Toyota Prius Problems -FAIL- Brake and Rust Problems- its Stupid Common Sense- uhd 4k

Toyota Prius Problems -FAIL- Brake and Rust Problems- its Stupid Common Sense- uhd 4k

I love my Toyota Prius, but this is a love
hate relationship, I’m here to talk about the hate portion of this relationship with
this car right here this is Toyota Prius, this is what I’m here to talk about, not the
love , now I don’t know if what I’m about to tell you is going to influence your decision
to buy the car in any way, is there no way intended to bring the Toyota brand down, I
want to take this opportunity to introduce to you my Prius v right here, and this car
I bought back in the end of 2012 around December which makes this car about a year and a half
old, first thing that I want to show you is now mind you this car is only a year and a
half old and look at list this thing is already starting to rust away, this thing is rusting
what happened to engineering what happened to reliability this is a 30,000 car and if
I leave this alone in another year from now this thing would be four tires and a pile
of rust, rust on a year and a half old Toyota prius, now when I got the car back into the
dealer guess what they told me well we were those panels right here we’re just going to
switch the mall and you will be good to go, no I’m not good to go, look at all these damn
rust, as you can see here this is clearly damage from corrosion look at this but when
I ask the dealer about this damage they told me to take it to me Body Shop and get it repaired
on my own and that it was my problem, that to me does sound like it’s my problem because
it sounds like the dealer doesn’t want to cover the warranty, why. The corrosion was
result of the malfunctioning part right here which I consider this a factory defect,
why should I have to pay for a manufacturer’s defect, my second complaint are these cheap
ass plastic bumpers, I know this is the year 2000 something and where into recycling and
being green, but really you have to make the bumpers out of recycled soda bottles, I’ve
owned three priuses and every single toyota Prius that I’ve owned these bumpers have cracked
look at this, super super cheap. Now let’s talk about the brakes, who needs brakes that
work all the time right I mean brakes are overrated, but the Toyota Prius here under the right
combination I’ll be going over a hump at the right time hitting the brakes, the brakes
will be unresponsive for a whole second or two and I can duplicate this failure , depending
what speed you’re traveling at that could be deadly, now I contacted Toyota about this
problem Toyota pretty much told me they’re going to file an incident report and I should
check the mail for a recall what kind of solution is that, if you’re wondering if I would buy
a Toyota Prius again I would, its a great car, but like any other great car there are
some things about it that are shotty , if you don’t agree with me that’s too damn bad,
a car that’s only a year and a half old shouldn’t be rotting away in front of eyes it’s just
stupid common sense.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Typical Toyota owner. They know it is a shotty car but they will buy another even though there are much better cars available from other manufacturers.

  2. Dude I totally agree … a had safe f*cken problems with brakes and bumpers … now I had model 2, so no rust 🙂 … but f'n brakes man … I had software update and other BS … and dealer did nothing about brakes … brakes stop working when you hit a pothole or a manhole or something and step on brakes at the same time … 

  3. Well my wife wanted to buy a new Prius but now am not so sure. We currently have a 2012 Toyota Yaris SE we bought new and except for a few cheap plastic trim prices breaking we have had zero problems with the car and it gets around 36 mpg combined. I fill it up around every 8 or 9 days or so.

  4. I do agree, toyota is becoming one of the useless vehicle's, I have bought one, and I had an accident with in 6 days of driving it, the break system is unbelievable useless, the body is made of recycle water bottle, and wait until the battery malfunction, it is highly expensive to buy and to replace. I lost the car in 6 days, 18000, in 6 days. Shame on u toyota ur because a fraud.

  5. I am sure that the bumpers are caused by parking issues where the curb catches the bumper. Simply staying back from those should save the bumpers, but you are right that they are very flimsy!
    As for the breaking issue where it becomes "unresponsive", that is totally on you. Once your understand how the car works you will see that it is not the car. The car has two systems to slow the car down. It engages the engine break first, which is how it gains power while breaking. If it needs to stop quicker then it engages the traditional type of breaks. There is a delay in engaging the traditional one since it is only used when stopping has become more than a normal slowdown. These cars were made to be driven carefully and not "catching air" while going over sudden angle changes or pot holes. Just telling it how it is, but I am sure that is not what you want to hear.  
    Personally I drive mine like a bat outta hell and it's been a great car. However, I take in consideration and anticipate that there will be a delay in breaking if I am doing 80 over an uneven roadway and give extra room for that. I am sure if you followed the rules that we were all taught in drivers ed in high school you would never have known about that delay.  😉
    The rust is weird…no idea, never had any issues with any rust anyplace on mine. If that is a common thing then Toyota should take care of that issue. My only other thought is if the car was possibly exposed to salt water.

  6. Toyota Tacoma and the full sized Toyota trucks back to the T-100 had rust issues so bad, the frames would bend in half. Plenty of class action law suits that Toyota did nothing about other than extend the warranties, and make you wait for a replacement frame until the warranty ran out! 

  7. Where are you located? I am in Montreal and had the same problem. I've changed the component and it happened again – twice in 4 years. Does it only happen in winter with water/salt touching the part and oxidizing the metal because of the electricity?

  8. Prius is an over engineered luxury car… You can buy a new car for $10 that gets the same mileage… Hybrid is a lot of hype now and not worth the money…How long would 3 $10 new cars last compared to one Prius??…
    Mother Earth News made a Hybrid retrofit for $1500 that got 100mpg 35yrs ago… Prius uses a 1.8L motor which is way to big for a Hybrid.. I had a 1L 86 Chevy Sprint that got 45mpg with air and 4dr…

  9. We have a 08 prius and I too notice a lot of little defects. After 80k I'm beginning to notice the brakes feel weird sometimes. Especially during start up. Power brake is delay for a full second. I will not buy another prius.

  10. got a 2011 prius no problems at all not even a cracked bumper and no rust. Been a good car so far. Its cheap but I don't beat the shit out my car either.

  11. In northern countries you rarely see 10 year old or older Toyotas because they rust so fast. Road salt and moisture are mostly the cause, but they are made of substandard steel.

  12. Same here, Love hate.   2011 Prius III w/tech pk.

    That rust is BULLSHIT.  You take it back, sit in the customer service lobby until a manager says they're closing.  Then you filibuster and refuse to take the car until they agree to fix or fund the fix.  I have no rust thankfully but that definitely looks like a paint defect in that area where the trim attaches that allowed rust to take hold.  These cars shouldn't be rusting outside of rotors and license plate bolts for a good 10 years.

    The bumpers.  Don't hit stuff?  They didn't crack on their own and you know it.  Scuffs here of my own doing.

    The brake thing is a VERY big concern of mine as well.  I know exactly the feeling you speak of but I get it under normal braking and breaks in the road surface like a small pothole.   (can reproduce on the same spot at the same red light 100% of the time).  Not even enough to fall into.  But it's enough that the regenerative system decides that when contact is regained it must save itself from sudden load and only use the physical brakes.   I want to say this is what you have going but you didn't mention a hole, only a hump.   But if it's enough of a hump to break the process like braking at a nominal speed over a smaller synthetic speedbump that you would otherwise be slowed up for already but maybe you didn't see it and then there was an obstruction ahead.  Yes there's a good second of markedly weaker brake power.

    I'm going in on July 6th 2015 for normal service and a parking brake check.  I will this time actually talk about the brake issue you raise.   Any updates on your car?

  13. Most reliable and fuel efficient junk out there (for a fair price). Clips on bumper broke and I always have to break earlier before bad road surface. Yet I love her perfect imperfections 😉 Running to check for rust now…

  14. yeah my 2012 just took a s*** engines toast blown head gasket I'm finding out now this is a common problem and I just had my buddies car to take a s*** too he has one went to a mechanic who used to work for Toyota and basically says get a new car it's not worth fixing and they tell you to get an oil change every 10,000 miles he says change it no later than 5 because they're having a lot problems so beware or you will be like me looking for a new car with 8000 left to pay on a broke dick Prius

  15. Funny, NYC has THOUSANDS of prius taxis, running around the clock, 300-700k miles, running in Rain, Snow, Ice… STOCK battery and engine….I used to service these cars too…'s RARE to find a rusty Prius….you probably got a lemon with a half-ass rust-coating.

  16. Drive a car for any period of time in the Northern US where salt is applied to the roads on a regular basis, and cars are going to rust. Our mid 80s MB 300D, and 240, virtually melted away after 4 years. However, my 2000 Lexus GS was rusts free after 10 years. My 2010 Prius is still rust free. So, enough with the prejudice against Japanese products.

    I was under the impression that new cars were less prone to rusting due to improved metallurgy and pre-paint coatings. Isn't any steel going to rust if the protective barriers are violated ?

  17. Been driving a 2015 Prius v for 17 months now and love it so far! tons of space, smooth steady drive and i drive it everywhere! I always get the highest mpg sometimes more without even trying just drive it as i normally would.

    I'll agree thought, some cons are the bumper and some of the interior trims are flimsy, plasticy and scratch very easily.
    Also the paint is only one layer of color and a clear coat, it chips very easily. I dont drive it aggressively, but the slightest pebble flung from a big rig truck will chip the paint.

    The color, shine and luster of the paint are still there. But in 5-7 years i'm afraid theres gonna be alot of dents and chips and the clear coat may begin to peel, i've noticed alot of car companies have compromised using cheaper paint after 2008 or so. My old 2000 Honda Civic has better paint quality and fewer paint chips than the newer cars. I suspect it had to do with higher oil prices back in 2007, since most car paints were petroleum based enamels, but now in efforts to go green, paints and clear coats seem cheaper and thinner.

  18. are you sure this prius in the video wasnt in a floodrebuilt? title I went out to my 2010 took same piece off due to your video and paint was like new underneath.

  19. the break part is what called abs does it work dude. based on what you are talking about it is abs and you should be happy that it work like it should.

  20. The actual problem is with the rust on your brain. Not on the car. You got a brain. Use it. Take good care of your car. The way you're driving it – trust me – rusting is the least you could get.

  21. I have a new 2018, 50,000, Toyota which has had multiple failures, including the accelerator pedal failure which has almost caused an accident. You need to enter into arbitration. Force these giant companies to stand behind their products. If I am in an accident I will sue them. You should also report any failures to I will never buy a new Toyota or any other vehicle that does not respond when given clear direction. Who is driving my car and responsible for accidents when My car does not respond to my commands.

  22. you had 3 prius but doest know what a prius V is ? you are talking about a Prius lift back. Those illuminated kick plates have to be after market if the dealer is not taking care of it, a genuine Toyota accessory is going to have a 3 year warranty. I've sold Toyota and am on my 2nd prius both gen 2 never had these problems. I do hate the bumpers but mine didnt crack

  23. Don’t want rust. Don’t live in a place they put salt on the roads. I will never buy a car from the Midwest or east coast areas for that one reason. I have seen some brand new trucks that look like rust buckets underneath in states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

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