Toyota Avensis Tourer estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota Avensis Tourer estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

If a solid, robust family estate car is in
order then look no further than the Toyota Avensis Tourer, well it wouldn’t be called
the Toyota Avensis ‘Estate’ would it, all the manufacturers are far too cool for that
word now. What it really boasts is this huge boot, complete
with handy pockets, secret storage and a flexible parcel shelf, which is much easier to work
with than a traditional solid one. Fold the seats down like this and you have enough space to squeeze in not
just a guitar lengthways – as in Mat’s video of the saloon – but possibly the entire band’s
equipment. I would love to demonstrate this but sadly I don’t have the props so I’m just
going to load the camera bags in instead! There is plenty of head room and leg room
plus the non existent transmission tunnel means even the middle seat is usable. That essential space and practicality extends
itself to the front seats as well where you will find plenty of storage places. Best value
for money is the mid range TR model, which has all the equipment you need, including
cruise control, bluetooth and sat nav. Let’s set it for the office… If it’s the cheapest that will appeal to you
then the entry level model T2 does come with air con, alloy wheels and electric windows.
Safety is excellent, with the Avensis receiving a five-star rating from Euro NCAP as well
as a 90% rating for adult occupant protection -partly thanks to the inclusion of ESP and
extra knee protection airbags. Engine choice is simple….well maybe not.
If you like petrols there’s 1.8 returning around 42 miles to the gallon and emitting
153 grams per kilometre of CO2. The diesels are much better though, with the 2.0 litre
returns 62miles to the gallon and is free to tax (for the first year), however while
the the range topping 2.2 litre is a bit faster, it’ll only return 50.4 miles to the gallon
and emit 150 g/km of CO2. What is simple though is that none have earth
shattering performance figures, this is an easy to drive comfortable for long distances
kind of vehicle. It’s also surprisingly stable round the bends, another plus. Now though it is time to moan about the Avensis
Tourer, though. The comfortable suspension is not great at slow speeds — the whole car
pitches backwards and forwards (demo/explain), only a small amount, but enough to make it
not as comfortable as a VW Passat Estate around urban areas. Overall it’s not particularly
exciting to drive and it’s not as stylish as a Vauxhall Insignia Estate. Having said that, it’s incredibly reliable,
brilliant value and comes with the peace of mind of a 5 year warranty. A serious contender
then! Why not check out some of its closest competition by watching the Skoda Octavia
estate here and the Mazda 6 Tourer here. oh and don’t forget to subscribe to our Carbuyer
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Come on who want to talk about power windows in these centuries.. Now every car has got PW.. At least you're a race driver .. do reviews about under steer or drifting or how well the car handles.. what about 0-60 mph. Do it like a pro Rebecca.. All of your reviews looks the same.. Got to a race track.. Mix up L'l rubber burning.. And then talk about head room and leg room.. 🙂

  2. Car looks pretty decent! Centre console and the whole cabin looks comfortable.
    And somebody correct me please coz I think she never said "5ft4 and a half" in this video lol 😀

  3. Car looks pretty decent! Centre console and the whole cabin looks comfortable.
    And somebody correct me please coz I think she never said "5ft4 and a half" in this video lol 😀

  4. I like so much this estate lol dont know why but i think its so much prettier than the germans all the same style.
    Nice job Toyota

  5. Love the style, but when every taxi in the city is the same Toyota tourer, i'd think twice and consider all options on the table.

  6. I've always wondered where I might store a man-bag and now I know. A disappointing vehicle. Toyota have done better. As stated, a lack of props let the review down, especially the bottle and banana!

  7. not some Skoda or KIA with bs high customer satisfacion rates but Toyota with real TUV and DEKRA highest reliability ratings are the best everyday affordable cars

  8. There is one thing i don't get. In the UK, they lower the taxes on diesel cars because of efficiency, right? But here in Sweden, the taxes on diesels cars are the double as the petrol car taxes, and the petrol and diesel is the same price! Wtf Sweden?

  9. i think most people will call it an estate and for the cars with the seats that dont fold flat, flip the squabs forward

  10. Secret storage? It's hardly secret with a dirty great silver handle on it, right in front of you when you open the trunk  =;-)

  11.  Dear Rebecca, your voice is just amazing and the accent is just incredible. I wish every women in Britain had an accent like you.  

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  13. There's probably more negatives than that.. What about the fact that you'll fall asleep as soon as you step into the car?

  14. my dad owns this car..its boring as hell and things keep going wrong,not very reliable…eg the window stops working,the engine starts miss firing , the heating inside takes amazingly long to heat up , back window defrosting takes almost an hour,the key in the ignition keeps getting stuck, the front and back light constantly need changing,the battery runs out just because it wants to without any reason,have had to call rescue service many many times and almost every car takes over from you on the traffic light
    Had to pay for the whole clutch system replacement after only 35,000 miles.
    Buy any Honda instead…they are really the best in this category.
    Honda CRV is superb..goes on forever and does not let you down.

  15. Just spend two hours in one of these in a taxi. And it didn't pass the "will it hurt my backside" test.
    Doesn't seem to drive refined at all and I could even hear the exhaust when accelerating.
    And the secret storage in the back…. Not a secret anymore, is it??
    Enjoyed the review do.

  16. I have had this car for 6 months now and brought it as I had the Mk1 avensis for 8 years and it was faultless. I like the styling and stands out from your Ford/VW/Vauxhall fodder. Like the review says the car is so boring to drive that we are already thinking of changing it for a passet estate and don't get me started on the idotic hand brake. The media system is good, that is until you want to change something whilst driving then you have to take you eyes off the road to do almost anything and hooking up the mobile to google search is hit and miss although it is a good idea.
    Yes it does all we want as a family car and yes it is comfy and refined and blah blah blah but just has no character and I'm afraid my wife and I both want more excitment when we jump in the car.

  17. Just picked up an Avensis tourer 1.8 petrol automatic Icon Business Edition last week. Done a few long trips, including to France & Belgium. Extremely impressed with the equipment, performance, economy and comfort. Would thoroughly recommend this car.

  18. I have one of these.
    I am happy with the looks, happy how it drives on motorway, happy with the level of comfort but there are couple of things that are showing the "new" 2012 -to today Avensis is barely a "update" of an old model. It lags when compared to newest competition. The car vibrates at idle, gears are not very well spaced out (either have to rev or not enough revs in city traffic). Clunky suspension of bad road surface.

  19. "Plenty of head and leg room"…Not much head room in the back seat for a person who is below 5´4". I wonder what she would say if she would´ve been 6´7"…

  20. Not stylish? Style is just an opinion. I find it very stylish…. more so than a VW, Audi or that Insignia. But she is hot!

  21. this car is very loud. golf vii is so much comfortable to drive. I wish reviewers would tell us how loud it can get inside the car while driving

  22. So, we're supposed to accept the opinion of a driver/reviewer who doesn't even know to put the handbrake on when parking.
    It's these 'little' things (safety issues), that make the difference between a driver and a good driver.

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