Toyota Jan 101: Learn More About Jan from the Toyota Commercials

Toyota Jan 101: Learn More About Jan from the Toyota Commercials

Toyota Jan, played by actress Laurel Coppock,
is one of America’s best-known and -loved commercial spokespeople. Want to know more about the woman behind the
character? Here are 5 fun facts you might not know about
Toyota Jan. When Laurel Coppock began to appear as a pregnant
form of Jan in Toyota’s commercials, everyone wanted to know if the pregnancy was all an
act for those specific commercials, or if Toyota’s marketing masterminds were kind
enough to work around her pregnancy. Turns out, it was definitely the latter. What kind of world would we live in without
Toyota Jan? Actress Laurel Coppock nearly subjected us
to this rough life, according to “Commercial Break,” when she very nearly quit auditioning
for commercials right before her Toyota audition. She wasn’t getting any gigs and was getting
sick of the let down, but something drove her to that Toyota audition, and the rest
is history. As scary as it is to hear that we might not
have had Laurel Coppock as Toyota Jan, it might be even scarier for some diehard Jan
fans to hear that Flo from Progressive, AKA Stephanie Courtney, potentially could have
landed the role. According to our research, Courtney had auditioned
for a Toyota commercial shortly before landing the Flo role, and the type of roles she’d
been auditioning for were “girl behind the counter” type roles. Sound familiar? Jan isn’t the only character that Coppock
was born to play. She has also dabbled in sketch comedy and
is a member of The Groundlings, which has at times included the likes of Melissa McCarthy,
Will Ferrell, and Kristen Wiig. Coppock also co-founded The BreakWomb, which
features comedy geared towards mothers. At the end of the day, we love Toyota Jan
for what she does best—keeping us laughing in all her commercials. And there are so many good ones to choose
from. Whether it’s her being badass at Christmastime,
making astronaut puns, or explaining the Toyota Service Center, and various Toyota sales
events, these commercials are sure to leave you smiling.

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  1. her smile scares the fuck outa me. someone just wasted 2minutes of internet space & a publicist sucked laurels ass. She clearly got hit with the Joker's Venom. tooth to gum ratio is way off. ha ha ha ha ha & her neck looks like one of those cloning aliens on star wars, Kaminoan. (google it)

  2. Laurel Coppock (AKA Toyota Jan) should decide if she wants to keep having babies or does she want to continue appearing in moronic Toyota TV commercials. Toyota's pathetic attempts to conceal her pregnancies are embarrassing. If Toyota is ashamed of her being pregnant in their stupid TV commercials then just hire a different actor or actress. She’s a terrible actress and she is very annoying whether she’s pregnant or not. Her dumb TV commercials are never funny, clever or charming. Is Laurel Coppock dating a Vice President at Toyota ??? That would explain how she remains employed by Toyota.

  3. Coming from a 4 time Toyota owner, Toyota will never see anymore of my money until this uber twit is FIRED!

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