Toyota Prius LED Interior Lights Install – Prius 3rd Gen | 2010-2015

Toyota Prius LED Interior Lights Install – Prius 3rd Gen | 2010-2015

How’s it going everyone, this is Phil with And today we have the 2009 third generation
Toyota Prius we’ll be installing LED interior lights on. Now this is compatible with both the 2009
3rd gen and 2011 facelift model as well as the current models as of 2014. Before we get started, it’s important to
note that the products and tools that you see in this video are available at and the product is linked below for your convenience. If you like these kinds of videos, please
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continue to make more just for you. Let’s get started here with the front
map LED installation. As you can see we’ve already installed LEDs on one side
of the vehicle, let’s go ahead and install LED on the
passenger side. To remove the lens cover, you just need to wedge one of the trim tools in between the lens cover and the outer body that you see here. And it should come off pretty easily, it should pop off off the two pegs on the top and the bottom. Once you have that lens cover off, you can remove the old halogen bulb and install the new LED. Now, it’s important to note that these LEDs
are polarity-specific. So if you plug it in, you try, and it doesn’t seem to work, you need to turn that bulb around 180
degrees and try that light again. As you can see, we’ve been able to get that LED to work. All we need to do is reinstall the lens cover. Moving right along to the vanity mirror LEDs, we’re going to be using the flat end of the serrated knife tool and wedging in the side closest to the center console to get that housing out. There’s a small clip, that you can see here now, that’s holding it in place. All you’re doing with that tool is
pressing on it to allow it to release. Use your hands to remove that halogen
bulb or a piece of tape or some rubber gloves. And replace it with that new PrecisionLED
5050 SMD LED. In order to test polarity for this, since this is a polarity-specific bulb, just make sure you turn the light back on and test before you reinsert that housing back in place. If that weren’t the case and it wasn’t working, you would flip the bulb 180 degrees to reverse polarity. Now moving on to that passenger dome light. Again, we’re using the flat end of that serrated knife tool. There are two portions close to the
switch that have a small notch that allows you to release the clear lens cover
from the housing itself. Within contained is the festoon bulb that you’ll be
removing and replacing with the new LED bulb. Now this one is a bit tricky to get in
since it’s a smaller tight, cramped place. Just take your time and you should be able to get the new LED bulb in securely without too much effort. Again, make sure to test the bulbs before
you reinsert that lens. If it doesn’t work, reverse that bulb 180 degrees to reverse polarity and try it again. The lens cover goes right back on the same way it came off. Just get two good clicks
when you’re pushing it in to complete the install. For the door LED installation, we are
again using the flat end of that serrated knife tool. And the side closest to the
door edge is where we’re going to be inserting the tool to release the housing from the trim. Now this one takes a little bit more effort to get the to get access to the bulb. There is a plastic clip near the bottom of this piece that you’re gonna need to release using
the pointed wedge tool to get access to the halogen bulb. Just work your way slowly and release the clip. And don’t use too much force, it is a fragile piece of plastic. And you don’t wanna exert too much force
on it to break it. Once you have that lens cover off, you do
have access to the halogen bulb. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze so you use
the back end with the pointed wedge tool to release the halogen bulb. Inserting the new LED isn’t as difficult, as you can go in from the front and just
push them in. Again, these are polarity-specific.
Make sure when you reconnect the bulb that it turns on. If it doesn’t, then you flip that bulb around 180 degrees to reverse polarity. Make sure you put that clear plastic lens back on. And that one goes in connector side first and then the clip forces down and clips into place in the front. Reinstallation is the same process. Make sure you clip that connector back
in place before reinserting into the trim. Moving on to the trunk light installation. We’re gonna be using the flat end of that serrated knife tool and you’re inserting from the side closest to the switch in order to remove the panel from the trim. There is that gray cover that needs to
come off in order to access the bulb. You can use any one of the tools just to
pry up slightly to release them from the four clips that are holding it in place. Make sure you save that for later,
we’ll have to put that back in. This is just a simple festoon bulb that comes off of two I guess bent metal pieces that are holding the bulb in place. The one tip we do have is when you reinsert the LED bulb, the LED bulb might be slightly larger than the halogen bulb that came out. You will be bending the metal slightly backward in order to fit the new bulb in place. Now this is completely reversible. Don’t
have to worry about going back to stock later on, you can just bend that metal
back when you put a halogen bulb in. Once it’s in place, you wanna make sure that the LED diode, those boards, are facing towards the clear lens. And then you put the gray cover back on to prepare for reinstallation into the housing. Connector side goes in first. And you wait for that click sound when you push in. And then test the bulb to make sure it works. For the license plate lights will be
using the crowbar shape tool and inserting from the top to get access to these panels. These panels are covering the license plate housings. What you need to first do, is remove the wire connector and then you’re gonna use the serrated knife tool. Insert a portion of it and turn counterclockwise to release it from the assembly Once you have this piece out, you’ll be
able to remove the halogen bulb with just your fingers. And replace it with the new LED. It may be hot, you may wanna use a glove or some pliers to remove that bulb. Once you have the new LED in, you wanna test the polarity to see which orientation you’re going to be reinstalling that connector. The problem here is you need to reinstall the license plate bulb holder back into place without the wire connector in. You wanna line up the tabs, at least insert into the housing, and then again, use that serrated knife tool to turn it clockwise then to lock it in place. Now you have to choose based on what you did before inserting that wire connector in the right orientation for them to turn on. You can try this a couple times, you should
be able to see the light through some of the cracks in the housing inside there to figure out which way it goes to stay turned on. Once you have everything prepared,
from the bottom to the top, you’re reinstalling that trim panel. For the parking lights, you’re gonna be using just your hands to turn counterclockwise
to get this assembly out. This is very similar to the license plate light
in its shape and form. Remove that old halogen bulb. Get the new LED bulb in. And when you’re reinserting, it’s gonna take some effort because it is a tight space to get access to. So it may take some time,
but as long as you get those tabs lined up correctly, you’ll feel it pop into place, and you’ll be able to turn it clockwise to reinstall it. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at

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  1. Do you have the video how to install, mount LED headlight for 201x Prius (I have 2015 Prius plug-in)? 
    Which headlight socket is for 2015 Prius plugin? (installation/how to mount the LED power controller as well)

  2. Do you have a video on how to install LED lights for a 2015 prius 3 with solar roof? I just recently purchased LED lights from you but I can't install them because they are not the same as what you have in this instructional video. Thank you very much.

  3. Just a small correction. At 2:50, he demonstrates removing the plastic cover over the light on the bottom passenger door, and indicates that you should pry from the edge closest to the end of the door. While true for the passenger door, it's the reverse for the driver's door light cover – pry the edge farthest from the edge of the door. This is because the door light assemblies are identical, not mirror images.

  4. Awesome video +PrecisionLED . Can't wait to reference this when all my LEDs come in!
    Do you have an instructional video on replacing the turn signals with amber LEDs?

  5. The lense on the driver's side door pops out the side closest to the front of the car, reverse for the passenger side. I just left it plugged in rather than sliding the new bulb all the way in before testing…makes it easier and quicker.

  6. Also the trunk clips he says must be bent out a little…the dome light in the rear also was a tight fit.

  7. 4:20; 2016 Prius hatchlight design is different. Different, maybe harder trick to remove the plastic to expose the bulb.

  8. I have installed all lights except the dome light and trunk light. They are the only ones which are the different type of bulb. They simply do not fit. I have measured them and they are 31mm in length, every single website I go to says that the 31mm (de3175) is the right one for this car. Yet it does not fit and I can see that the standard bulb is around 2-3mm shorter. I might be able to bend the metal on the trunk one to get it to fit as you show in the video, but the dome light simply will not fit. I just don't get it. I am doing pink led's for my wife's car. I got the 12-smd ones. I'm wondering if I should do the 6-smd instead? But it shouldn't matter since they are both supposed to be 31mm in length anyways. Perhaps I could go with a 28mm, even though the car does not call for that and no one else seems to have any problem with the 31mm it calls for. Any ideas on what to do from here?

  9. Very useful video. Question for you, i ordered wrong bulbs for dome light and realized they are festoon bulbs I need. Do they have to be 30 MM exactly? On Amazon it shows only 30 MM as ones that will fit my 2012 Prius plug in. Thanks a lot!

  10. I tried changing my map lights but the stock bulbs won't budge couldn't figure to get them out they are fixed really hard… Need Help

  11. Trying to change Map light on Gen 3 these stock bulbs wont budge really fixed hard … Need help how to pull them out

  12. Good job.  I bought a Prius in 2013 and 3 months later I replaced all the incandescent bulbs with LEDs.  I had no instruction and it was a bit harder, but I did it without much problem.  My LEDs are mostly on flat panels consisting of little lighted bumps say about 1-1/4" square and with wires leading to the plug in mechanism.  It would have been a bit easier if this video had been made at that time.  Good job.

  13. Great video! I can't seem to find the LED parking lights on your website; have I missed something? Thank you in advance.

  14. A bit off topic, but I’d like to see a video showing how to wire a power socket into those front map lights. It would be great to power my dash cam ( mounted top center of the windshield ) w/o a long wire run. 😊

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