Toyota How-To: Automatic Transmission | Toyota

Toyota How-To: Automatic Transmission | Toyota

– [Woman] The automatic
transmission in your Toyota vehicle is designed for easy and
convenient operation. The gated design makes it
easy to find the proper gear without looking down at the shifter and taking your eyes from the road. For added convenience, a
shift indicator appears in the lower left side of the
multi-information display. At the top of the shift gate is park. This locks the transmission and prevents the vehicle from moving. Shifting into reverse will
activate the backup camera if your vehicle’s equipped with one. Neutral disengages the drive
wheels from the engine. It’s important to keep the brake applied so the vehicle doesn’t roll. And shifting to drive (car beeps), is for normal driving. Pushing the shifter into the
sport mode (shifter clicks), automatically shifts gears at a higher RPM and allows you to shift manually. Push the shifter forward
toward the plus to up-shift and pull it back toward
the minus to down-shift. If your vehicle’s equipped
with paddle shifters, you can perform manual shifts while keeping your hands on the wheel. The left paddle is for down-shifting and the right paddle is for up-shifting. The paddle shifters can also be operated when the transmission is shifted into drive mode or sport mode. When using the paddle
shifters in the drive mode, down-shift by pressing the
left side minus paddle. It’ll activate manual mode and you’ll see the gear position indicator appear next to the D in the
multi-information display. Once in this mode, you can up-shift and down-shift. If you’d like to return to
normal driving, D position, just press and hold on
the right side plus paddle until the D appears in
the instrument panel, or try to shift higher than fifth gear. Once you bring the vehicle to a stop, the transmission will return to the normal D position operation.

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  1. Can an automatic transmission Toyota vehicle be started and turned off in Neutral mode with the parking brakes applied?

  2. Nice Information, yesterday is my 1st time driving matic with my new Fortuner VRZ, nice matic and need more information about matic. Thanks for this channel. Warmth Regards, Umar Gresik east java Indonesia.

  3. how about you guys stop being lazy and just learn how to drive a manual car automatic have all these damn shift you might as well drive a stick shift car stop being lazy

  4. 2:12 in my opinion the driver here sits a little far from the wheel. I suppose that's just for demonstration purposes.

  5. I love this feature on the toyota 86, its like a sequential gearbox that racers use. Its perfect for my toyota 86 which also has the paddle shifters. The car feels like a complete sports car. Great job Toyota!

  6. The 8-speed AT from Toyota lunges and jerks at a Stop and Go !!! My 2019 Rav4 does it ONLY went coming to a Stop and Go. It's annoying and hopeful NOT a LT premature issue.

  7. I love Sport Mode, especialy driving through parking lots, and through town, where there is allot of in and out traffic. Takes a little while to get it down, but once you get good at Paddle Shifting you will use it.

  8. my right knee is weak bcoz of artillary cartilage damage and is always straight and cant bent my knee. So is it possible for me to drive automatic vehicle with left leg and how is the performanance of automatic in hilly roads.

  9. It you can't drive an auto you should stick to walking.does toymota think people are that stupid.i suppose you have to be stupid to buy a toymota

  10. Toyota: If you’re monitoring this …..your 8 speed transmission has me concerned so much that my streak of Toyota purchases may be ending.

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