Toyota Camry LED Headlights How To Install – 2011+

Toyota Camry LED Headlights How To Install – 2011+

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2015 Toyota Camry we’ll be installing LED headlights on. Now this installation is compatible with
year models 2011 and up and that’s considered the fifth generation or the
XV 50 chassis type. This is a facelifted model however the 2015s both pre- and post-facelift are compatible with the same head light housing. Now today we’re using an H11
plug-and-play LED conversion kit available from and you
really don’t need any tools for this installation so let’s pop the hood get started. As you can see we’ve installed our LED
conversion headlight on the driver’s side and we’ll show you the process on
the passenger side as they are very much the same process. Now the kit is a bowl and a driver. The first thing you want to do is
connect the power leads from the two sides and this is a watertight seal so you want to make sure you line up
male and female side, connect them together – there are arrows here
to tell you which orientation that’s supposed to be. You push it tight so that the rubber
seal here protects against water and moisture damage. And then you’re going to take this screw, come
over the top, and screw that in place. Now this system is ready to go. This is
the power lead that goes out to the original power lead for the
vehicle and this is a plug-and-play H11 light
bulb. We’re looking now at the halogen bulb here for our headlight.
We’re going to twist this counter clockwise to remove and pull it out and
we need to remove the connector here. Use your thumb and press down, pull that out, and release the old bulb. Now we can install the new LED first. That goes in the socket. You want to make sure the tabs line up correctly, just like that, then twist to lock that in place. And now
we can connect our power cable. And now we can test the lights just to make sure
it works before replace the ballast. This one’s on can, we see from the other
side? No? So I’ll just show you the bulb is on nice and bright and it reflects
really well inside this projector lens. Now we’re going to change the angle and
show you where to put the ballast on both the passenger side as well as the
driver side. Now on the passenger side we
have plenty of space; the bulb is over here, the driver will
fit very nicely against the side panel here with the supplied double-sided 3M
mounting pad. Now, to prep the surface we want to use a rag and some degreaser or
some alcohol. We want to wipe this section clean so we get the best adhesion. Wipe this just a little bit and make sure
our surface is dry. Now that we’ve done that, we’ll apply one side of the
mounting pad get that nice and snug. And we’re putting it right here so remove the
tape, put that down, apply pressure. And this is industrial-strength 3M
mounting tape so it will stay nice and snug despite the heat or the cold, whichever
environment you’re in. Now this side’s all set. On the driver’s side we have,
understandably, a lot less space with the battery and the fuse panel and so if we
come down in you’ll see that we’ve placed the ballast right there. Right in front of the
battery on this main beam right here. And that’s a great place replacement of the
driver. And that’s the end of the installation.
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  1. what do you do when de headlight use the system of dust covers (headlights in the back have a platic cap like the headlights of a Ford FUSION 2015) ?

  2. I have a 14 Toyota Avalon and I'm thinking about upgrading to led but I would really like to see how it's done

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  4. I have a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES & I want to install led bulbs in it. Do you have a instructional video for my model of car?
    It has the dust/rain cap over each bulb housing. Thr cap has a wire through it already, but where will all the extra wire go & the led driver? Thank you 🙂

  5. i will purchased very soon but i want the led lights also for the bottom lights in the front bumper also..its Orange doesnt look well with the leds headlights…do u have a video for that? or the led product

  6. You have good thorough videos, but you should change the title. The current generation Camry is 2012 and up, 2007 to 2011 are the previous generation.


  8. Does the bulb position while in the projector make a difference? I have the passenger side bulb facing up and the driver side is facing down. Do I need to adjust it?

  9. LED headlights can cause a lot of glare on certain reflector housings. Do these work as designed by the Toyota on a Camry 2017 without all that blinding glare and/or uneven lighting patterns? Please explain.

  10. When I do this install, will it affect my highbeams? Or how will my high beam look like? I currently have factory halogens only. On my 2015 camry XSE. Looking to purchase this.. and are these the same as the xenon brand led headlights?

  11. Will these LED bulbs somehow blow the fuse that powers them?
    I know many after-market bulbs will and actually do.
    Thanks for the video, it's very precise and easy to follow.

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  14. Hey! I just bought the LEDs installed them in my car and hear a weird whirring noise that is kind of noticeable from inside the cabin/interior. Is this normal? I am afraid that it can cause a short or has something to do with the voltage

  15. I have the same car in australia and tried to install led's in the headlights, but the passengers side of this vehicle has the fuse box just about butting up against the back of projector, so close i cant even get my hand inside to remove the globe fitting what a joke, even my wife could barely get her hand in there, what a stupid design. Now i have asked Toyota to install them, my guess is it would take and hour with all the right tool and know.

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  19. Great video and I followed your instructions and got mine done! Fresh looking. Now do you have DRL/Highbeam for 2017 camrys?

  20. These come with the balist if you buy from your description correct? On the website it only says includes headlights

  21. I know your bulbs are 3200lm/LED, however other premium lights offering 2400lm/LED bulb. On the video and photo those 2400lm look really bright and 3200 should be even brighter. I am afraid that 3200lm are going to be too bright. Would you agree or disagree? Thanks

  22. Hey so I’m on your website and I see under Ford Fusion you only go up to 2012. I have. 2015 with h11 bulbs. They should still fit right? Just want to make sure before purchasing. Thanks.

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