and he probably spent more making it then the actual car cost.

  4. Usually I hate replica cars, but the fact this guy fabricated his own chassis and created his kit from his own measurements, designs and ideas I have to tip my hat to his engineering skills. If someone told me I had to put a car together from the ground up I cant even imagine the abomination that would probably result.

  5. One big step forward for Poland,ten years ago they all just stole any halfway useful Car,today they copy it,Walischkoners,if you had done that ten – twenty years ago,instead of nicking 180 000 a Year just in Germany, i had kept my Job,Guvno…

  6. With that skill he should start building his own models instead of copying existing supercars. That would be even more uniq.

  7. Ta scena kiedy gościu niby coś spawa, no myślałem że się zadławię ze śmiechu obiadem który akurat jadłem. Mogłeś sobie gościu odpuścić te scenę bo wyszedłeś na niej na takiego idiotę że masakra. Po miziać migomatem po kawałku blachy to potrafi 10 letnie dziecko, tyle w temacie . ^^^^^^Nie wiem co ta scena miała niby przedstawiać ….

  8. you have the money know how and resources to build your own car from scratch and you decide to build a replica… some people are obsessive weirdos

  9. kupic replikę to jak kupić karnet do burdelu i uważać, że ma się powodzienie u kobiet….Bez sensu. totalnie głupie.

  10. Yeah right! He says he wouldn't swap it for the real thing – bloody would! So, those two stroke Which engine did he fit, Wartburg or Trabant? Or did he opt for both two strokes front and rear

  11. I aint even mad looks good. not sure about engine tho. theres a lamborghini replica where I live getting around and it has a v8 LS twin turbo in it and it hauls arse faster then the real things

  12. A person with good fabrication skills who has never built a kit car could take 6-12 months working full time to build that when starting from scratch on the frame and body,,, but adapting suspension, engine and transmission. And once it's done if water doesn't leak in when it's raining your lucky.

  13. He did a great job plus he drives an amazing looking car without the cost of maintenance and insurance, and worrying all the time if spmeone is gonna scratch it or its gonna get wrecked. I think this guy deserves the car for all his effort and time spent making this car. Normally I would be against a replica especially McLaren f1 and I hope there is no other replica of McLaren F1 in the world, I hate people turning fieros into Lambos and ferrari especially when it's done so badly and when the driver cant pull of or pass as someone who can rock the supercar or even act decent. As soon as u see this person u know he is poor and he doesn't belong in as ferrari

  14. mclaren was nice but when it showed the other bunch of cars i pissed myself,,countach looks like someone just scared the hell outta it or he slammed on brakes at high speed n its face stuck like that,,lmao

  15. Polak! Super fura, Polacy tak dużo potrafią, tylko ciężko o możliwości. Mam nadzieję, że pan Jacek ma firmę produkującą fury i ma full kasy. Pozdro

  16. IMO this looks better than the real thing if he had wider tires, more flush with the fenders. It looks wider than the real one too.

  17. Kudos to this guy but he said he wouldn't swap his creation for the real McLaren F1? Only a "special" person would say something like that 🙂

  18. Best thing about it is that it doesnt look cheap and badly made like almost every self made car ive seen. There are some differences with the original but it really looks like a proper production car. Amazing

  19. I'm thinking about building an F1 replica vs building a Cobra replica kit car! It cost more I want to keep it authentic as possible. A 6 lt. dohc V12 BMW engine is not as expensive to source as I once believed because the 760 heavy sedan has almost no resale value and a destroyed wreck even cheaper! I priced 6sp trans ax and nothing cheap $15k USD! Still at $65k USD I'll have a car that looks and sounds like the real thing and spend an xtra 10k and add turbos even out perform one!!

  20. The other cars looked like shitty kit cars, but the one he made from scratch, is nice! I can appreciate his hard wotk and dedication, as I've been there, and doing that! Check out my 300SL Gullwing.

  21. First time I seen the seating was on a car I think it's imitating in Clockwork Orange I said a sports car that sits three sideways

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