Top SUVs, Track Tested: Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 Who Wins?

Top SUVs, Track Tested: Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 Who Wins?

Small crossover SUVs have been wildly popular,
outselling the less versatile sedans for quite some time. JOSH SADLIER: Mark and I brought
our two current favorites in this segment,
and Will over here brought the RAV4, the
current top seller. WILL KAUFMAN: We’re going to
take a closer look at each of these vehicles to let you
know what their strengths and weaknesses are. We’ve put hundreds of miles
on each of these movies on the road, but we thought
we’d spare you 12 minutes of us going to buy groceries. Instead, we took our three red
people movers to our test track where we could make
those disclaimers at the bottom of
every ad about closed roads and professional
drivers come alive. You may never drive your
compact crossover like this, but at least you can rest
easy knowing someone has. JOSH SADLIER: We’ve got the
latest Honda CR-V here with the 1.5-liter turbo charged four
cylinder engine that you get on almost every version
you’ll find at a dealer lot. There’s the 2.4 that
comes in the base LX. I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen one of those on the road. It doesn’t really seem like
something people are going to be interested in because
you want the turbo motor, it gets better fuel
economy and more power. How are you guys
enjoying it so far? WILL KAUFMAN: This
back seat is cavernous. There’s a lot of room for
me to flop around back here. JOSH SADLIER: I’ve been
watching that, yeah. WILL KAUFMAN: But– I
mean, it’s huge back here. There’s just a ton
of room in this car. JOSH SADLIER: Yeah,
it is very spacious. This is effectively
a mid-sized SUV I would say in
terms of usability. MARK TAKAHASHI: I’m not getting
a sense of that space, though. I feel like the headliner and
the windshields are actually a little close to me. [ENGINE REVVING] WILL KAUFMAN:
That’s interesting. Oof. Oh wow, there’s that noise. Ah, it just sounds
like the engine wants to leap out of the engine bay. [LAUGHTER] The CVT just does not do it any
favors in the sound department. MARK TAKAHASHI: In
its defense, though, no one in their right mind
is going to be driving a CR-V this– JOSH SADLIER: Well, MARK TAKAHASHI: –hard. JOSH SADLIER: That’s fair. WILL KAUFMAN: And it
does provide a good boost and good fuel economy. I mean– JOSH SADLIER: It does. WILL KAUFMAN: With
the gas motor– JOSH SADLIER: Well,
not right now. WILL KAUFMAN: But
with a gas motor, this is the most
efficient of the three if you don’t want the hybrid. JOSH SADLIER: Now this
is the front wheel drive one, which means we’re
going to be getting under ideal circumstances, 34
MPG highway, which is easily the best of any of
these competitors. The others are I think
31 and 30 at the top end. So the fuel economy is
definitely a strong suit, at least according to the EPA. Now in the real world, if you’re
in a boost like I’ve been here, your results may vary. MARK TAKAHASHI: Here’s
the thing, though. It’s making a lot of tire noise,
but it doesn’t feel sloppy. JOSH SADLIER: Yeah, I
wouldn’t call it sloppy. I mean, it clearly does not
have much tire for this purpose, but in the real world,
having driven this around, I didn’t feel like it needed
more tire like on a country road or something. So I think this is an extreme
situation we’re in right now, but I do like the
way it responds. The steering,
there’s no slop in it and it goes where you point it. The thing for me about this
car is the transmission. I think if people are
not used to a CVT, this can be kind of a rude
awakening in that it just doesn’t always respond
as promptly or as predictively as you
might expect if you’re used to driving like a
traditional automatic transmission. MARK TAKAHASHI: And they don’t
offer any kind of automatic, do they? JOSH SADLIER: CVTs beauties
across the board, yeah. Even with the 2.4,
it’s still CVT. That’s the one thing, I think if
people take a test drive and– again, transmission’s fine,
what’s he talking about? Cool, and then you’ll probably
like the rest of the car. For me it’s a deal breaker. MARK TAKAHASHI: Wow, all right. WILL KAUFMAN: See, I didn’t– in normal driving,
I haven’t felt that way about this vehicle,
because of the CVT, when you’re just, you know,
cruising in traffic, when you’re driving on
the freeway, when you’re driving around
town, the response that I expect from
a car, the CVT isn’t falling short of that. MARK TAKAHASHI:
It’s not until you start getting onto a highway,
you know, on an on-ramp or something and you really
want to get up to speed, does it feel like it’s
at a disadvantage? JOSH SADLIER: Yeah, and the
engine gets really frantic. MARK TAKAHASHI: I think this
is better suited to someone who has one or two kids. It’s comfortable. It just kind of
checks all the boxes. JOSH SADLIER: There’s
still some road noise there I noticed on a longer
drive over the weekend. WILL KAUFMAN: It does seem
like for this vehicle, they looked at the old
RAV4 and they said, OK, it’s going to be just
better in every measure. Not necessarily
tremendously better, but it’s going to be better. It’s also the only one that has
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is the 2018 RAV4,
and it’s the RAV4 that really started the compact
crossover craze way back when. And it’s still the bestselling
of any compact crossover. In fact, it’s the
bestselling vehicle in the US next to the pickup trucks that
everybody loves to buy so much. But I think part of
the appeal of this is that there’s nothing
complicated about it. There’s no other
reason you buy it, you don’t have to think, oh, I
want the one that handles well. You just think, I
want the one that will carry all of
my people and stuff and I don’t want
to worry about it. MARK TAKAHASHI:
It’s not something that I don’t think
you really aspire to? There’s nothing that kind of
gets me excited about this car. It’s the safe choice. JOSH SADLIER: Yeah. There’s actually decent
bolstering in these seats. A little more than I expected. Thanks for helping me to
feel that with that turn. WILL KAUFMAN: I mean, it is–
it’s just a perfectly fine place to spend time. I mean, I agree, there’s
nothing that stands out here, but that’s sort of part
of the point of this car, is it just does what it
does without any pretension to anything else, and you
can get a hybrid power train so you get better fuel
economy than any of the others if that’s what
you’re looking for. It’s also not a very
thrilling engine. The transmission will,
even though it’s only a six-speed transmission,
it will sort of jump around if you’re in normal
mode and you start asking for a little
bit of acceleration. JOSH SADLIER: There’s
something kind of honest, though, about this
power train that I’m drawn to. WILL KAUFMAN: Yeah, it’s
basically the same power train as the Mazda. MARK TAKAHASHI: Even to
be competitive nowadays, you have to overdeliver
on a number of fronts– refinement and comfort
and performance. Everything has now
gotten to the point where everybody is expecting more. This doesn’t really
overdeliver, it’s adequate in almost every way. JOSH SADLIER: It’s an
aging product that’s kind of hanging in
there, but you’re right, it’s not really
going the extra mile. WILL KAUFMAN: The ride
and handling isn’t bad. It is a little rough around
the road than that CX-5, you definitely feel the
bumps a little bit more. I mean, it’s not sloppy
around these turns. MARK TAKAHASHI: It was that
little boaty coming out of that last turn, though. I felt a little bit
of residual bounces as you set it into the turn. JOSH SADLIER: Yeah, you wouldn’t
call this the driver’s choice. MARK TAKAHASHI: No, no. JOSH SADLIER: But
at the same time, I feel like if someone told me,
hey, I just bought a 2018 RAV4, it would be hard to
argue against that. MARK TAKAHASHI: Oh no, no, no. JOSH SADLIER: Well maybe– MARK TAKAHASHI: He would say,
why didn’t you get the 2019 and just wait nine months? JOSH SADLIER: Well,
it’s an all-new model, you want to give it a year
or two to sort things out. MARK TAKAHASHI: Do ya? WILL KAUFMAN: The
other thing is, you’ll be able to get a really
good deal on one of these– when it’s on dealer
lots and a few months when the new one’s out. JOSH SADLIER: That’s
a great point. WILL KAUFMAN: This is
going to get cheaper. You don’t always see
sales on Toyotas. MARK TAKAHASHI: Welcome to
the best small crossover you can buy today, the Mazda CX-5. It’s a little sporty, it’s
a little more reactive and responsive. Sure it’s an SUV,
it’s a little tippy, but there’s only so much you
can do in regards to physics, right? WILL KAUFMAN: One of the things
that impresses me in this car is the body roll is
really well-controlled. JOSH SADLIER: You should
try sitting in the middle back here, but I
take your point. MARK TAKAHASHI:
Well, in addition to better driving
dynamics, I think it’s also the best-looking in the bunch. JOSH SADLIER: I would
agree with that. MARK TAKAHASHI: I mean,
it’s better to look good than feel good,
but this does both. JOSH SADLIER: If you look
around at the competition, there’s not really another
crossover at this price point that actually makes
a style statement. Not one that I can
think of, at least. MARK TAKAHASHI: It’s
not over-styled either. I mean, it just– like the overall shape
is really pleasing. JOSH SADLIER: Yep. WILL KAUFMAN: It’s
also definitely the nicest interior of any of
the ones we have here today. MARK TAKAHASHI: Some
of these materials we wouldn’t have expected to
see except for maybe a luxury car last generation. JOSH SADLIER: Yep. MARK TAKAHASHI: And it’s
got this great infotainment controller here that’s
kind of the same as you’d expect from
BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. And I love that. It’s just
well-managed, you know? It’s easy to drive,
it’s fun to drive. WILL KAUFMAN: It
raises the question, why do you buy a compact SUV? It is because it handles nicely? MARK TAKAHASHI: You know,
there are certain people left in the world who
appreciate cars that handle well and are sporty. WILL KAUFMAN: But
if you’re buying one of these, what you need
is practicality, right? What you need is to be able
to fit stuff and people and just carry things around. I mean, what are the
tricks of this car other than it’s nice to put around
a turn, which, let’s face it, most of the only
chance you get to do that is a freeway on-ramp. Not every road is
our test track. MARK TAKAHASHI: Well,
you don’t think that this has enough cargo space? WILL KAUFMAN: You’ve
got two kids, especially if they’re small,
you’ve got two strollers you gotta throw in the trunk. That’s a lot of
space right there. This is definitely going to
be the worst at moving stuff. MARK TAKAHASHI: Worst? WILL KAUFMAN: There’s no other
power train option in this car. This is the only
one here today– MARK TAKAHASHI: I don’t
think it needs more power. WILL KAUFMAN: Well, the power
is only part of it, right? The other thing that– the other thing
that the other power train options on the
other vehicles offer is not just more power,
but more fuel efficiency. You’ve got a hybrid
motor in the RAV4 and you’ve got the
1.5 liter turbo in the CR-V, both of which
are more efficient than what you get in this car. JOSH SADLIER: But I think the
point about cargo capacity for me in this segment is I
doubt that many buyers are actually folding down
the seats and maximizing every last cubic foot
that’s available. I feel like what they’re looking
for is a high seating position. Yeah, a convenient
hatchback trunk, sure, you can fold down the
seats if you need to, but I think it’s the
style that really pushes this one over the top
compared to other cars in the class for the price. Like, you want to look
good driving a crossover, I feel like that’s
part of the appeal. WILL KAUFMAN: This is
also the best seating position of any of the ones
we have here today for sure. I mean, you feel a little bit
more ensconced in the vehicle, you’ve got armrests
that at least for me actually
work on both sides. And that’s– I mean, just that,
just the feel of sitting down and in this vehicle, there is
a little bit of that sportiness to it. And I also think it’s just the
most comfortable– these seats to me are the most comfortable
of the three we have. JOSH SADLIER: Starting
with acceleration, the CR-V turns out to have a
pretty significant advantage. We’re talking about a
second-and-a-half to 60– seven-and-a-half for the CR-V,
nine seconds-plus for the CX-5 and RAV4. What do we think about that? MARK TAKAHASHI: It’s crazy. I mean, the CX-5 feels so
much faster and livelier, but numbers don’t lie. JOSH SADLIER:
Braking distance we go from 60 to zero,
full panic stop. Once again the CR-V has
a significant advantage– 121 feet in that
panic stop versus 130 for the other two cars. When it comes to
cargo space, the CR-V has a class-leading
39.2 cubic feet of it behind the second row. That’s on par with
some mid-size SUVs. MARK TAKAHASHI:
Cargo capacity is one of the main reasons people
gravitate towards crossovers like these. WILL KAUFMAN: That
is really impressive, but on paper, it’s within
a cubic foot of the RAV4. In the real world, that
makes a difference, though. You can see, after the most
unexpected game of Tetris ever, JOSH SADLIER: We are down one
golf bag, but only one golf bag, so they’re
pretty much the same. The CX-5, though, I feel
like it’s a little smaller. Is that– Mark? Is it smaller? MARK TAKAHASHI: It’s smaller. That is what didn’t fit in
the RAV4, and all of this is what doesn’t fit in the CX-5. At 30.9 cubic feet, it’s the
smallest capacity of the bunch, but that’s still a lot of stuff. WILL KAUFMAN: I know the
force is the bestselling vehicle in this
segment, but it’s really starting to show its age. Compared to these other two,
it just can’t really hold up. We’re going after you
run this test again and we get the new model
in because I think it’s going to be a big improvement. MARK TAKAHASHI: And I
realize that the CX-5 doesn’t have the greatest
cargo capacity, but it really appeals
to my left brain. I mean, it looks great,
and drives even better. JOSH SADLIER: But here’s
what the right brain says. The CR-V’s got the best fuel
economy, best cargo capacity, best braking, and best
acceleration in the whole test. Case closed. MARK TAKAHASHI: Let us
know what you think. Leave a comment below, and
if you like what you see, hit Subscribe. And check out
for full ratings and reviews of each of these SUVs. [MUSIC PLAYING]

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  23. Got $25000 through the help of Matty who helped in funding my US bank account without any upfront payment and no interest for a project now worth over $500,000. contact him via whatsapp @ +15186023105

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  25. Got $25000 LOAN through the help of Matty who helped in funding my US bank account without any upfront payment, no collateral and no interest for a project now worth over $500,000. contact him via whatsapp @ +15186023105

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