Toyota How-To: RAV4 Hybrid Auxiliary Battery Location and Jump Starting | Toyota

Toyota How-To: RAV4 Hybrid Auxiliary Battery Location and Jump Starting | Toyota

– [Narrator] Under the
hood, the RAV4 Hybrid is a little different
than your average vehicle. You won’t find your 12 volt
auxiliary battery here. It’s in the rear cargo area. If your 12 volt battery discharges, and your vehicle will not
start, you can jump start it with a set of booster
cables, and a second vehicle. First, open the fusebox
on the driver’s side. Inside the fusebox, flip up the red jumpstart terminal cover, and connect the red positive
jumper cable to this terminal. Now connect the booster
cables to the second vehicle. First the red cable to
the positive terminal, and then the black cable
to the negative terminal. Then connect the black
cable to the RAV4 Hybrid on a solid, stationary,
unpainted metallic point away from the jump starting terminal, and not near any moving parts. Once you have all of the
booster cables connected, start the engine of the second vehicle. (car engine starts) Increase the engine speed slightly, and maintain the level
for about five minutes to recharge the RAV4’s 12
volt auxiliary battery. Then with your foot on the brake, press the RAV4’s power
button to turn it on. Once the RAV4 Hybrid’s
ready indicator illuminates, remove the booster cables in the reverse order of how you connected them. Remove the black one attached to the RAV4, then the two from the second vehicle. And lastly, the red one connected to the RAV4’s jump start terminal. Close the jumpstart terminal cover, and reinstall the fusebox cover. Remember, after a jumpstart, have the vehicle inspected
at your Toyota dealer. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system supplements conventional cruise control with vehicle to vehicle distance control. It allows the vehicle to automatic.

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  1. Nice video, though it would have been better if it clearly showed what the positive terminal actually looks like, because it doesn't look like any terminal I've ever used before! It's a solid blade of metal with a reflective mirror finish held in place by a plastic mount that exposes it on one side only. Hooking up a booster cable clamp to it feels really weird, because a) one side of the cable is clamped against the back side of the plastic housing, and b) the blade is so thin it doesn't feel like it has much to grab on to, and indeed it can fall off easily if you're not careful. It would also have been much more realistic if it had shown some sparking when the final terminal was connected; this is almost inevitable, and could surprise someone who doesn't know to expect it. But, this video is the only documentation I've been able to find so far on jump starting involving RAV4 Hybrids. Thanks for making it 🙂

  2. had to jump start my wife's 2016 hybrid, just make sure the positive clamp is touching the positive terminal in the fuse box, if your clamp is having difficulty you can pop the trunk and get access to the actual battery by just taking some plastic pieces out of the bottom trunk. The hybrid has 2 batteries one that powers the car and one for the ignition/turning on the car, the one that powers the car lasts 5-10 years, the one that powers the ignition is a 12 volt battery and lasts about 3 years, I bought a 12 v battery from the dealer for $200 you can probably buy it cheaper at autozone, you just have to make sure it has a hose port since this battery requires you to reconnect a hose to the battery. I replaced the battery in the trunk and now the car starts normally.

  3. I had to touch the top of the blade. That's when I notice my other vehicle idle went down a little. Just enough to make that little spark to assure the connection was made. Success! My wife didn't have to walk to work. 1 Mile!!!

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