Toyota Aqua/Prius C Summer Issues and some easy solutions in URDU

Toyota Aqua/Prius C Summer Issues and some easy solutions in URDU

Aoa Guys. Welcome to another video What we will discuss today In Summers why does our car Average Drop? What are the reasons? 1st reason is that the Airconditioner if run on low it will drop your average AC pulls alot of power and this cars ACis electrical and runs directly from the Hybrid Battery. Run your Ac at 27 and you will not have much issues. If you run it at 24 or 25 or LOW then it will definitely reduce average. My Cars Average does not drop that much due to the ACrunning at 27 Degress But overall average does drop in summers 2nd reason could be that your cars tyre or Tire Pressure That usually becomes low If you are keeping your front tyre pressure at 32-33( I did that 3 days back) Rear was 32 I will show you that the weather actually lowered my tyre pressure I will use this device to measure the current tyre pressure Lets check now Its hardly 30 PSI in there. The actual reading is 29 PSI It was originally 33 about 3 days back But its automatically come down to 29PSI In Extreme heat this does happen So keep a check on your tyre pressure as well 3rd reason could be Your car might be parked in the scorching sun This will cause your cabin to heat up and will also cause the HVbattery to heat up This will not enable the car to switch to EV very quickly as the car will try to cool down the battery to its operating temperature. In this case battery will also deplete faster Battery should neither be too hot or too cold Try to cool down the car by opening the windows and turning on the AC Another reason could be that you are driving too aggresively If you are driving the car too fast and red linning the engine all the time As a result your average will drop Another reason could be that your car has 3 to 5 people in the car and you actually compare that times average with the average of an empty car Then definitely there will be a difference Just keep in notice in what conditions you calculate your average Some precautions you should be taking are Park your car in the shade Run your AC at 27 and not 30 or 32 Keep checking your cars tyre pressure regularly Drive your car smoothly and in a lower speed Also keep extra stuff out of your car – Reduce weight Thats it for today – Like and Subscribe Good Bye

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  1. Thankyou this was usefull i will try this because when you gave me some tips last time it was great my averge came on 18 it was 15 first so thankyou btw in winters the average is great its on 22 or 21

  2. One factor you forgot I guess
    If your ac performance isn’t 100% your average goes down
    Always check ac filter and ac check up by proper tech
    Also please put original 134a gas it will cost you extra 1500 but second or third copy decrease ac performance and will cost you many more in fuel consumption
    Try to keep tyres closer to recommended size
    And recommended air pressure for aqua is 33 pounds

  3. Salam. Nice video.
    I m having 2 issues. Back camera blacks out some times. Indicator loses ticking sound. Both are occasional. What could be the reason?

  4. You forgot to mention driving on eco mode plus fill your tires with nitrogen that should help delay tire air pressure decrease because nitrogen doesn't expand that easy as compared to air

  5. AOA. bro my front parking lights are not working i change bulbs and also checked fuse box under dash board left side. that are all ok. back number plates lights and back parking lights and break lights r working. what should i do now? any suggestions

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