Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series Troop Carrier Walkaround

Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series Troop Carrier Walkaround

(smooth electronic music) (crickets chirping) (calm music) – Part of the reason why we hit the road in the first place 5 1/2 years ago was this driving need to explore and to get out there and see new places and experience new things, meet new people. I think a big, important
part of my relationship with this vehicle is knowing
that it can get me there. That it actually is
going to enable me to do all of these things that
I hit the road to do in the first place. And that’s huge, it’s
really friggin’ awesome, just to be able to sit
in that driver’s seat or if Jorge’s driving, be able to sit in the passenger seat, know
that when that key is turned it’s just gonna go and it’s
just gonna take us there. (car engine roars) When we first hit the road
we immediately gravitated towards the idea of getting
a van and our first one was a two-wheel drive Volkswagen Vanagon. But the more time that
we spent on the road, the more we realized that
a four-wheel drive vehicle was probably gonna be
coming in handy for us. – And that was actually when we discovered the Land Cruiser Troop
Carrier and thought man, wouldn’t it be great if
we could have something like that to take us around the world. Something that’s a
Toyota, that there’s parts available everywhere, its
a super reliable vehicle, like bullet-proof,
extremely rugged and used all over the world,
that would be the dream. But as many of you know, Troop Carriers aren’t really
available in the United States, so we put that dream on hold and instead got a Volkswagen Syncro. (calm music) – Our vehicle is originally
built in Germany, by a company called Maltec
and that is actually where we are right now
so, our truck is back in its birthplace. When we first purchased this vehicle from the previous owner,
we weren’t filled in on the entire history of the
vehicle but since we’ve had it and since we’ve talked
to the owner of Maltec, who built the truck in the first place, we’ve got a lot of those gaps filled in. – [Jorge] Our Troop
Carrier was actually built by Maltec about eight years ago in 2011. – [Jessica] That’s a testament
to it because the inside and the outside really are
still in fantastic condition for everything that it’s been put through. (engine roaring) The original owner actually
had a high top on it, not a pop-top and took
it to North Africa where he actually put it on its side, which we didn’t learn until months after we had purchased it. – He brings it back to Maltec and essentially he says you
know what, I think I wanna trade this in, I wanna trade
this in for another build. – [Jessica] And get into
one of their larger builds and then the owner that
had it before us came along and asked for Maltec to
build it out for him. – [Jorge] So, Maltec essentially re-builds the vehicle, they take the high top off, they make a carbon fiber pop-top. – [Jessica] The exterior
was re-done, repainted. – They do a few other
things to the engine, the gear box to kind
of get it all refreshed and in March of 2015, it’s imported to the United States where the previous owner drives it around for about three years or so. (engine roaring)
(calm music) – We’ve owned this Troop
Carrier since February of 2018, we were traveling a 4Runner
and we were thinking about converting that 4Runner to a camper. – We wanted to cut to back of it, put a cabin on it and
so we called a company that’s based in Germany
but had a US representative and they said yeah sure
we can do that, it’ll take six months and this much money but if you don’t wanna wait
that long or you don’t wanna cut up your brand new 4Runner, we have a 78 series Land
Cruiser Troop Carrier for sale that’s already built out, the thing is mint, no rust
anywhere, perfect car. – And then on top of that, the fact that it was
left-hand drive, is huge. – And it’s for sale if that’s
something that you wanna buy. Long story short, we ended
up buying the truck from him in Telluride, Colorado
and have been in love with the truck pretty much ever since. (soothing music) – When we purchased this
vehicle it was already in the US, it was registered in Colorado, it was titled in Colorado and we were told before we brought it and
when we were looking at it that everything was all good,
it had been imported properly, it had come through the port. Which to us was, you know,
it came through the port, customs already checked
it so it must be good. – As many of us know, there are pretty strict
import laws on which vehicles are allowed into the US and in most cases a vehicle has to be at least 25 years old to import into the United States. The 78 series was not built until 1999, which is not 25 years ago so were like, how did you get this car into the country? – [Jessica] At the time
we didn’t know anything about what it takes to import a vehicle or the things that we should look for. – [Jorge] And it wasn’t until almost eight or nine months
later that we figured out how it was that they imported the truck. – We learned that it’s importation actually was less than legal. (gentle chiming music)
(car engine roaring) We were put in a very precarious position as to whether or not we were gonna be able to keep our vehicle, whether our vehicle was safe
from seizure by U.S. Customs. All of that was extremely
distressing, as you can imagine. – Which was a huge blow to
us because we had just come from a Syncro that was
always breaking down and before that we had a
two-wheel drive Vanagon that wasn’t the most reliable thing, and before that we’d had
Airstream camper RV thing, whose engine blew inside
the first 3,000 miles. So we’ve always had really
bad luck with vehicles and we thought okay,
finally, we have a Toyota that’s going to be
reliable, capable, rugged, all these things and in the 30,000 miles that we drove it, it
never broke down once, nothing, nothing at all happened, all we did was change the
oil and it was perfect, drove perfectly and then we
found out that the vehicle had been imported illegally. – Since then we have contacted the company that built it and that was
associated with the person who imported it and they have
since taken on this project to make things right. – We had a long discussion
with them about it and they said, “You know what, “Let’s bring it back to Germany. “Let’s get it off that chassis, “let’s put it on a legal chassis, “something that can be
imported into the U.S. “with no problems, completely
legal and get you guys “back on the road.” – This is a 78 series, Toyota Land Cruiser Troop
Carrier that was originally manufactured for the
Northern European Market. It’s got a 1HDT mechanical
turbo diesel engine, an H151F gearbox. – So pretty much the same drive train as a 80 series from the early ’90s. – [Jessica] It’s got solid
axles, front and rear with coil over suspension in the front and parabolic leaf springs in the rear. – Our Troop Carrier has
around 230,000 kilometers, it still runs like a champ, my understanding is that the 1HDT engine is a half million mile engine. So we have quite a way to go before we get to half a million miles. I believe that this engine
puts out 160, 170 horsepower and over 280 foot pounds of torque, which has been plenty for our needs. We can carry up to 67
gallons of diesel fuel which gives us a range
of about 1,300 miles. (gentle music) And we have a water tank that carries about 26 gallons of fresh water. We also run an ARB dual
compressor that fills up our 33 inch Toyo MT tires. We run the skinny, tall
tires, I think the tire size is 255-85 R16 on our truck, we’re really happy with the
performance of those tires. We really love the fact that the pop top is carbon fiber, it’s really lightweight, really easy to open. There is a steel bumper
on the rear that carries our spare tire and we can
also carry a few other things back there like
a lifesaver jerry can to filter out any dirty water. It’s a great water filtration system, we carry some shovels back there and then a few other things. – And we also run a 270 degree awning on the side, it’s not
something that we’ve used all that much but it’s
pretty handy to have when it’s really sunny
out and we wanna expand our, admittedly, tiny living
space that we have inside. (gentle music) – Living in this thing is sort
of like living in a closet, it works, I don’t hate it, I don’t love it either. – [Jessica] Even though this
interior space is pretty small, it still works, we’ve
got a two burner stove, we have a pretty good sized sink with both hot and cold water, we’ve got about 35, 40 quart refrigerator. We have a 300 amp lithium battery system that totally keeps up
with all our power needs, which are pretty extensive. On the roof to support that
lithium battery system, we have a flexible solar
panel and then we have plenty of cabinet space, we also have plugs, tons
of plugs everywhere, we’ve got 12 volt, USB and a wall plug for charging our computers. The floor in there is like
a hard rubber surface, that makes it really,
really easy to keep it clean especially when it’s two adults and at the time when we first
got it we had both our dogs. – [Jorge] And really we don’t mind trading the amount of space that we had in our VW for the smaller space that we have in here because we don’t need to carry as many spare parts and tools. – So it works for us, it’s rugged, but for us it’s still beautiful. (calm piano music) So, I think it’s pretty cool
that we still have a vehicle that’s a conversation starter and that people still approach
us about and ask us questions and I feel like to the person everybody always say’s
“Man, I bet that thing could “get you anywhere,” and so
far, that’s proved to be true. (car engine roaring) Driving this Land Cruiser
is definitely a different experience from any of the
other rigs that we’ve had. Driving it on the road,
it actually surprised me when we test drove it and
of course, driving it since, that it feels pretty good, pretty nimble. – [Jorge] I almost feel
like I’m driving a T-Rex, it’s a little slow, a little lumbering but when it needs to be agile, it is. (calm music) – But where it shines is off-road, you can just take this thing anywhere. (car engine roaring) – You get to the trail, you hop out, you switch the hubs from free to lock, you throw it in four low
and you just start trundling up whatever obstacles
you’ve got in front of you. – I have been completely impressed with the stuff that it can
do, we’ve taken this thing in all sort’s of conditions,
muddy conditions, rock climbing, sand, all of it and it just performs stunningly
every time, blows me away. (car engine revving) – [Jorge] It is also incredibly visceral and you have this sense of control when you’re driving off-road that I don’t feel anything else. – [Jessica] There’s no
fancy buttons or dials that you can press to just
guide you down a slope, you have to be a lot more present and a lot more active in
the driving experience and that is something that
I really, really enjoy. – [Jorge] There hasn’t
been a single obstacle yet that we’ve taken this
thing on that’s given it any trouble whatsoever
and when we lock the front and rear lockers in, I
feel like it’s unstoppable and that’s kinda dangerous
because when you’ve got that kind of confidence your
bound to do something stupid, which we haven’t done
yet, emphasis on the yet! – [Jessica] We can drive 1,000 kilometers, take it off-road, take
it up a gnarly trail, find an epic camp spot,
go back down that trail, back on the road the next day and the truck acts like nothing happened. It feels so good to
just know that no matter where we point it, it’s just gonna go and it’s not gonna bitch
about it along the way, It’s not gonna throw a temper tantrum and break something just
’cause it’s pissed, no. It looks at us and it’s like my pleasure and it just go’s on down the road. (calm music) My name is Jessica Gonzalez, I’m one half of Live Work Wander. – My name is Jorge Gonzalez, I’m one half of Live Work Wander. – And I drive a 78 series Toyota
Land Cruiser Troop Carrier. – And I drive a 78 series Toyota
Land Cruiser Troop Carrier. (calm music) (car engine revving) (gentle music)

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