Toyota Auris Hybrid 2014 Review – Vicki Butler-Henderson

Toyota Auris Hybrid 2014 Review – Vicki Butler-Henderson

It doesn’t feel THAT long ago WHEN choosing
a family car was EASY… BUT with today’s new-car market BRIMMING WITH
MORE choice than ever before, IT’S TOUGH! And despite the VARIETY of new cars on offer,
is THERE anything remarkable THAT STANDS OUT? THE INNOVATIVE Toyota Auris Hybrid is
one model that DARES to be different — AND THAT CAN ONLY BE GOOD news for car buyers
across the UK. Toyota is a world leader in Hybrid engine
design — and over the last 10 years has sold more than 5 million hybrid powered cars — even
using the technology to power its Le Mans racing cars.
Built in Britain, the new Auris Hybrid is one of the latest models to offer this technology.
Powered by a 1.8-litre petrol engine, which is supported by the addition of an electric
motor and battery pack, it offers impressive fuel economy of up to 78.5miles per gallon,
while CO2 emissions are ultra low too, from just 84g/km.
All of this means free road tax, and for fleet buyers and company car drivers, a Benefit in
Kind tax rate of just 10 percent. Few rivals offer such low running costs, but
there more to the Toyota Auris than counting the pennies. The 1.8-litre petrol engine works together
with the electric motor to offer seamless acceleration, and impressive refinement AND
YOU JUST DRIVE IT LIKE A NORMAL CAR. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING Special. Just put petrol in the tank and go.
The battery is topped up both by the engine, and by the car’s regenerative braking system
which recovers energy traditionally lost to the ether as you slow down.
Toyota’s Hybrid set-up OFFERS the best of both worlds – running ECONOMICALLY in electric
mode AROUND town, AND GIVING a useful boost of performance ONCE YOU’RE OUT OF IT.
And then there’s the design. First impressions count, and THERE’S A LOT OF CONFIDENCE WITH
the aerodynamic styling THAT GIVES the car a robust, “ready-for-action” look.
Particularly at the front end, with its sleek headlights – that include LED daytime running
lights. Inside, THE new Auris Hybrid FEATURES LITTLE
Digital radio, and a touch screen multi media system comes as standard on top end models,
plus there’s bluetooth ‘phone connection and a reversing camera — which is standard on
all hybrid models. There’s a choice of 15 and 16 inch alloy wheels,
while RANGE-TOPPING Excel models offer these sporty 17 inchers… Inside the seats get
leather side bolsters, plus there’s DUAL-ZONE climate control, SMART-ENTRY AND blue interior
lighting. PLUS THERE’S THE OPTION OF THIS panoramic
sunroof WHICH lets lights flood in — and acts as a window to keep restless youngsters
entertained with passing scenery… EVERYONE WITH A GROWING FAMILY WILL APPRECIATE
the amount of interior space AND the size of the boot… the hatchback offers easily
enough for a family holiday. The Hybrid engine’s battery is tucked away
under here (demonstrate rear seat), meaning there’s even a false floor to allow you to
store valuables away out of site. (demonstrate boot)
There’s also plenty of useful storage dotted around the cabin with no less than three 12
volt accessory sockets. Perfect for the kids dvd players! And as you would expect, there’s a strong
focus on safety. All Toyota Auris MODELS have a five star EuroNCAP safety rating, and come
with seven airbags as standard. To make the car even SAFER AND EASIER TO DRIVE,
the body shell has been engineered to be stronger, and
there’s VEHICLE stability control too. And in addition to a five year warranty, you
get an eight year battery warranty. But the story doesn’t end there. There’s also
lots of choice elsewhere in the Auris line-up, with a choice of conventional petrol and diesel
engines, and trim grades from Active, including top-of-the-range Excel. There’s also the British built Auris Touring
Sports — a spacious and practical estate car, and the
only model in its class to offer A HYBRID ENGINE. It’s just as comfortable and stylish as the
hatch, but even more practical. With the seats folded it offers a huge amount of space.
The Auris and Auris hybrid have both been engineered to offer an engaging, secure ride.
NO MATTER WHICH Model YOU choose, EACH ONE HAS BEEN designed to offer you an engaging,
secure ride, WITH MANOUEVRABILITY and handling TARGETED as top priorities DURING development.
town AS OUT ON A COUNTRY ROAD. Add to that Toyota’s strong reputation for
reliability and customer service, and you can see why Auris is definitely worth a look.
But don’t just take my word for it. The best way to put the new Auris to the test is to
drive it yourself. Don’t hang around…

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Wonderful and all…….but only if we North Americans can enjoy such a stylish and tasteful Corolla Hatchback here in US and Canada….. perhaps the future Matrix for us??

  2. Fifth Gear presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson explains all you need to know about the Toyota Auris #Hybrid in this video review.

  3. Published on 6 Jan 2014
    Built in Britain, the new Auris Hybrid offers impressive fuel economy of up to 78.5miles per gallon, while CO2 emissions are ultra low too, from just 84g/km*. 

    Published on 15 Jan 2014
    Toyota Yaris Review – The Yaris Hybrid offers impressive fuel economy of up to 80.7miles per gallon, while CO2 emissions are ultra low too, from just 79g/km*. 

    *Official VED fuel economy test figures. Fuel economy will vary according to road conditions, and driving style.

    On 13th. May 2014, I report that the best MPG we have had in three years of local and motorway driving is 48 MPG and the car will NOT do more than 300 yards on battery alone even if it doesn't go over 20 MPH.   Over 20 MPH the engine cuts in anyway!

    So all these claims are a load of rubbish.  BUT, it's a beautiful car to drive; comfortable, responsive, quiet and cruise control down to 30 MPH is useful.

  4. My AurisHSD after 5 months mixed during is doing 55mpg avg. I have seen 80mpg on some runs, but 25 on others and when cold. Altogether a fine car though

  5. Great cars, great technology.
    To all that can't get the most of their hybrids is because they don't drive sensible and don't use the technics. Also these cars are economical in town not on motorway. I drive Prius plus and very often I do close to the official figures of 64.5mpg and more. Winter time my poorest average is around 48-52mpg and in the hot days I am getting even more then the Toyota says can do. This is my third Prius and with all before was the same. Use the technics and you won't go wrong.
    Good luck

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