Toyota Estima AERAS 2004-2005 7 Seats Walkaround | Comedy Video

Toyota Estima AERAS 2004-2005 7 Seats Walkaround | Comedy Video

Hey guys! Welcome to this week’s video.
Today we are going to tell you about our best seller which is Toyota Estima, 2005, 7 seats, 2.4 liters. This model at Best Peole Movers starts at only $11,000. And it always has low
mileage and amazing features such as: “Such as electric doors and walk through, so I can walk from here, all the way to the back”. Сruise control and сentral lock. “It has really nice seats with foot rests”. “This car has lots of space. I can literally jump in it, look. It also has a massive boot”. They all have reverse camera and almost all have parking sensors I almost forgot. “And lots of cup holders”. ”Watch me open the electric doors”. “No, thanks. I don’t want that.” Watch our video on all the different ways to open electric doors. It’s also very easy to put your kids in. And how priceless are those easy school drop off every morning? Bye dad, lets go guys. Elizabeth, can you guess how many kilometres this car has done: 22 thousand, 66.000 or 88.000? “22.000”. Why? “It looks brand new”. You’re wrong. It’s actually done 66.000 kilometres. “What? I’m stuck. Can someone help me?” LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! SHARE! COMMENT! See you next week! Bye-bye!

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