Toyota How-To: 2017 Prius Prime – Charging | Toyota

Toyota How-To: 2017 Prius Prime – Charging | Toyota

– [Instructor] Charging the hybrid battery on your Prius Prime is easy, and it’s equipped with some features that anti your anti your peace of mind knowing the hybrid battery will be charged when you return to your vehicle. To charge the hybrid battery using the Toyota supplied charging chord, connect it to a standard
electrical outlet. Then, be sure your vehicle is unlocked and press the charge ports door on the right rear
quarter panel to open it. Inside the charge port, an LED lamp illuminates
the various components. Remove the cap and place it in the holder. Insert the charger into the
port until it clicks into place. The green charge indicator
light will illuminate to notify you that the
hybrid battery is charging. On the top of the dash,
on the passengers side, are three blue lights. These will blink to show
the charging progress. When all three are fully illuminated, the hybrid battery is fully charged. In the multi information display, or MID, the charging status will appear and display the amount of time needed to fully charge the hybrid battery. The system takes into account
the charger you’re using. When you’re charging from a
standard electrical outlet, the Prius Prime will fully charge in less than five and a half hours. When charging from a 240
volt charging station, the Prius Prime will fully charge in less than two and a half hours. When charging is complete, disconnect the charger
from the charge port, and put the cap back over the port and close the door. (clicking) Then, store your charger in the specially designed
space in the trunk to keep it secure. When you’re on the go, charging your Prius Prime’s hybrid battery is safe and secure thanks
to your smart key system and the charge connector lock that’s activated by this
button in the charging port. To set your charging connector lock that is linked to the smart key system, use the steering wheel controls to access the vehicle
settings menu in the MID. Select charge setting, and then charging connector lock. From here, you can set it to manual lock, auto lock, or auto lock and auto-unlock. In the manual lock mode, you have to press the
charge connector lock button to lock and unlock the
charger to the port. In the auto lock mode, the system will automatically
lock the charger in the port, once it’s inserted. With the smart key in
proximity of the vehicle, press the button to unlock the charger, and remove it from the port. (upbeat jingle) In the auto lock and auto unlock mode, the system will automatically
lock the charger in the port when it’s inserted, and the system will
automatically unlock the charger when the hybrid battery is fully charged. This is a good feature when
at free charging stations so that you don’t lock up the
charger longer than you need. With the smart key in
proximity of the vehicle, pressing the charge
connector lock unlock button will also unlock the
charger from the port. When using a public charger, always be sure that the
charger locks to the port for added peace of mind. (upbeat jingle)

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  1. 5 and a half hours? lololol
    electric cars need to charge in like 5 mins so people can use it normally

  2. i wonder wat would happen if they made a deal with tesla so they could use supercharging stastions too idk maybe that would be a bad idea


  4. Make the standard hybrid prius's front and rear look like the prime. Toyota is trying too hard making the prius to stand out but the design is neither impressive or a looker. The prime at least looks much better than the hideous front and rear Prius.

  5. I love that I can plug it into any regular outlet. As for how long it takes, I just plug it in at home, and unplug it before going to bed. No problem. If it bothered me, I could install a 240v outlet. And remember, this is not only an electric car–on a full tank (about 11 gallons) and a full charge, it has a range of over 600 miles! I love having gasoline and electric together.

  6. Wth! My Prius Prime doesn't have this function!! That's so dumb and unfair! It's ok for someone to take my charging cord because I have the lower model??

  7. I hate the pirus for years now but this is like the smaller aforder virson but more hybrid virson of a Tesla I I’m kind of likening the pirus again

  8. What do you do when the charging port is stuck and can get it out. My friend has this issue and AAA wasn’t able to help

  9. I love my Prius Prime 2017. I charge it every time I return from daily errands, and enjoy quiet, electric driving for most trips at a cost of about $20/month for electricity. I only use gasoline for long trips.

  10. What do you all have against the Toyota Prius? It looks better than most American cars !!!
    The Prius is at least eco-friendly.
    Not like Pickups.
    Pickups consume too much fuel and are extremely harmful to the environment!!!

  11. Good Evening. Two weeks ago I purchased a 2018 Prius Prime and have experienced a issue when putting the car into reverse and then pressing the brake pedal it makes like a "tok" noise and was wondering if this is normal?

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