Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Обзор. Экономим топливо на полноприводном кроссовере. Avtopodbor UA

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Обзор. Экономим топливо на полноприводном кроссовере. Avtopodbor UA

Hello friends!
With you Vadim, the company We help people buy and sell good cars Today we want to talk with you about saving fuel on modern crossovers on all-wheel drive crossovers. And help us in this wonderful car Toyota RAV4 with hybrid installation Go! And before that – lifhak: if you press the button below “subscribe”, at the top click the “bell” to enhance the effect, then you will not miss any of our videos, will always be aware of all new products reviews, the most useful and up-to-date information. I recommend doing this, personally I did you will not regret! The very model RAV4 is produced since 1994. Before us – the fourth generation, it is already restyling Exactly the same car now stands in the salon is sold, it is no different The fifth generation was already presented, but for the time being there is no sale, it will be later I want to tell you how we chose it, how we chose it, what alternatives we looked at and what competitors have in general, what you can pay attention to. We selected Nikolai for our regular client. A year ago we bought him a CR-V 2013, the maximum configuration, 2.4 engine. Wonderful car Nikolai went on it a year and decided to change, update, take a more recent Last time, when we were looking for a car, we wanted to buy RAV, but then there were no good RAVs I recommended buying a CR-V. Bought a CR-V. Excellent car showed itself, proved This time I wanted to buy CR-V from 15 years. In the sale of such machines we have almost no There were literally a couple of options, the price was high, everything else – America We did not look at America, so we began to think about alternatives The customer has a positive experience driving to Toyota Decided to return to Toyota again, started watching RAV4 in the old car Again, in the sale of cars is very small, we were interested in 1 option 2.5 maximum equipment, 2014, there was a small run, there was a bit of damage on the front, on the bumper on plastic, well, no matter how serious But the price was, in my opinion, $ 26,000 we were given it and then we thought it was really expensive Because the car for a year is fresh than the one that is, the body is old, dorestail Decided to abandon this idea. We looked at Prado, but Prado does not take this money That is, we did not recommend buying 2.7, and 4 liters of money was not enough Watch Highlander and also the budget is not enough for such a machine And then we decided to watch the new RAV, there are very few of them on sale, but I think we were lucky At this instance the mileage at the time of purchase was 6000 km with kopecks, another year of guarantee The car of 2016, in a base complete set, but it differs from that complete set which now is the base in the cabin. Here we have the lights. There is here a diode strip and there is a led-optics Now in the base stand the headlights are ordinary, that is halogen. By the way, you can distinguish them: they have this the diode is so small. By the way, sometimes owners of such basic cars come to the service and say: “We burned out a diode, only here a small piece of light” But it normal. That is, we have led optics. This is mega-important, I’ll explain further and show why I want to show you what diode optics is and why it is needed Look, we are now traveling with a neighbor, everything is just wonderful, it shines with white light beautiful. Here the far-off beats very far, this is what should be in every modern car For example, I have a regular halogen on the Camry. There’s nothing to see at all Compared with this light, it does not shine just generally And we have an electric trunk lid, now there is no such thing in the database We took the car for $ 31,000, roughly speaking. That is, it’s new, well, like a new one: 6,000 km 2 sets of wheels, signaling different for a lot of money, railing, tinting all sorts of nakleechki under the handles, rugs, even kakieto dopy, locks different on the hood it’s also all worth the money. We get it all already took a bonus along with the car When driving in this car I do not want to
listen to music, that’s all, I do not know why I’m interested to hear how the battery is charging, these are the sounds when you drop the gas such a small sound, I do not know,
electric appliances you can hear It’s interesting when the speed is small and we do not hear the engine, that is, we go for free Perhaps, for sure it will certainly pass with time, but so far I have not played enough, I wonder People ask if you need to charge a hybrid unit, whether you need to charge the car how much it costs, how it goes, how much battery is enough in the “electro” mode and how much in principle what service life, break down, do not break down, how to maintain and so on That’s what I wanted to tell you about detailed Now we are slowing down. We, as I said, are charging. We have a speed of 40 km / h The EV indication on the device appears. This means that we are on electric traction Here we see, there is energy from the battery to the wheel, that is, we are now going absolutely noiselessly absolutely free, we have a climate, all systems work, and we do not spend fuel and do not pollute the environment. We leave, again we go on electric traction, the battery at us slightly recharged from the engine, it is charged either when braking or when the engine is running and it charges I want to tell you about the modes.
Here here below we have different modes there is EV mode, there is Eco mode, there is Sport mode. Now you can turn on the Sport mode When we turn on the Sport, the red indicator appears on the instrument panel. Here, see I turned it off, the display at the top disappeared, it turned on – there was an indication and the inscription Sport In this mode, the gas pedal is very responsive, the acceleration is good. Right now I’m well on my feet speed 120, we hear noise, normal engine sound, as it should be in Sport mode, she rides very kayfovo. When accelerates, gives energy and battery and engine Even when we are going now, when we maintain speed, the battery is charging everything is as usual. Right now, the speed of 130 is basically noisy, but let’s not forget that we go in a crossover, we go on the base, let’s say, mounting rubber this is normal. In Sport mode, the car rides well. Here is the Eco mode when I switch to Eco mode, blue lights up at us there at the top of the strip the Eco indication appears. Right now, I
I want to speed up, I press the pedal but the car does not go. Initially, I did not know that there you need to choose a mode I first rode her, she really does not
was dispersed and it was very unpleasant and difficult then it turned out that there are not just 3 modes here, but here there are 3 selected modes, and 4 – the usual in the usual in my opinion ride is optimal, you just go, it normally accelerates normally reacts. Eco mode is needed in order to save money. In this mode, the machine is not so reacts to the pedal depression. You push harder, and the system strangles you a little bit because of this consumption is less It also affects the climate system, possibly also some other electronic devices in short, it saves fuel for you. There is EV mode, now we have high speed for this regime, I can not show. EV mode only works up to a speed of 50 km / h I will exit Eco mode, here we are in normal mode, all the indicators have disappeared, nothing glows and the machine responds normally to
pedal. In my opinion, this is the optimal driving mode and if you like to drive actively, maybe you will enjoy the Sport mode but I usually do not use the machine, not petals, not the manual mode, not the buttons sport, that is, it is almost always easy enough to step on the pedal, if you you need to accelerate faster, and the car leaves. about acceleration, I stepped on a little, not much, and the car left, we hear a pleasant howling engine our arrow, let’s say, a pseudo tachometer, I do not know how to properly call it this is not a tachometer, it shows our current mode. Now here is the charging mode now we go, stepped on the pedal is not
strongly, Eco mode we drive economically. more came
understandably – closer to Power and when I speed up Here is the Power mode and the car leaves, the battery gives energy to the wheels, the engine gives energy on the wheels. It’s not gas in the floor, it’s just that I just got a little faster. Now you can try in Sport mode just see how the engine is elastic, accelerates from 100 to 140 Well, now I will go to the speed of 100 and then I will push the gas to the floor further we will not, there is no point, at the speed of 160, we clearly understand that we are going all the same on the crossover, we have a 17 wheel radius, and it is certainly very preferable for our roads I would say so, because the pillow is large and we do not so feel the pits, but for the course, of course, it’s better to go on a high profile how does the car work on the battery? now we are driving from the battery, we have
EV indication in principle, if you press EV modes, so I turned it on, and we immediately showed the indication on the EV-mode screen at the bottom. When our speed rises above our EV mode … all, EV mode unavailable speed range exceeded immediately we hear the petrol engine turned on When we turn on the petrol engine, we also feel it Look, I left the EV mode here
now I press it again food at a low speed I press the pedal hard and again from EV mode I went out Ie greatly accelerated – left the regime, high speed – left the regime I did not understand why this button, why this mode, if without it we also have EV now we are going, now I will show, we are driving the same way on electric traction without some kind of regime we do not squeak anything that we’re out of something out there that’s just going to ourselves At a speed of 50 km / h it should fall off us
but this is inaccurate there depending on the load now I’m gently pushing the pedal already just above 50, maybe we’ll rise to 60 Well, while we’re going modes EV – electric traction mode that is the mode when we drive only on the battery in fact, he probably created for you to press it and ride frugally for free and eco-friendly, but you can do it all in simple mode without any additional so why this button I did not understand probably just to emphasize that we have an environmentally friendly modern machine I propose to slow down and see how much we can travel by electric traction For example, speed 40, we have the EV indicator on and we are driving electric I propose to raise to 50 and see. We drove already 2 km I came up with the smart idea to put a cruise on, we’re going at a speed, right now I’m raising up to 50 km / h again And basically the battery here 2 sticks, as there were nedozaryazhennye, and is, well we will go We will look, I will not raise above 50 Let’s see in this mode. That is, we have already traveled for 2 km for free, one stick fell 6 793. Another stick fell. 6,794 km. We go with a climate, a cruise of 50 km / h 6 795. Already 4 km we drove exclusively on electric traction. While we go further But I think that our main engine will soon turn on. I heard that 5 km is enough reserve in this mode.
Everything turned on the engine. 6,795 km Roughly speaking, 4-5 km. You can make a small error Because at first I went without a cruise, that is, roughly speaking, we drove 5 km on electric traction Then the engine started Now the engine is on again, maybe it will be heard on the camera and constantly we hear how our box works here is a planetary box, not here
variator, not an ordinary machine. when we brake here again can, I’ll make the climate quieter, so that he does not make noise, here you hear such a light little howl as a trolleybus. I press the brake and at this point the charging is more intense. even when I Brake and press, charging also goes. that’s when we speed up the battery helps us it does give some of the energy.
we brake – here again a couple of words about how the car rides and how it ruled. with respect to the engine I think the engine here is a great success, coupled with a hybrid installation is accelerating well works well no discomfort
something turns on and off gasoline engine yes you feel it
you understand it well, as it were, and all There is no problem. When we need to accelerate, you step on pedal, the car starts to go and and not
You need to press and do not need to trample, but this Now I’m talking about the normal mode In Eco mode, of course it gets a little bit like a vegetable such you know so it
not actually and do not like With regard to the box in general,
on her food I do not even think about if there is no box here that she is there
does that is just a meal, the machine itself rides and no extra attention you do not cause the presence or absence boxes. accelerates smoothly, accelerates actively remarkably we will not check the translation
its cross-country ability is all the same not our car is a new car but the drive here is also well-designed the car behaves well off-road
understandably, we remember that this is crossover is still not a full-fledged jeep
but its function is completely here’s a recumbent police car
it passes softly as it were, well, how Toyota softness is now the most
Interesting: expense. that’s clean by my observations, I will not talk about
passport data, passport data for in my opinion, they show 5.6-5.7
that the city that the route there is a difference of 0.1 means as I said on the road this
consider your usual gasoline the car that is it rides basically
on a gasoline engine but electric traction helps with acceleration therefore the expense
you get a plus or minus normal. but let’s not forget with us
the planetary box is also economical and it affects the consumption
I specially made measurements on different speed included cruise smooth road well
understandably the climate included passengers in the salon and checked how much there is a car
eats now that you just sound basic figures
firstly, we see how the consumption decreases with We will not, however, reduce the speed
forget the crossover before us aerodynamics well, as it were not such as
sedans therefore speed 150 consumption 10.1 really in the dozens at
speed 140 flow rate 9.3 at speed 130 flow rate 8.8 speed 120 flow rate 7.7 at speed 110 consumption 7.2 basically we all people go there 110 or 120 ie count 7.5-8 liters will be your expense. at
speed 100 consumption 6.3 that is if go for say 90 but unfortunately not
measured but today we measure again if you go for example 90-100, it will be directly mega economically but it is unlikely that you will travel far to long distances. now the expense in the city this is where real magic begins imagine the situation: you are approaching
before you cork, you become trapped you have a quiet in the cabin, you have a climate in the cabin, you have music, you do not consume fuel No noise, no harmful emissions, you are standing and quietly moving only on
electric traction I do not know exactly how much you can do this
It will depend on the conditions, but I was getting so screwed up
the whole cork passed through an electric motor believe this wonderful feeling in
the city can be reached different consumption in
depending on how you will ride I in Instagram posted a screenshot
I traveled half a day across Kiev the consumption of 6.5 is very economical. I think I think that the average consumption at normal operation mode you will have about 7.5 liters name me another crossover, any
Another, where you can get same consumption on a gasoline engine
I do not know such. then here again this the car provokes something to ride it neatly and economically know is sports cars they provoke on a fast ride, this machine provokes but at least I can ride economically and quietly it’s interesting when you realize that you have the potential for this you are interested in. use it, find out how much,
how, so if reasonable pedal if reasonably
Use the gas pedal and pedal brakes can be achieved very
interesting results, that is, you accelerated, released gas, battery
charging, then you can go to electric power that is the city of mega is straight
very strongly recommend Let’s see what we have under the hood here we
see the usual engine Toyota 2.5 you could see it on the previous
RAV, on the Camry it stands as though usual well, well, the most ordinary engine
But this is already an element of our hybrid installation here we see 3
This means that we have all wheel drive if there were 2 contacts,
it would mean that we have an anterior drive unit. I recommend that you take
only four-wheel drive. apart from controllability and patency
there is another very important moment
full drive is charged and faster and more effective when we slow down the charge
comes with two axes and in the front drive with only one
In principle, there is nothing particularly interesting here There is no down there is an electric motor on
front axle behind there is a separate electric motor
the rear axle. they work independently of each other friend between them there is no cardan shaft
so the moment immediately from the engine is transmitted to the wheels. electronics itself decides when to which engine to include and But this greatly increases both comfort and
controllability and patency I want to show where is the back battery
it is installed under the rear seat let’s go see. our battery
located under the rear seats in principle, the back row is practically
is not infringed, we have a seat they are adjusted on an inclination, are exposed, there is an armrest but due to that the battery here is here that’s the bottom part
it is not removed in any way well or is removed, but I do not know how. I think that all the same is not removed because there is no there are not any identifying marks.
the battery can heat up there there is a bottom
A hole for ventilation she has there своя система кондиционирования когда
батарея перегревается она отключается когда батарея очень сильно холодная она
отключается когда двигатель у вас не вышел на оптимальную температуру
гибридная установка у вас тоже не работает напомню когда вы активно
ускоряетесь в режиме электротяги так сказать тоже гибридная установка
перестает работать в общем есть ряд ограничений нужно их понимать, чтобы
эффективно скажем так пользоваться потенциалом своей машины
потом еще о заднем ряде. вот мы складываем сиденья и все, мы их больше сложить не можем и ровного пола у нас нету потому что у нас вот эта часть она
выше вот из багажника сейчас хорошо будет видно вот эту ступень сейчас подойду
на вашу сторону покажу и мы разложили заднее сидение здесь вот
идет ровная поверхность здесь идет вот такой вот подъем и с этим придется жить
потому что у нас тут аккумулятор тут какие-то ниши у нас есть небольшие сюда
можно сложить инвентарь. там внизу запаска есть еще пару карманов так
сказать для мелочевки но на охоте на рыбалке спать здесь будет
неудобно. пару слов о салоне здесь сидеть удобно все под рукой все
продумано кто то скажет что дизайн не нравится там линии вот эти карманы не
знаю я рассматриваю тойоту как тойоту ожидаю от нее ровно то что можно
ожидать от toyota поэтому меня все устраивает все хорошо единственное что
не устроит вообще вот пару моментов по машине да вот первое подподстаканники
посмотрите какая глубина. вот сюда обычный стаканчик кофе вот смотрите
телефон note 8 до больше наверное не придумаешь то есть обычныq стаканчик кофе там вы потеряете никогда не найдете здесь чуть чуть лучше но все
равно очень глубоко и как бы но с подстаканниками я бы немножко поработал
в этих карманах лежат резиночки все удобно все приятно кстати опять вот эта ниша наверное для телефона может нет но мой телефон сюда не помещается по
комплектации у нас есть 2-зонный климат у нас есть подогрев зоны дворников в
топовой комплектации будет подогрев всего стекла будет кожа по моему даже
люк будет куча систем безопасности которых у нас нету но что поделаешь
бесключевой доступ очень удобная опция подогревы сидений у нас есть у нас есть экран он сенсорный конечно не такой сенсорный
как мы привыкли в наших телефонах но тем тем не менее сюда можно пальцем нажать и оно реагирует кстати о подвеске Амортизаторы бьют. Если у нас там, вы едете, и там есть такая, ну скажем резкая яма, где амортизаторы выправляется полностью, у нас есть удар и задние бьют чаще не знаю это какая-то уже проблема конкретной машины или это у всех так но она гарантийная на следующем ТО поедем и
зададим этот вопрос они работают они держат дорогу но бьют вот на таких ямах
случаются пробои это крайне неприятно и удивительно Спасибо, что досмотрели это видео до конца Ролик получился длинный, но много информации, много о чем хотелось рассказать Уверен, я не все аспекты раскрыл по
автомобилю, поэтому если у вас есть
issues Задавайте их в комментариях, я
обязательно вам отвечу Кто не подписался – подпишитесь
Вот тут колокольчик Поставьте лайк и до новых встреч.

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