Toyota Aygo hatchback 2014 review – Carbuyer

Toyota Aygo hatchback 2014 review – Carbuyer

The original Toyota Aygo was first revealed in 2005. It shared many of its parts with the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107. It’s the same again with this all-new model and with it brings bold styling, a more economical engine and a bigger boot… All models come with this striking X-shaped front end, which can be painted in various different colours – giving the Aygo an unmistakable and eye-catching design. Down the side, there’s a range of funky alloy wheel designs, while at the rear there’s a glass bootlid and more contrasting colours for the bumper. There’s plenty of room up front and there’s enough adjustment in the seat. I quite like the fact that the dials move with the steering wheel rake adjustment. The seats are comfortable, and top-spec cars even get a leather option, which gives the car quite an upmarket feel. Storage isn’t bad for a city car, with one, two and three cupholders, plus a decent sized glovebox for fruit and other bits and bobs. The door bins are big enough for a small bottle.
All but the basic model get this central touchscreen and steering wheel controls, although if you want sat-nav, that’ll cost you extra. But you’ll need to go for the mid-range model if you want Bluetooth phone connectivity. All the features, buttons and dials are clear and easy to use, with this big central speedo and digital rev-counter suiting the car’s contemporary style perfectly. On the move, the steering feels precise and accurate, while the revised gearbox has a nice feel to it. Believe it or not, the thrum from the 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol actually sounds quite sporty. Listen to this. It almost wants to be revved. Fuel economy and emissions are among the best in class, with the Aygo managing 68.9mpg and emitting just 95g/km of CO2 – that means as before it is free to tax! The Aygo is in its element around town. The light steering makes it a doddle to park. Top-spec models like this one come with a crystal-clear reversing camera. So it’s as easy… …as that Anyone could park this. All cars come with anti-lock brakes, side curtain airbags, isofix, a tyre pressure monitoring system and hill start assist. It’s not been crash tested yet. However, Toyotas have a very good reputation for safety and reliability, with all cars boasting a five-year 100,000-mile warranty. But unfortunately that’s where the positives end. Take the Aygo out its comfort zone and onto winding country roads like this, and you’ll quickly realize it’s not that much fun to drive. It’s quieter than the old car on the motorway, but if you want the last word in city-car quality with a dose of fun, the Skoda Citigo and VW up! are the ones to beat. As you’d expect in a tiny city car like this, space in the back is limited. With the driver’s seat set for a six-footer, even I’m wanting for knee room, and anybody tall will find that their head brushes on the roof. Let’s just say these seats are really only suitable for short journeys or short people. While those in the front get electric windows, we’re left with these pop-out types, reminiscent of a cheap Spanish rental car from the Eighties. They’re even awkward to use. Listen to this. Let’s just say, Rolls-Royce have nothing to worry about for the time being… And finally, what about this boot? It’s 29-litres bigger than before, but still falls shy of the Hyundai i10, and the high load lip means getting heavier bags in and out will be a bit of a struggle. But if you’re looking for a stylish city car with style by the bucket load, low running costs and decent standard equipment, then the Toyota Aygo is well worth a look. Not convinced? Why not check out our two favourite city cars – the Hyundai i10 here, and the Skoda Citigo here. Check out our latest video by clicking here, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Carbuyer YouTube channel by clicking here.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The instruments that move with the adjustable steering wheel, remind me just how advanced the Porsche 928 was, all those years ago.

  2. i never can to see car because i saw to model every time!!! she is sooooooo beauty!!!! car is a no beauty… she is!!!!! best regards

  3. Drive it through a wet winter it'll rust like no tomorrow. The wheel arches are completely open to stones and salt. The welds are clearly visible and only covered by a coat of paint… This may be true of a lot of the smaller cheap cars though.

  4. I don't see what people expect from this car? Yes it is moving from the previous very basic design which was made with money saving as a key priority, but you still have to remember, it is a city car build for a budget. What this car gives is incredible for the price and you will be hard pushed to find more for the price. I have the previous model and love it (I'm 18 year old), it's quick (for the 3 cylinder 990cc engine) it's comfy, quiet (despite what some may say), very economical and despite me being 6"6 I can fit in it easy and have a full cabin for long journeys. Don't listen to people expecting Mercedes or BMW options and luxuries because you simply won't get them. What you will get is a very well built car which can deal with anything you throw at it.

  5. I like this car very much!!!
    And I like Rebecca's accent very much, but in this video there were some problems with the microphone.

  6. 4:10 I think that's also the case with the other modern Toyotas. I've tried the brand new Yaris and Corolla sedan and I feel like they are not solid enough. Even modern Hyundai/Kia feels more solid. 

  7. Bit Boring and it will get expensive once you start putting those options on. This market is for value and once you go beyond that you might as well get a car from the class above.

  8. This woman really shouldn't review cars…shes pathetic and assumes everyone wants a something that drives like a 360bhp Subaru impreza. She claimed the Auris Hybrid is noisy on the Mway…..yet mine is the quietest car ever….so smooth and quiet its an absolute pleasure. She talks utter nonsense. 

  9. ONLY in Britain – strange motor shows ALWAYS with ladies with strained sexy horny voices.

     Is it some British funny thing, or is it for real?

    Strange, strange.

  10. Aygo is a nice little car but let say about Rebecca, she is putting weight on, however her b….s are getting bigger and she is sexier then ever
    If you looking for a small city car and a beautiful presenter look no further

  11. The smallest and cheapest car I've owned was a Suzuki Swoft Sport, the tiny NA petrol engines and little cars just don't do it for me, I'm driving an A4 Avant V6 Diesel now but I can see the appeal

  12. Fact of the matter is that the potential buyer of the Aygo doesn't give a flying hoot about cubic litres of luggage space, lifting a suitcase out of the boot or the 'refinement' of the car. They care (like most people) about how it looks and it looks MASSIVELY better than the Hyundai, Skoda or the VW UP! I've tested them all and they're basically all the same besides that last comment I made. The Aygo makes the others look like they're from the 80's

  13. Sounds sporty? Hahaha If she farted the sound of that would be louder ,maybe sporty compared to a lawnmover , hand driven lol

  14. How can it be legal to sell a car that hasn't been crash-tested? Am I completely getting the wrong end of the stick? The non-opening rear windows also seem like a deathtrap.

  15. I notice that many reviews point out things like sound of door closing, plastic interiors, etc. as drawbacks. I prefer quality over perceived quality, and it really is the responsibility of reviewers to educate the public (you may bring it up, but mention how it shouldn't be considered over more important factors) to emphasize objective metrics (Acceleration, Reliability index, NCAP scores, MPG, CO2 emissions, TCO, etc.)

  16. I want this to be for sale in NZ

    I recon we should have everything just like the UK from the Base model to the top model .
    Obviously with the Aygo tuned to suit our roads and maybe more colours to choose from .

    I recon we need all the small cars in NZ
    I recon this would be a good seller in NZ .

  17. I'm thinking about teaching my dog to drive, he's a retriever / spaniel X would you say this is a suitable car?

  18. this is the best review i've ever seen here in youtube about aygo x-clusiv. thanks!
    tomorrow my aygo xclusiv is ready for pick-up.I bought it last Monday. 😉

  19. What's the point of having a car with big engine when there are fuckin cameras everywhere, and the speed limit is 70 mph in UK highways. Does it matter if you're driving Ferrari or AYGO ?


  21. How about reminiscent of a cheap english rental car from the 80's….at least Spain still has a car industry something england with a small "e" can't boast about.

  22. I have just test driven a Brand New one, make sure you open the door with the engine running and the car shakes uncontrollably, the dealer said its because they have a 3 cylinder engine, I said so does my mini, I opened the door on my mini with the engine running and guess what no shaking, this one is made in collaboration with Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo, this is the best of the 3, but its still a poorly built car, there are better small cars out there, may cost a little more, but at least you wont feel sick from the shaking, I would advise to avoid this car, its cheap for a reason, its poor build quality.

  23. "it's no fun in the twisties" really? Come on. It's light, nimble and free revving. It is fun in the twisties.

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