Toyota Engineers Work Hard, Play Hard | Toyota Racing

Toyota Engineers Work Hard, Play Hard | Toyota Racing

♪♪ I’m Mike Sweers. I’m Mike Jarboe. I’m Kyle Steincamp. I’m Kam Pok. I’m Jakin Wilson. I’m DJ Quint. And I love trucks. I love competition. I love my job. I like taking it
to the max. I love performance. And I love the challenge. ♪♪ SWEERS: I realized I was a
truck guy when I learned
how to drive on a truck. I’m a farm boy, so you grow up
driving trucks, you learn to drive trucks
and it turns into being a work tool, to being one of those items of,
“what can you do with a truck?” outside of hauling hay around. JARBOE: I’ve done some general
4x4ing and off-roading with my friends with my trucks. That was a whole different level
when I came to Toyota to get an opportunity
to be part of the Toyota PPI off-road
racing program. STEINCAMP: I did not have any
previous rally experience. Similar to some other members
I’d seen it on TV but, I’d never actually done
anything like this until I
joined the team. Your first opportunity to have
a road in front of you with
no speed limit. It was very exciting , but
also a little bit scary. WILSON: I was around cars and
the automobile industry my
whole life. Finally get my driver’s license
at 16, I could then drive cars
myself and then start modifying cars
and trucks, that’s where the
passion began. Shortly after that, scrapped up
enough money to start racing vehicles and start modifying
vehicles. QUINT: I’ve had the passion for
motorsports from the very
beginning. Majority of my childhood was
spent begging my dad for a go-kart to not necessarily race,
but just to drive anything. ♪♪ SWEERS: Creating a product for
our customers, you have to have passion
behind it. And the passion comes from
being a truck guy. So, I’m Chief Engineer for the truck but I’m not just a chief
engineer for a truck, I’m a customer. And I want to build a truck
that I want to drive. STEINCAMP: The rally team
started about 2007 or 2008 with a small group, one car, and a group of people who
are just really passionate about motorsports, cars, and
wanted to go try some
rally racing. CO-DRIVER: Go! Start, 120,
left, five-long. ♪♪ STEINCAMP: In terms of the
prototype testing that we can
do with the rally team, it, kinda, can come in at
all levels. We have done some testing for
parts that are already
in production all the way to testing new
materials that can go onto
future models. Specifically, some of it was TRD
suspension components. We’ve definitely done some
testing for that. And then some of the other
stuff, future models… …maybe I shouldn’t
talk about. POK: My job as a
vehicle evaluator for developing the car’s driv-
ability or calibration we need to have a margin of
skill when we’re driving these
prototype cars because we need to be able to
feel, like, little change. I try to use this race car to
develop that kind of skill so I practice that discipline
a lot on vehicle control using it in drift events
or open track days. QUINT: So the motorsports team
absolutely translates to my job
and to our products. A lot of times we’re kept in a
somewhat narrow band. You can change something,
but you gotta keep it small. With the motorsports team,
there’s no restraint,
relatively speaking. We’re already driving the car as
hard as our own internal regulations or government
regulations require us, but it’s still nowhere near as
hard as we’re pushing this
vehicle on the track. You get a ton of experience
at a super high level, way more than you would actually
get at work and I’m somebody who actually gets
to do it for work. I do things that, maybe, other
people don’t even have a
license to do and it’s still kind of simple,
because… …we race. ♪♪ SWEERS: Part of the reason we
race is to prove out. We can insure that the dur-
ability of the components, the reliability of the truck
is there, in a atmosphere that’s
perfectly not a factory
type atmosphere or a normal customer’s usage. JARBOE: Man and machine
against the desert. It’s like the ultimate test of
reliability, durability, and it shows the quality
of our product. So for me, the competition and
the racing that’s what hooked me. Definitely, all people who make
cars should like driving cars. Because if you don’t like
driving the car, then you’re not
going to make a good car. WILSON: It’s a blend of taking
the professional and the personal
passion together. You know, one of the points with
TRD Pros is, we push the vehicle sometimes more than even our
customers would do, and knowing the vehicle’s limits is
so important and pushing them
to the limit is so important so that we don’t have any issue
out in the field. We’re all a bunch of TRD
enthusiasts and we’re trying to
make the best product we can for our fellow TRD
enthusiasts. ♪♪

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  1. for me, Man and machine on dirt stone road is heaven. Once a while, I bring my Rx350 f sport to find dirt stone road and enjoy it.

  2. Toyota tundra N tacoma‘s R bad ass trucks on the market Toyota stands behind their trucks and their automobiles I know I have bought at least 25 Toyotas👍🏻🌴😎🌴

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