Toyota Entune | Bluetooth Android Pairing | Toyota

Toyota Entune | Bluetooth Android Pairing | Toyota

– Pairing your Bluetooth compatible phone will allow you to enjoy a
number of the vehicle’s features, including Toyota’s Entune App Suite. When using an Android,
pairing the device is simple. First, access the settings
menu on your phone. Now, select Bluetooth
from your settings menu. And be sure the feature
is turned on and visible or discoverable to find
nearby Bluetooth devices. Your phone will begin
searching for a device. If the vehicle has an Entune Audio Plus, or Entune Premium Audio System, press the HOME button. Then, touch the gear icon or setup button. If the vehicle has an Entune Audio System press the setup button. Now, select Bluetooth and then, ADD. On your phone’s screen,
select your Toyota vehicle. Your phone may ask you
to input the passkey or to confirm the pairing
procedure, touch OK. Once your phone is paired a
confirmation screen will appear. To be sure that you’ll be able to use all of the vehicle features and Entune there are a couple more steps. You may need to operate your phone to allow messaging access. On Android devices you’ll be asked to allow access to your
contacts and messaging. Select yes to both. This sets your phone so you’ll
have access to your contacts. And can have the Entune
System play back text messages through the vehicle’s speakers. Then touch OK on the system
to finish the pairing process.

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