Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 Grand Touring Edition Review | Episode 4 | Velocity Street

Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 Grand Touring Edition Review | Episode 4 | Velocity Street

Bro, I think we are stuck! Got stuck? Fantastic!
This is why I told you that I would drive the car Now come out, let me try! [voice over] Welcome back to Velocity Street! There is a saying among off-road enthusiasts “You can pick any SUV while planning to off-road, but if you are planning to come back,
you should choose Land Cruiser” Toyota’s reliability, especially, Land Cruiser’s reliability is world famous Talking about an example for that UN, United Nations had passed a special resolution for delegates going to any country with military conflicts so that they are allowed to use Land Cruisers in such places because Land Cruiser is a car with very low complaints No matter where you go or whatever situation you are stuck in, the engine and gearbox will remain trouble free Speaking about the engine Toyota provides three petrol sizes engines for the Land Cruiser entry level is the 4.0L V6 then 4.6L V8 and top of the range 5.7L V8 This car is equipped with 4.6L V8 This 4.6L V8 has 304bhp and a torque of 439Nm These are not such huge numbers This car can go from 0-100 in around 9 seconds This engine is not tuned for performance Toyota tuned this engine for reliability and off-roading This car is extremely comfortable off-road Even while driving over the dunes, it feels very comfortable This is the GX.R model If we go for the high-end VX.R model we get the hydraulic suspension It will be even more comfortable The front fascia of the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser is something worth mentioning Recently, they have added sequential lights here Speaking about the headlights it has dual projector headlights These alloy wheels give a luxurious look to the Land Cruiser These 20″ wheels give a posh look to the Land Cruiser This chrome bar is an upgrade over the 2019 model Speaking about the rear end,
the 2020 model’s rear is not much different compared to the 2019 model The only difference is the diffuser Land Cruiser GX.R Grand Touring has power tailgate as a standard feature When we say power tailgate, the top section is powered, while the lower section is manual Usually, for cars with 3 seating rows, it’s always a hassle to open and close the third row seats Toyota has come up with a brilliant solution for that So for closing the top part, just pull this clip and also, there is proper slot to place this clip now, pull this a proper luggage space is ready It’s really simple to put the seats back to position all you have to do is, pull this There is no need to talk about the first and second row seats of Land Cruiser but the spacing and comfort for the third row seats is actually a matter of concern It’s actually okay to travel for 1-2 hours without much problem but after that, it starts to become a little uncomfortable Considering the height, it won’t be much comfortable for tall people but for kids, its very comfortable and relaxing For most of the people around the world Land Cruiser is considered as one of the most manliest car thanks to its masculine looks Each part of this car reflects that masculine quality Say for example, this door handle I haven’t seen any car with door handles as huge as this and this door you can feel some sort of power by just holding this handle From a driver’s perspective, this is a very commanding position because this platform is quite high from ground level and I have positioned this seat at its lowest which means the seating elevation can be increased further to get a better viewing angle and a stronger driving position So, the masculine looking car, the Land Cruiser, let it be the engine, power, looks, or whatsoever a so-called masculine looking car [beeps horn] has a horn that sounds like this Toyota could have given a better horn,
which suited the status of this car Usually, cars have a storage space under the arm rest This is a storage space and it is a cool box as well So, if you want to cool any drinks or snacks, you press here and switch the cool box on also, this cool box is quite powerful Speaking about the infotainment screen, back in time, Toyota infotainment screens did not have much clarity but in the 2020 version, they have used high resolution screens, and that’s why, when you use maps or any other features it is in high quality an added feature to this system is the HDMI support To explain these buttons here,
obviously, we have a gear lever then, ECT PWR this button is pressed when you want to drive in a bit sporty mode Then we have an ECT 2nd button This button is pressed to start in low traction surfaces This is mainly used in countries with ice/snow So, if you press this button the car starts in second gear without spinning in the first gear Then we have a traction control off button to switch the traction control off while going off-road This is the differential lock button So, for people who frequently go off-roads will know the importance of differential lock Now, this button (or knob) is a very special feature of this car This is called ‘crawl control’ We are all familiar with cruise control when you set the cruise control at
(for example) 100 km/hr while driving through a highway the car continues to move at 100km/hr speed This is a similar off-road cruise control and Toyota calls it ‘crawl control’ There are 5 speeds, from 1 to 5 So, when we go off-road, and set a speed the driver need not care about the accelerator or brakes If the terrain is inclined, the car will accelerate If it’s a descend, the car will brake on its own The car constantly checks for the type of terrain it is going through and will adapt accordingly So, if you switch the crawl control on the only thing the driver has to care about is the steering the button above that is turn assist Turn assist is an off-road feature When we go off-road,
we might not always have enough space for to turn the car,
situation might be tight Suppose, the turning radius of this car is 10 metres, if you switch the turn assist on and try to turn (for example) left the car will bake the inside wheels and let the outside wheels rotate I’m not saying that it will fully brake the inside wheels it will let the inside wheels rotate slowly and rotate the outside wheels faster as a result, the car will turn in a tight radius This knob is used to set low range and high range Now, when we talk about the exterior ratings for this car as mentioned earlier about the masculine looks so definitely, the exteriors deserve a 9 on 10 For the interiors, velocity street would give it an 8 on 10 Speaking about value for money We all know that Toyota Land Cruiser is an extremely reliable car it does not have much maintenance issues so, velocity street would rate an 8 on 10 for the value for money also, the resale value for Land Cruiser is quitte high we will award a 7 on 10 for the interior features Speaking about the material quality,
velocity street will give it an 8 because, toyota has used hard plastic in only a few places they have used soft plastic on all the remaining areas they have used good quality materials Since Land Cruiser is a heavy car
we will not feel much of a shakiness so for comfort, velocity street will give
it a 7 For fuel economy, velocity street will give it a 4 on 10 because, for 1 Litre,
when we mix and drive both town and highway this car provides an average of 8 km/L and we believe that it is below average Now rating the 0-100 acceleration,
we will give it a 5 on 10 because, this car reaches from 0-100 in 9 seconds and we believe that 9 seconds is below average Speaking about the Toyota Land Cruiser pricing for this GX.R spec U.A.E Price is AED 286,000 In India, this engine is not available in India, a 4.5L V8 diesel engine is available the starting price for that car in India is around 1.5 crores This price difference is because
there is no production for Land Cruiser in India Land Cruiser is a pure import in India and for this reason, there is a 200% tax on it.

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