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  1. Awesome!!!! Good work toyota!! I would love to have one but I'm 13 years old and I don't have an ios device…yeah…

  2. What does an Android phone user do?  Why is it that every new techie gadget can only be used with an Apple device?  There are more Android users worldwide now than Apple users.  How much effort would it have been to make one of these for an Android phone?

  3. If I have the Toyota Key finder & it works on my iphone, then I link my iphone to my entune in my car via Bluetooth. Would I have to resync my key finder via Bluetooth or would it happen automatically? As far as I know 1 device can only sync up 1 Bluetooth device at a time. Re-syncing every other time could kinda be a real hemorrhoid.

  4. I have a Toyota Smart Key.  This will not find my lost Smart Key.  It will only find my Smart Key if attached to the Key Finder. That's another device I have to stuff in my pocket everyday. There are hundereds of key finders like this.   Toyota needs to offer a way to find a Smart Key the same way my car finds my Smart Key.  

  5. So you guys are saying that people with iPhones need to find their keys more than people with other types of phones eh?  I like the not so subtle hint about the intelligence of iPhone users!  Now that is hilarious!

    Toyota really should have put this out yesterday…

  6. iPhone? iPad? Only? You DO know that in the world of smart phones and tablets that Android now controls 70% of the entire worldwide market …… right? And that has been the case for years now. Join the decade Toyota, and offer this service to the MAJORITY of your customers.

  7. How old is this video? Why is he using an iPad 3 on iOS 6 (2012)? You expect me to put that on my keychain and carry it around with me all day?

    Toyota, here is my one free good idea for you: do away with the car key entirely, just like Apple is trying to do away with the physical credit card and ApplePay. I want my phone to be my car keys. I already have smart locks on my home and no longer need keys to my house.

  8. so the Toyota key finder only works with apple, but apple does not work properly with Toyota for Bluetooth music, email and text services. It some what works but every other brand except apple works fantastically with Toyota

  9. Folks! Folks! There are many devices that do this type of thing. The one I currently use is called the Tile. It gives you a map if you have data on your phone and will show you where it is. It also make it play a song until you find it. It works with wifi of course where applicable. Just buy a set of tiles, attach them to anything you want to be able to find and you are set. I am no expert on the product but google it! The Tile. It is square little "tile" that you attach to anything.

  10. Sure, I'll carry that thing around all the time attached to my electronic key fob. Better yet, why don't I just chain my electronic key fob to a toilet seat like the bathroom key at a gas station. I'll never lose it then!

  11. Does this work if you have already misplaced a key, for instance in a move, but you have the other one?

  12. It should be embedded in Toyota Keys in the first place. And if they want more money the could make the app for $10. Don't be too greedy Toyota.

  13. Because only fools that are dumb enough to buy Apple only products are foolish enough to lose their keys.

  14. So rather than a single keyring you can use to locate any keyless entry fob by sending out the same signal your car would and listening for a response, one needs to be attached to every single fob you have?

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