Top Jeep Wrangler Mods For Off-Roading – 16 JK 3.5″ Lift Kit + 35″ Tires + Skid Plates

Top Jeep Wrangler Mods For Off-Roading – 16 JK 3.5″ Lift Kit + 35″ Tires + Skid Plates

Ryan: I’m Ryan from, and
in this episode of “Throttle Out”, we did a build on the Dune four-door JK that you
see behind us and, obviously, we’re taking out on the trail. We’re going to show you how each of these
parts is actually helpful, and how it’s going to help you get down the trail in the real
world. We went ahead and installed a lift kit on
this Jeep. We also have a bigger set of tires and, as
you can see here, a set of rock sliders and a couple of skid plates underneath. We’re going to show you how each of those
pieces is beneficial when you’re out here hitting the rocks. You can also see up top we have a rooftop
tent. We’re going to do a little bit of camping
later, and have a video about some camping gear that you can get for your Jeep. So make sure you subscribe to our YouTube
channel, so you can check that video out as well. Now, it’s time to hit the trails and show
you what we did. So like I said before, we installed a bunch
of parts on this Jeep so we could take it on the trail and actually show you how they
work in the real world, why you need them, why you want these parts installed. I have a spotter with me today, but I’m actually
going to ask him to get me into some tough spots, so that we can best illustrate to you
why you would install a couple of these pieces, especially the armor. But the first part I want to talk about today
that we installed is the Rock Krawler X-Factor three and a half-inch lift kit with the FOX
shocks. Now, we installed a three and a half-inch
lift kit, because we wanted to run 35s on this Jeep. Of course, you could run a set of 33s with
three and a half inches of lift. But in my opinion, they look a little bit
small. You could run a set of 37s, but you wouldn’t
have nearly the amount of articulation that we have, and we are using all of it out here
on the trail today. So I really like this kit, because it’s very,
very complete and it’s very full of high-quality components. This lift kit includes all eight control arms,
and they are going to have a spherical joint on at least one of every control arm, giving
you a ton of articulation. It comes with front-end retract bars, trackbar
bracket, so that you can completely center the axles underneath the Jeep. It’s going to have those FOX shocks. That’s right there in the name. Those ride incredibly comfortably, both on-road
and off-road. It also has things like brake lines and a
sway bar disconnect. So again, very, very complete kit, works very
well both on-road and off-road. We’re actually coming up on an obstacle right
now that’s going to really illustrate why you install a set of 35s on your Jeep, and
why you run them with a three and a half-inch lift kit. [00:02:18]
[silence] [00:02:39] Ryan: The shocks that you decide to run with
your lift kit is probably the most important factor in how comfortably your Jeep is going
to ride. In my opinion, if you’re going to spend money
on one part of your lift, spending money on the shocks is going to pay dividends. It’s going to be well worth it. Going with a high-quality set of shocks is
a great idea. Which is one of the reasons that I really,
really like this kit, because it comes with FOX shocks. They’re going to ride very, very comfortably. They’re going to hold up really well, and
they’re going to perform really well both on-road and off-road. I’m a firm believer that every lift kit should
come with a set of quick disconnects for the front sway bar. If it doesn’t, you definitely need to get
one. That is what really unlocks the potential
of your lift kit, especially a kit like this that has spherical joints on at least one
end of every control arm. You are going to get so much articulation
from your suspension if you have that sway bar disconnected. What it’s really all about is not just flex
and not just looking cool. But it’s really about keeping more weight
on more tires, more of the time, so that you have more traction. That traction, of course, lets you get over
more obstacles and lets you have a lot more fun when you’re out here on the trail. So the lift kit, the wheels, tires, and suspension
in general is working really, really well. We said we also installed some other armor
on the underside of this Jeep. We’ll show you how that stuff works in the
real world and why it’s so important. A big part of this build was installing some
skid plates on the bottom side of the Jeep. Everybody wants to install the big lift kits,
the wheel and tire packages, all the flashy stuff you can see. But skid plates are as, or even more important,
because you can get away with less lift if you have the underside of your Jeep protected. There are a lot of things underneath the Jeep,
that if you get them damaged off-road can definitely ruin your day. So adding some skid plates will give you peace
of mind against that damage, and can also save you some money down the line with big,
expensive repairs. So on this Jeep, we went ahead and installed
a set of Rugged Ridge skid plates on both the front and the rear differential. When you’re wheeling on the rocks like we
are out here today, if you peel back a differential cover, you’ll dump your differential fluid
on the ground, and that can ruin your day pretty quickly. Even worse than dumping your diff fluid on
the ground is emptying out your engine oil pan. So we installed an M.O.R.E. oil and transmission
skid plate on this Jeep as well, just for that peace of mind. So we have an area over here that looks like
it’s going to test out that differential skid plate pretty well. So let’s hit it. [00:05:02]
[silence] [00:05:18] Ryan: Woo! [00:05:19]
[silence] [00:05:30] Ryan: This is a pretty good spot, going in
this direction, to actually show you that oil pan skid plate in action as well. So let’s hit that and see what happens. [00:05:37]
[silence] [00:06:02] Ryan: Ooh. So that was definitely directly down on that
oil pan skid plate. It might take me a little bit of rocking to
get off of it, but at least I know I didn’t punch a hole in it and it’s not going to end
my day. The other nice thing about having skid plates
is when you get high-centered like that, you can just give it hell and get off the rocks. [00:06:18]
[silence] [00:06:40] Ryan: Definitely, glad that you have skid
plates installed on your Jeep when you’re doing wheeling like that. You can get out here. You can actually have fun. You can do the technical aspects of wheeling,
but you can also just hammer down and know you’re not going to do any damage to your
Jeep. I’m really glad that we have those skid plates
installed. It’s great peace of mind. Got a little bit of a mud puddle up here. It’s certainly not going to illustrate our
lift kit quality. But it is going to be fun. [00:07:06]
[silence] [00:07:21] Ryan: I always say bombing through mud, it
doesn’t take a lot of skill. But it is so much fun to do, until it comes
to the cleanup. Man 1: [inaudible 00:07:36 to 00:07:41] Keep
it coming. Start going now. Ryan: So that is exactly why you install a
set of rock sliders on your Jeep. You’re out here, you’re wheeling, you’ve got
to protect your Jeep, and the rockers are one of those areas where you can get some
huge damage. You can push that rocker panel right up into
the door, which can actually make it impossible to open the door, cause tons and tons of body
damage. So rock sliders are a great investment that
way, and a lot of rock sliders will actually be dual-purpose for you. These ones in particular are the Barricade
rock sliders. These are going to provide a step and also
a very strong rock slider. These mount directly to the frame, which is
where a lot of that strength comes from. Now, there are a lot of other sliders out
there. As I mentioned, you can get some that are
more of a step and less protection, or more protection and less of a step. So it really comes down to what kind of wheeling
you want to do with your Jeep. But for us, for being down here hitting the
rocks, I’m really glad that we had these installed. These were a great addition. So that’ll wrap up our day out here on the
trail. We had an absolute blast as we showed you,
having some armor installed if you’re going to be wheeling the rocks is very important
in making sure that you can bounce down the trail and keep going, and not cut your day
short. If you want to have a ton of fun out here,
having a lift kit, having some bigger tires are going to ensure that you can get over
pretty much anything you point your Jeep at, and you are absolutely going to have a blast
wheeling with a setup like this. Remember, when in doubt, throttle out. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel
as well for more videos like this, more great Jeep builds, and other awesome Jeep content.

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  1. A spotter! someone who has done the trail before. 2nd would be my shocks. I have the Fox Preformance 2.0, great on road and off.

  2. Hey guys, would you be able to link the parts you guys talk about in your videos in the description? it would really help.

  3. Would be good to have a list of all the parts  that were added to this Jeep.  Looks like the fenders cover the tire 100% and in Pa. that is something to be aware of. What wheels, tires and fenders ?

  4. very nice that you show the components and it's ability to protect the Jeep in the real world. my set up is almost identical to yours in this video but in a 2 door version, so im glad to see I got the "good stuff" my question is this: I just ordered (havent installed yet) a barricade roof rack from you guys, is that a barricade rack in the video? I will also purchase the Smittybilt roof top tent in the next few days. the roof rack says it will only support 350lbs. that would mean I and my wife would need to be super feather weight to fit into the 350lbs limit. can you elaborate on the weight limit? I'm a bit worried about 2 adults in there. Thanx!

  5. So wouldn't a heavy duty tie rod be important if you're going to be bombing about on the rocks? Premium aluminum fairlead you've got too…..but it's empty??

    Keep your eyes on those fox shocks- at full extension they'll rub your framerail.

  6. so looks like some 1310 driveshafts and a winch should be the next mods for that jeep. driveshafts only because i noticed the rear boot got shredded and a winch is my got to have mod top of the list

  7. it’s thinner then the stock flairs. My question is it ok to leave it exposed like that or should I purchase the inner liner they sell for the flairs.

  8. Hard to find an engine and oil pan skit plates for Rock Krawler 3.5'' X-Factor Long Arm lift kites (not the same one shown in video)..

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