Toyota Keyless Remote Programming – Easy to Save Money

Toyota Keyless Remote Programming – Easy to Save Money

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  1. I have the 2002 toyota tundra and i need a remote can i get one off of amizon or something and if so will this work for the tundra or is it different?

  2. Good Vid! I watched a couple of these vids and this also worked for my Toyota Avalon 2007. I suspect they have the same programming as the Sienna, at least, they have the same engine! 🙂 Great times, used the Link you provided, worked flawlessly when I got my model vehicle. @ $35 to get a new set of remotes! Because there's some Good times when you can DIY!

  3. hey everyone i have a 2007 toyota camry xle and from my research it shows this might not work.. please help

  4. Gid bless you mike …..yesterday mine stooed works ng on tacoma 2011…..i was readdy to go to mecanic and pay money…..luckelly i just folowed your video and it works…..thanks

  5. This helped soooo much! Thank you for posting this! I tried it just like you did and now my fob works again! This was awesome and saved me a tooon of money if I took it to a dealership. $6 for a new battery and this tutorial just made my wallet happy.

  6. hello Mike.   amazing video   thank you,,  now my question is this:  will this procedure work on my 2009 Toyota Tundra..  thank you again

  7. Hi, Thanks for the video! I called the dealership, but they need me and my car there and I shipped my car and moved out of the country. I know it isn't listed, but do you know if it would work on a 2008 FJ?

  8. THANK YOU!!!! i just put new batteries in. nothing. called dealership who said i had to bring it in and probably get new fob. saw this…went out tried it..and fob works great! YOU ROCK!! thank you!!

  9. Mike i only have the 2 original keys that contain the transponders. I see you are using a key without that. Can i still use these keys? Its just my one fob that is failing.

  10. Check!! Works for 2003 Toyota Highlander. You're brilliant, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge, and saving me $$

  11. Worked perfectly for a Toyota 2007 4runner! For the key cutting I'd recommended going to a good locksmith and avoid big box stores like homedepot or ace who sometimes don't cut blanks that aren't their own. I got a blank first to test the fidelity of cutting first, then got my transponder key cut after programming it. Total cost was about $20 and a few hours of my time.

  12. Can i use an OEM some what like original an integrated remote key FOB with uncut blade.
    This remote key is compatible with: 89070-28570
    Suits: Market
    Date range Model Japan

    This complete integrated remote key FOB includes:
    1. Brand new remote transmitter module / Keyless Entry System / FOB
    2. New transponder / immobilizer chip 
    3. New FOB shell/case
    4. New uncut blank blade
    5. New battery

  13. I did the same proceedure many times… The locks cycle to programing mode. But when i press the lock and unlock button together and after press the lock button on the key, NOTHING happens.. It does not pair with my car. I have a Toyota Celica 1.8 Vvti 2000 model… Please help..

  14. Well Shoot! Car (07 Avalon) did everything it was supposed to do but when it came to programing I get nothing from remote, (pushing lock & unlock then Lock) nothing happens. Any suggestions? Fob is from Amazon it's going back.

  15. I had to replace a battery and unfortunately my remote didn't save it's programming. Called Toyota, and these Mother fuckers wanted 150 for a new remote, and I asked how much to reprogram a old remote, and they still wanted 150!

  16. This works perfect on a 2007 FJ Cruiser! I had an issue where it would cycle twice instead of once and then not work – but I just wasn’t doing it quick enough was all

  17. Worked on my 2006 Tacoma. Thanks! Now, I can trash the factory fob. I’ve tried programming it but it wouldn’t work.

  18. I only have the bare metal key with no chip , It DOES turn on the car though. Would I be able to program it ?

  19. I bought the GQ4-29T with 4D67 chip from Keyless2Go (Amazon) for my 2009 Matrix. There was a number for tech support, but instead I used your directions.
    Thanks so much.

  20. I've not seen that before where lock/unlock work but the other buttons don't, unless there is a problem with the power assist to the doors. I presume the side and rear door y open with power assist when you push the buttons built in near the driver seat to open them?

  21. I tried numerous times with my 2008 Sequoia. I could never enter programming mode. Then I read in a couple different places online that 2008 Sequoias must be done by a dealer. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

  22. Why is the video called "keyless" remote programming? This is the programming procedure for a "keyed" ignition system with remote fob. If you don't have a metal keyed ignition, this is of no use.

  23. I purchase a 2009 Tacoma few days ago and I went through this process to program a new remote and it didn't work. I noticed there was a blue blinking light near the bottom left panel where hood release latch was. It occurred to me that the previous owner must've installed a after market car alarm. Having said this, would this interfere with programming the new remote? Thanks.

  24. I went very fast on 2008 Camry with almost no break, and could not get it into programming mode ( no door lock cycled). I will try to slow it down like what you do.

  25. Very helpful video, really appreciated your heads up warnings & tips. Keep up the good work. As a suggestion the background music was distracting & too loud making it difficult to hear you.

  26. Thanks for the video. I followed your instructions and got to the car into programming mode, pressed both the lock n unlock buttons on the remote, pressed the lock button but the car locks didn't cycle. I have done this severally to no avail. What could possibly be wrong?

  27. Hey Mike my 2010 Highlander no not enter into programing the locks, I am doing everything like you show but the locking/unlocking part is not happening. Any suggestions?????Mario

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