Toyota Avalon Replacement Remote Programming 2003 2008

Toyota Avalon Replacement Remote Programming 2003 2008

Hello, Thank you for watching
video channel. Today we are going to show you how to program
a Toyota remote. This remote is programmed, this other one
isn’t, so we will show you how to do that. It’s a very easy procedure.
You just need to have your ignition key and your new remote and that’s it.
You have to start with the following conditions: The driver’s door has to be opened and unlocked,
the key has to be out of the ignition (let’s do that).
And then you put the key in the ignition and remove the key twice within 5 seconds… 1…2,
Then you have to close and open the door twice…1…2, then you have to put the key in the ignition
and remove, Then you have to close and open the door twice
Then you have to put the key in the ignition, close the door, and turn the ignition from
lock to on and back to lock once (for add mode)
Remove the key… locks and unlocks cycle, which means the vehicle went into programming
mode. And you have to press lock AND unlock buttons
for about 2 seconds, and then press the lock button.
We just programmed the second remote for the vehicle.
Ok, you have to close the door. (*click, *click) That’s the new remote. (*click, *click)
That’s the existing remote, so now we have two remotes working.
So, this procedure allows you to add the remotes, but Toyota is actually very nice because you
can add the remote, then you turn the key in the ignition at some point once, if you
turn the key on and off twice, it’s a rewrite mode, so you cancel all the existing remotes,
and just program a new one. For example: if you lost all the keys it’s
a good idea. And there are two other modes that I am not going to go into detail on because
you mainly use the Add or Rewrite. Again, thank you very much for watching our
instructional video on how to program Toyota remotes.
Those instructions can be used on most of the late model Toyota and also Lexus vehicles.
Thank you very much. Please keep watching our video channel or visit our website at You have a good day.

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  1. I am following this procedure to the letter in my 2000 avalon. I am trying to add a fob. My problem is that when i remove the key after i turn the ignition to on once, the locks do not confirm me as being in add mode. Nothing happens!! Can I have some help?

  2. Worked on my 2008 avalon..although i had to insert key twice more (with door closed) to finish programming. With the steps in the video alone the car responded the same to all buttons..cycling lock and unlock leaving it unlocked. After extra couple times car responds to ALL buttons..trunk..panic & locks.
    Good Luck

  3. Help!
    At the final step when I press the lock button. To lock cycles "lock and unlock" twice.
    Mine is Avalon 2007

  4. Total voodoo, but IT WORKS!!!! You saved me… lost the spare key and fob for my beloved Avalon 2004 and using this method I was able to save Hundreds of Dollar which TOYOTA dealer would have charged me… I got 2 spare keys and fobs online, a local store cut the keys for few bucks, and I programmed the fobs in no time. Thank you!

  5. My Avalon does not have ignition key – has pushbutton start. Is there a procedure for this type of remote?

  6. This worked!! The instruction I found online didn't work. So glad I tried this, easy to follow his commands. Worked on the first try. Thank you. And good information about cancelling a report if you lose your keys and fob!!

  7. Worked on the 03 Avalon. Dealer told my wife's grandma that I'd be $400+ to fix the issue. $5 for batteries and a YouTube video and both remotes work. Thanks!

  8. Hello! I am able to get my car (2003 Avalon) into programming mode, but I can’t get it to respond to anything on the remotes. The locks cycle to indicate it is in programming mode but I can’t get it to do anything past that. It doesn’t accept nor decline the remote. Is there a chance the remote isn’t compatible with the car? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  9. I did everything correct twice and still doesn’t work all the sudden it works Maybe I had to wait but there isn’t a sound when I lock the car is that suppose to be like that?

  10. I recently replace Toyota Avalon remote battery. Since then the unlock button does not work all the time. The lock button works quite well. This happened on two avalons, 1998 and 1999. This suggests an issue outside of the battery being bad or the two remotes going bad same time. Anyone has suggestions.

  11. Didn't work for me. I will be returning mine to I tried it 3 dozen times! 🙁 2003 Toyota Avalon

  12. this worked all way up until testing the new remote. i would press the lock button and it would lock and unlock the car twice, does that mean it didn’t work? it’s the original key fob

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