Totally CLEAR Galaxy S8 – Worlds FIRST!!

Totally CLEAR Galaxy S8 – Worlds FIRST!!

Ever since that Galaxy S8 durability video,
I’ve been thinking about making a clear Galaxy S8 and how cool that would look. Now the S8 is a little bit different than
the S6 and the S7, where the coloring isn’t so much of a sticker – it’s more of a
coating on that back glass. So it scrapes off, but not super easily. But I think I have a solution. [Intro] All of these are called “solvents” or
paint thinner. And one of these should work. “May be fatal or cause blindness if swallowed.” This should work just fine. The first step in making a clear Galaxy S8
is to remove the back glass panel. I talk more about this in my complete S8 teardown
video, but the short version is to go slow and to use heat and a thin metal pry tool
so you don’t break the glass. Remember, you are voiding all of the warrantees
on your phone if you attempt this project. And it is a little bit harder than it looks. Once that back glass is off, I’m going to
pop out the camera frame and the fingerprint scanner so I have complete access to the glass
slab itself. These are incredibly well sealed to the back
glass so I’m doing more of a slicing motion through the adhesive instead of prying up
against the glass. At this point I did try separating the color
from the glass, but it seemed pretty permanently coated and it did not want to come off. My razor blade couldn’t do much more than
just scratch the underside of that glass. This paint and epoxy remover, on the other
hand, is kind of like acid. The solvent worked incredible well to soften
the paint on the underside of that glass, but there was still one more slightly cloudy
lamination layer underneath that. The lamination was relatively clear, but still
had a murky affect to it. So getting rid of that was the next step. The extra strength paint remover, once again,
made this part slightly easier because it had loosened the laminated bond with the glass. Now that the glass is completely clear and
rinsed off, we have a few different options. One is to just take that glass panel and put
it directly back on the phone. This leaves the phone with complete functionality
since everything is still in place and intact. And while it still does look pretty good at
this point, I’m going to strip it down and take it a step farther. There are 14 screws on the back of this thing,
and the good news is that not all of these screws are mandatory. In order to view the pretty stuff inside the
phone, we have to remove the wireless charging. The phone will still function completely fine
with this removed, it just won’t charge wirelessly anymore, obviously. Now the loud speaker plastics are covering
too much of the circuit board for my taste. This Android has a headphone jack and I want
to show that off from the inside. The loud speaker is still pretty important
though and crucial to the normal functionality of the phone so I’ll need at least half
of this piece of plastic – the other half, not so much. Now we can visibly see half the charging port
while still keeping our speaker intact. The important screws that need to stay in
place are these ones. I’m pretty sure all the screws are important
on some level, but these are the only ones I’m going to keep. I’ll put some clear double sided tape back
onto the camera lens as well as the fingerprint scanner, and then re-stick them to the underside
of that clear panel. I’ll have all of this stuff linked in the
video description if you’re curious or if you want to try this yourself. And now we’re starting to get somewhere. All of the internal circuits and components
are completely visible at this point, just like back in the gold old days with my favorite
GameBoy. This thing is looking pretty sweet. To get that back glass to stick securely to
phone we have to use more clear adhesive. I’ll link this stuff in the description. Just make sure that it goes all around the
inside edge to keep that dust out. The phone definitely isn’t going to be water
resistant anymore. I’ll use a little glass cleaner on the inside
of that panel. Once you set it down it will be down for good,
so make sure it’s clean the first time around. After removing the top layer of the double
sided tape, I’ll clip in that little tiny fingerprint scanner. The complete disassembly and reassembly of
this phone will have a few more tips and tricks in it. This particular video is more just highlighting
the clear back panel. And there you have it, the world’s first
fully functional, clear backed Galaxy S8. Let me know what you think. Do you think Samsung should start mass producing
these things for everyone? I think it looks pretty cool. There are a few cons that go along with this
project. Obviously the phone’s not waterproof anymore,
and it doesn’t have the wireless charging in the back. And, you know, the phone’s not meant to
be taken apart so there’s a good chance that it could just die completely during this
and you have no more warranty once it’s been opened up. But, as far as aesthetics and how cool it
looks, I think it’s pretty awesome and it’s pretty much a cost free project. I had to buy that paint thinner which costs
about 8 bucks and it took about an hour of my time to clear off that back coloring and
reinstall the phone again, but other than that… If you have any questions, leave them down
in the comments below, and maybe if this video gets enough “likes”, Samsung will start
making these phones in the future. It’s a long shot but it could happen. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you around.

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  1. Jerry, I have a clear back for my Galaxy S8+. I watched ur video. How can I remove the magnetic coil that covers the battery w/o inferring the wired charging. I don't ever use the wireless charging. Thank you!!

  2. The.back is not cool but if you can add something to make the back better and make ot waterproof by some way it would be awsome

  3. I would like to see new backs being sold. Even if they were just plastic. It would be nice to have different colors.

  4. If you didn't remove the laminate layer, if the back glass cracks, it would be held together, just saying.

  5. My s8+ didn't charge without the WiFi charging, so i had to open it again and out it back. It looks awesome but not as good as yours. 🙄

  6. i would love a clear glass phone with all the internals visible

    ***says he, while slapping the phone into a T H I C C case***

  7. Without the wireless charger, this phone will most likely not charge but instead say the temperature is too low and not charge. It's a software thing built into the phone

  8. I have testet it, its a nice idea but my Galaxy S8 Plus doesn't turn on without the NFC Antenna. So I had to do it with it but nevertheless it looked nice.

  9. hopefully someone will see this but can you do this if you bought a spare backglass with the proper adhesive on it then take off the paint and apply the backglass on that way u wouldn’t have to use tape will this work?

  10. Bosch beat you to it YEARS ago with the 509 in "coconut" a clear phone i modded with SMD blue leds. It looked mint…

  11. You can make them waterproof again after this you just a have to hunt the Internet for the Factory adhesive kits

  12. Your clear Game Boy reminds me of the clear DualShock 1(PS1) controller I had. It had a green tint to it but transparent and you could clearly see all the boards and wiring inside the controller which was pretty neat.

  13. Non functional 100%. How does this charge? I believe these phones do not charge when wireless charging circuit is not detected. Or maybe this is only for the notes, I know for a fact the notes dont charge without it.

  14. Sorry but I didn't hear a word u said for the first 20 seconds, I was too busy singing the backround song!

    You can go your own way!

    Go your own way,

    You can call it

    Another lonely day
    You can go your own way!!

  15. Agent 47: look I have a new pitch idea for your S8 Samsung!
    -Not water proof
    -Can't charge wireless
    -Warranty voided
    -But looks AWESOME!
    Samsung: How about we take your guns away and give you a pencil to kill people… Smh
    Agent 47: yeah okay… You can't kill someone with a pencil.
    John Wick: Hold my beer

  16. For all who want to customize their s8. One info which is not mentioned in the video. NFC module is also a part of the wireless charging module. When you remove it you will not be able to use NFC transactions again

  17. tried it yesterday;
    worked out well apart from one thing to note:

    the plastic frame up top and to the side does have a function to support the glass.
    I reinstalled the glas backing with the proper, precut adhesive and upon medium pressure between the upper edge of the frame and the camera lens it easily shattered.

    I kept the frame and will reinstall the upper part of it, together with some adhesive, to make the phone not quite as prone to breaking when I get my new backing in the mail.

    just a heads up.

  18. Hi jerry, as you go, I wanted to tell you that what makes it supposedly waterproof mind is nothing more than black sicicone, it is used for the encapsulation of intel processors and some amd models, it is that metallic thing that you see where the processor info says .

  19. JerryRigEverything: "The loudspeaker plastic covers too much for my taste"

    Proceeds to remove everything possible from inside the phone so it looks better

    And then: "it's not booting up but having a clear S8 is more important"

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