Toyota Corolla Altis Grande (2019) Detailed Review | Pakistan

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande (2019) Detailed Review | Pakistan

Hello everyone, I am Shaheel & I am Ali today, we are going to review Toyota Corolla Grande although this is the 11th generation which would soon be ousted by a newer model but we did a very comprehensive review of the new Honda Civic and you guys also requested us to review Corolla So let’s dive right into it! So Ali, Since we are reviewing Corolla Grande But we need to talk about what makes Grande, a Grande? Shaheel, its a good question [Ali] The entire lineup’s shape is exactly the same [Shaheel] Its very confusing Starting off with 1.3L XLi, with a Manual & Automatic Transmission then 1.3L GLi, which includes ABS Brakes & Powered Windows then you get 1.6L Altis, which only comes with Automatic Transmission after 1.6L Altis, the category of 1.8L Altis starts which has a hard-top manual, hard-top automatic Grande basically is the one with the Sunroof Grande comes with a Manual & Automatic CVT-i Transmission you also probably know some more differences… yes, to begin with Grande is the top-of-the-line variant, starting with …the fact that it has the complete leather interior package. it also comes with a great infotainment system which we’ll discuss later in the review… secondly, this car also has a Sunroof …which is exclusive for this car the headlights of Grande are entirely different from other variants it has LED Headlights with Auto-Adjustment …these lights adjusts themselves according to the driving path The side profile of 1.6L Altis & 1.8L Grande is exactly the same with the only difference of chrome garnished door handles in Grande rest of the side profile including Alloy Wheels & Side Skirts are the same 1.6L Altis has different Headlights than 1.8 Grande Another exclusive feature for Grande is the inclusion of steering mounted paddle shifters Toyota has also kept the features of Smart Entry & Push Start exclusive for Grande Now, its time for a Point of View (POV) drive… There is no e-brake, it has a conventional hand brake instead Toyota has made incremental changes to the dashboard It’s more of a facelift, as they say Firstly, the layout of the climate control has been updated Although there’s no change in its functionality It’s still a single zone digital climate control, with an updated layout They have used soft padding & leather stitching on the dash Navigation unit has been updated as well The side air vents are round now as compared to the pre-facelift model There are a couple of new features in terms of drivability Toyota has introduced Traction Control, now you can manually switch it on or off… Secondly, they have given a dedicated Sports Mode As far as it’s practicality & effectiveness is concerned we have tested it quite extensively However, it’s more of a gimmick There isn’t much of a difference in performance whilst using Sports Mode [Ali] In my experience, it didn’t make any difference at all 0-100 KM/H Test (With & Without Sports Mode) Ali, since you’re driving the car now so tell us about the front visibility of Grande How’s the view of the A-Pillars? [Ali] Shaheel, the main issue whilst driving this car… Although, some people might disagree but… The front viewing window is not wide If you look at driver’s vertical viewing window This is very narrow Probably the culprit behind it is the raised dashboard which gives the interior a heavier feel Nevertheless, you feel congestion at the front whilst driving The headroom is also not much spacious The dashboard is quite heavy too I don’t particularly like this driving position A-Pillars are fine But front view is very congested Right, and what do you think of the rear view & rear visibility? Rear visibility is fine for its class Considering that almost every car nowadays has 3 headrests at the back Overall, rear visibility is not bad It’s Cruise Control like most other Toyota cars can be engaged from the speeds above 40 km/h (25 m/h) Another exclusive feature for Grande is the presence of rain-sensing wipers You can adjust them either manually or automatically & change the intermittent speed Shaheel, but Toyota needs to work on the effectiveness of rain-sensing wipers The sensor is not that sensitive Often times, it puts you in weird situations by turning on the wipers when they’re not needed… …and at times, when you need them, despite all the adjustment levels …they won’t start working automatically [Shaheel] I think eventually people have to use them manually which is a shame, as they are unable to use a feature which is provided in their car… [Ali] Well for me, that is much more convenient in this car and Automatic headlights which turns on & off by themselves they are not available currently Maybe they will give it in the next model… So Ali, What do you think about it’s Fuel Economy? …what have you experienced so far? Frankly, fuel economy of Grande is superb, considering the fact that it has a 1.8L engine A lot of people assume that 1.8L engine wouldn’t have a good fuel average It’s not the case with Grande Within city, it gives you around 10.5-11.5 km/l ofcourse, depending on your driving style, chances are that it would vary significantly for long journeys, it totally depends on your cruising speeds 13-14 km/l is normal whereas at speeds of 100 km/h, you can even fetch up to 17 km/l the CVT transmission is also very good it gives you a very crisp response …which is not so common in other CVTs Hats-off to Toyota, transmission is very good and the A/C performance is also quite good …you don’t face problems with it’s A/C, which you feel in some other cars [Shaheel] So Ali, this time Toyota has given upgraded tyres They have gone with Yokohama brand and now it has 16″ alloy wheels So do you feel any difference in its drive due to better tyres? [Ali] The steering response has slightly gotten better …although I would still say that it feels a bit too light …light steering is a good thing …however, at certain points you don’t feel connected to the road However, the steering response has definitely gotten better than the pre-facelift model But at the same time If you closely observe, then you would notice the car ride has gotten slightly harder than the pre-facelift version most probably because of minor suspension adjustments and the bigger chunk goes to the tyres & rims as well Another thing which I particularly liked about this car let me stop to show it Let me put it in reverse the side view mirrors automatically tilt down let me show you again, this is Neutral the mirror goes up again this is reverse, it automatically tilts down this is a very handy feature and I think … this should be present in every car as often times you don’t see curbs & footpaths whilst reversing the car So, very good feature indeed Now, we are at the back seats Frankly, the leg space is great [Shaheel] Another very good thing is that it doesn’t have a center hump in the middle of back row Essentially, 3 adults can also travel at the back on shorter commutes comfortably. [Ali] But, at the same time, may be the middle passenger If they’re tall, then they might not feel comfortable sitting in front of the arm-rest Another very impressive feature is its 60:40 split folding rear seats you simply pull this lever …and you can access the trunk this is very helpful if you are carrying extra luggage one more thing Toyota claims that this car has a rear reclining seats It’s not a reclining seat this seat is currently not fully backed up there’s a lever movement with a lock/release you just pull back the seat to reach the actual position of the back In Corolla GLi & 1.6L variants. so technically, the rear reclining seat is nothing but just a gimmick [Shaheel] so viewers, we have done an extensive review of Toyota Corolla Grande and I think overall its a very good package Toyota has made some good tweaks and changes some of them are class leading I think overall, its a good value for money What do you think Ali? [Ali] Shaheel, It is good value money if you compare it’s price with other brand new cars. Overall the car is good, I’d say it’s worth it What do you think? Would you buy one? I think, in terms of the purchase decision If I have to daily drive this car then I think there’s a better alternative but again practically speaking, you can have more people in the back the ground clearance is quite good trunk space is class leading too so, if I were to take a practical decision, then I would definitely buy this however, if I have to drive it daily on shorter commutes then I would go for it’s main competitor, Honda Civic. Hopefully, Toyota would introduce more features in the upcoming model of Toyota Corolla Including better driving dynamics we recently covered the upcoming Toyota Corolla as well It’s link is in the description and you can check out its review let us know your opinion with respect to that do give us your feedback about this review by commenting down below we’ll see you in the next video [Ali] hopefully soon, so take care till then!

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    Toyota Corolla Grande 2019 is readily available across Pakistan for booking. It is currently priced at 3,699,000 PKR (ex-factory). Please note that due to the constant fluctuation in car prices, it's always good to check the updated price from the official website of Toyota Indus.

  2. Cabin noise Bohat zeyadh hai Corolla main. Or yea 1.8 corolla to Taxi bhi pass nhi Gulf main. 2.0 Corolla pass hai Taxi amount main Camry behtrin hai

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