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  1. Top review mate. I have exactly the same car/model/year, but mine has the charcoal/blue seats and the slightly more powerful 1.6 VVTi (109 bhp). I liked the dig at Ford, as I have always refused to go with the flow and get something a bit different. It makes buying a car a bit more challenging, but I can't have that "not another one" feeling.

  2. You are much better than some of the professional journalist I think you should keep up the good work and get yourself a much better camera

  3. can I ask you about your experience with this car? I'm considering buying one. Did you encounter any issues?

  4. just wanna say thank you for this review. I recently got the 1.6 vvt-i engine. Very satisfied with it so far! 😉

  5. Tell me , which radio did you replace the original one with and I'm guessing you lost the consumption information that's shown on the original one ?

  6. Well powered? I don't think so! I've driven the 1.5L which certainly isn't and I can only assume is more powerful than the 1.4L. The 1.8L is good and nippy though!

  7. Spacious? I don't think so! You are quite small. This is not really big enough to fit 5 average sized adults comfortably and the hatchback boot is the smallest in it's class. The station wagon boot is pretty roomy though!

  8. Woah the 1.8 VVTi Petrol boasts 187 hp?!? I only have the 1.4 VVTi version, and i'm surprised with it's power, i'd love to try out the 1.8 version hahaha

  9. Bare on mind the 1.8 is not a standard car that's a 1.8 t sport model which has 190bhp or around that figure and it's expensive on insurance specially new drivers. As it's not the basic corolla it's like a hind civic type r .

  10. My 2002 Corolla has alot of interior rattles. And it has a big gap in the top centre of the dash above the heater vents. Which I soon realized seems to be a common problem with these Corollas

  11. Good cars, only possible motoroil problem in the pre facelift model, if they are not fixed under warrany at toyota back in the days… It looks funny when you are in the backseat, because i am dutch and our mens are a average 1.82,5 CM long😂

  12. I have 1.4 D4D
    First it's turbo so it is not slow. Actually it's faster than my other car vw golf 6 1.6 diesel same 90hp, or megane 1.5 dci. And the car is so quiet for diesel almost like petrol. You don't hear it at all when you drive it. Comfortable, good quality inside the car.

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