Toyota Prius 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 spare key programing, new key programing, immobilizer

Toyota Prius 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 spare key programing, new key programing, immobilizer

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  1. I have an issue I have the key that comes out the remote but lost the remote now I can't drive it, can I buy a used remote like on amazon or something and program it like u just did ?

  2. Well, that's a simple trick even sounds a lot easier than the topics I've already read. But, 1st off, I can't find any other prius video by you in your list. Regardless, as I understand, this will only enable smart key operation inserted in the car while all other features will remain useless. Locks and starting without inserted are not enabled no remote features. Advertisers say they need to charge 1.3 man hours labor to complete the full transition for a used key, and they say used sellers are lying or not disclosing because, the ECU will not completely unlock a key that's been previously programed on another car. As if the basics are burned into a cmos chip that needs to be removed and hard burned. . .. Do you know the fixes for smart remote operation of locks, alarm, panic, accessory and starting?

  3. hey man ….what about the door locks and alarm ….thanks for the video ….can you show me how to program the alarm and door lock and unlocking

  4. hey dude….show me how to program the lock and unlock and alarm ….I dont wanna call the auto locksmith ….thank you

  5. You are AWESOME. I haven't tried it yet, but have a spare fob from my old Prius, and will try it as soon as I can figure out what's wrong with my remote system. It may be simple, hope so, but this is fantastic!! (My efforts failed this try – just posted today, one year later, and SUCCESS!)

  6. i have a prius c 2014 non SKS, (fob 3 button blade all in one) i have ONE MASTER key. can i program a replacement (add a key) or do i need the dealer to code the replacement keys.

  7. I lost my smart key and just got a new one fro. Toyota so it should be programmed to the car but the key doesn't start my car only locks and unlocks it. Do u no what I can do asap

  8. Freaking Awesome!!! Thanks!!! Dealer was selling me key plus programming for like $450 bought a used key for $40 and this worked!!

  9. Hi there, I followed your instructions and got it to the programing icon comes up when I pull out my good key. I put in the key that I'd like to program and it never stops blinking (I waited 12minutes). Does anyone have any suggestions?

  10. Hi Dan, please advise how we can use the key to lock the car as well. I have successfully programed the new key on 2008 prius however the smart key system and lock unlock the door not working. it's very helpful video for all of us here, thank you for sharing !!

  11. is there any way to reprogram the computer because do not have my original fobs. got one that only will start the 07 prius. The door unlock and lock dose not work. any suggestions?

  12. here are the steps.

    ** STEP 1 – program to use as start key
    old key in ignition 5 times then leave in
    open/close the door 6 times
    remove the old key

    put new key, security light blinks for 1 min
    will program new during this time, wait til security light stops blinking
    then take out key and open and close door

    ** STEP 2 – program to use as remote lock/unlock
    open door (no fob in)
    insert old fob twice with door open (end with fob out)
    close door
    open door
    close door
    open door (leave open)
    insert old fob once and remove (end with fob out)
    close door
    open close open (leave open)
    insert old fob, close door
    press power
    press power again
    press power a third time
    then, pull old fob out, locks should click
    press lock and unlock buttons at same time on old fob
    press lock and unlock buttons at same time on new fob
    then press lock on new fob

  13. HELPPPPP  dear friends I own a Corolla Verso from 2005. Anyone knows if smart key can be programmed same way???Thanks !

  14. Thank you, so much!! I washed my smart key in the washing machine. Didn't know whether this would work with a damaged key fob. Thought it was worth a try. Guess what: IT WORKED!! I now have a spare fob which will start the car. I still haven't tried to program the smart features (open / close door). Don't know yet whether that will work. Jus happy to have a spare to start my car. The old fob was from my prior 2006 Prius. My current car is also a 2006 Prius. THANK YOU!!

  15. how do you know the new key works if you still have the old key in the car?? dont you have to take the old key out/away from the car to be sure you're only using the new key?

  16. Will this work if you buy a USED key on Ebay? or does it need to be flashed or erased first? mine is a silver logo smart key, 2007

  17. It worked for me! I bought a used Prius transponder key on eBay and it worked on 2nd try. Though 2nd step I tried, doors locked and unlocked .

  18. Does anyone know if there is any difference in keys between model years? Ex. Would a key from a 2003 Prius work on a 2006?

  19. I have a 07 Prius with a smart key, if I were to buy a used one from like ebay with same model of key (smart key) as a spare second key, can I personally program that used remote I bought from like (ebay) by following your video?

  20. Thank you for the video, I think you documented the procedure to program the ignition really well. Here's anotther video that shows how to program the remote lock/unlock feature:

  21. Hello my friend
    I want to know how to programm a remote of the Prius fingerprint and it has lost all the keys
    and How to program the remote Prius fingerprint for Prius other fingerprint lost all keys
    Is it necessary to open the remote or not and how

  22. this programming can be use in old fob from another cars. I try it and at the end the fob being programmed when I do the lock, my car answer with 2 cycles, but do no open door or turn off my car remotely.

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