Toyota Camry Headlight and Fender replacement! – 2003

Toyota Camry Headlight and Fender replacement! – 2003

So this is a 2003 Toyota Camry and it was
hit by a deer. So right now we have all the headlights broken
out. It looks like the bulb is still intact. This one is not so we’ll need a new blinker
bulb. And then we have the quarter panel right here
that’s been all destroyed. So today we’re going to replace the headlamp
and the quarter panel, and hopefully it works out. [Intro] So each of the headlights on the back just
unclip. There’s a little grip at the bottom, clip
that and the whole thing comes out. So looking at the replacement headlight, which
I’ll link down in the video description, we have one connector up here and then another
one down here at the bottom. So we’re going to look for those when we unclip
it from the body of the car. The nice thing about this particular one though
is that it comes with the bulbs, so I won’t need to pull those off of the old light. Pulling the headlight out there’s a couple
different points of attachment. One is at the bottom of the headlight right
here. There’s a little bracket that just slides
in. The places where it’s screwed are here at
the top, which is this bolt right here that comes off easy enough, and the other attachment
point is right here. The problem with this is that it’s behind
the bumper, so we have to detach this side of the bumper first before we can screw in
the whole headlight. Okay, so when it comes to the bumper, this
is where the headlight goes, this is the bumper, and I just took out this 10 millimeter bolt/screw
from right here underneath the bumper, and the whole thing just kind of unclips from
the side giving us access to that one bolt right there for the headlight. Before we can install the headlight, the headlight
does clip in right here to this quarter panel…this fender, and so we’re going to remove that,
because when we install the new one, the headlight has to clip into that. So just, you know, order of operations thing. Here there are 2 bolts inside. There’s one in that corner and then one right
there, so there are two. And there are 3 up here: one here, here, there,
and then a plastic clip inside of this that I just popped out using a screwdriver, it
just lifts up the plastic. And you can buy these really cheap at any
automotive store to replace them. And we cannot open the driver’s side door
because of the way that it pinches into the quarter panel, so hopefully there’s a way
around that. And then the plastics are just clipped in
to the bottom of the quarter panel here. And now that we have the door open, there’s
one more bolt right here. And all these are the 10 millimeter. I’m going to use this ratcheting wrench right
here. Does a good job. I like this one because it can get in some
ridiculously hard places. Then down here next to the wheel there was
one more bolt in that hole, and then one more little bolt holding up this plastic to the
quarter panel. And that should be it. So instead of trying to repaint the quarter
panel, it’s not damaged enough that we have to reinstall a whole new one, so we’re going
to try to just bend this one back enough so she can open her door all the way. Definitely a personal choice. Either way it’s the same amount of work whether
you put the new one on or you bend the old one back and then stick it back in place. The important thing is that the edge of the
door doesn’t rub up against the quarter panel after it’s put back on because then it chips
the paint at the door and the whole thing is going to rust sooner. So this is a temporary fix for sure because
the paint is chipped. So over the next two or three years it’s going
to start rusting a little bit because water can get down inside of the paint. It just depends on how old your car is and
how long you’re going to keep it, and if you don’t care about the minor dents and things. The dent right here, I can feel it and it’s
not flush or whatever, so I’m just going to take a rubber mallet…just trying to line
up that seam right there so we still have a little bit of a divot. Good as new. Alright, so it is 100% not perfect; there
are a couple dents and dings here and there, but for the most part, it’s bent back enough
so that it’s not immediately noticeable when it’s on the car…well, you know, depends
on what angle you’re looking at it from, but the driver’s side door should open. And now we don’t have to paint the new quarter
panel, saving ourselves about 300 bucks. So I have the quarter panel bent out. Once again, not totally perfect, but we left
just enough of a gap in the door. The hardest part was bringing this out enough
so that the door would slide underneath it. I’ll show you what I’m talking about. So as the door opens up, it slides underneath
the quarter panel, but there’s no rubbage or anything going on right now. So I now have these two bolts in right there,
the one at the bottom and the one at the top. And I have 3 bolts in along the side, but
in order for us to get this light in, it does have to clip into one of these bolts down
here. So I’m going to go ahead and put the light
in right now and then finish up putting the plastics on over the wheel. Alright, so getting the headlight in is a
pain. There’s a bracket underneath the headlamp
that slides in the bottom, and then there’s this clip here, and then over here on this
side, the plastic goes over the outside of the quarter panel. There are a couple bolts down here at the
bottom that we’re going to get in; those just line up with that metal bracket and then the
bumper will click in place after that. Minus a couple dings in that quarter panel,
we’re set. Okay, try your blinker. Okay, you’re good. Alright so now the headlight is totally screwed
in. We’ve got that bolt…we’ve got the two bolts
in there. Now we can get the bumper back in place. The bottom of the car is here and the last
two bolts for the bumper are right there and right there. And it is all put back together. I got the two bolts in the bottom there, and
then I put the plastics up around the inside. They just had those little screws attached
to it…this stuff against the metal. So it’s not 100% perfect, but by not replacing
the quarter panel and just leaving it as it is, it’s kind of an older car anyway, we saved
a lot of money. Probably have to figure out a way to keep
that from rusting since the paint did peel in a couple spots. The engine has 215,000 miles on it, so who
knows how much longer it’s going to last anyway. It’s not perfect but it works. So right now the headlights…you can see
the one on the right is a little bit lower than the one on the left. So we’re going to lower the one on the left. I’m doing that by taking a screwdriver and
slipping it in this little hole back here. As I rotate it clockwise, the light beam moves
downward little by little. And there you have it. A headlight and fender replacement on a Toyota
Camry. If you have any questions, leave them down
in the comments. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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  5. You never hit a metal panel w/o using a dolly on the other side of the panel. That will allow you to shape the panel very close to it's original shape & prevent the panel from having hammer marks. Just trying to help.

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