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  1. Can we adjust the lights vertically.. means there is provision given in other cars that we can adjust lights from 0 to 4…

  2. Why didn’t you put hi and low LEDs on the 2018 Highlander Limited Platinum Hybrid like my much cheaper 2017 Prius’s? The HIDs are better than halogen but not much.

  3. how come on my rav4 the lights won’t turn on the strip light like the all day running lights ? can anyone tell me how to turn them on

  4. I use the automatic high beams when driving my 2018 Prius 4. So many other drivers think I am using the high beams and flash me when I drive past, lol. The regular headlights are so bright!

  5. Thank you but your ad lasts too long and I was listening to Elvis but your ad took over his music and I had to go back and find Elvis again. You should put those ads on TV so most people will see it, bcuz it's a very important commercial for everyone who drives, even if they drive a different vehicle. It also proves that not everything with artificial intelligence works properly all the time.

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