Toyota RAV4 SUV 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota RAV4 SUV 2013 review – CarBuyer

The Toyota Rav 4 helped to establish the now
extremely popular compact SUV market when it launched back in 1994, almost 2 decades
later, how does it fare in today’s fiercely competitive market? The latest model is larger than before offering
more space for five passengers and their luggage. Helped by this very large boot, which is easy
to load items in and out of – and comes complete with this handy net. In fact the whole family’s
set of bags will fit – complete with tent, camping stove and whatever else you would
need on an adventurous camping trip. Or perhaps those fun days out to Swedish furniture
stores, fold the seats down and there is plenty of room to accommodate your shopping fixes.
Fold them back up and your passengers will be very happy with the space they have. As you can see there is plenty of head room
and leg room. Whilst we’re on the subject of practicality
let me show you the abundance of cubby holes for every day items. I love this huge central
storage box and big cup holders because you can really take advantage of them, it’s like
your one messy drawer in the house or “man tin” that is just full of things you might
need. Moving on, we also have a decent size glove box and large door bins! Enough of space, what’s the spec like? The
entry level model comes with pretty much everything that you need including 17″ alloy wheels,
air conditioning, Bluetooth and front fog lights. The mid spec would be our recommendation though,
which adds a powered boot lid as seen earlier in this review, cruise control and automatic
lights and wipers. All models come with stop start though, aiding
to its decent fuel economy. There are two diesel and one petrol engine to choose from.
The most economical being the front-wheel drive 2.0 diesel with manual gearbox, emitting
just 127 g/km of co2 and averaging 57.6 mpg. Whilst you’re not spending loads of money
on fuel, Toyota have done a very good job since the GT86 of making their cars fairly
driver engaging. So the RAV4 even comes with Sport mode on four wheel drive models, which
increases the weight of the steering and send more power to the rear wheels to improve grip
when cornering at speed. Unfortunately the roll in the corners means it cannot match
the Ford Kuga or even the Honda CR-V in the ‘fun to drive’ stakes. Another complaint I have is the interior.
It’s a bit dated and some of the buttons and switches should be replaced for newer sleeker
ones. Having said that, Toyota’s are extremely reliable
and the Rav 4 is comfortable, practical and boasts good spec levels. What’s more, the
5 year, 100,000 mile warranty is transferrable to a new owner, which should help resale values.
How reliable is your car? Why not tell us at Finally, why not check out a couple of the
RAV4’s closest rival by clicking on the Mazda CX5 video here and Ford Kuga here. And don’t
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Why do you start with "Actually, …". I agree the front end looks good(ish) as opposed to the rear; of which I said it looks awkward… especially if the car were in any other colour then red; which would accentuate the rear lights.

  2. i dont like carbuyer anymore.
    because you are really messed up with that ford fanatism. for an example:
    fiesta sucks, sluggish engines, messed up gearboxes, ear and brain-f*king road and engine noises. sucking at build quality. absurd dashboard and idiotly placed buttons. and its still the class leader ?
    you are sided. and your side is ford.
    sorry carbuyer its time to dissubscription.

  3. I heard that the Vice president (or someone in a simliar position) at Toyota told their designers to "stop making boring cars" in early 2013. I hope this is true.

  4. Wow, what a sweet cute girl! As for the car, one of my X girls had the older model, and what can I say? I love it, was very reliable but somehow without power.

  5. Mordern toyota being reliable is a myth. They have recalled 8 million cars how can toyota be regarded as a reliable car.

  6. If Honda CR-V wins over a car for being fun to drive, there should be a word more boring than boring to describe that car.

  7. Well, but this is not a car for off-road adventure, the mono-hull frame, suspension and power train is for more comfortable driving in city, beach and picnic. Do you want something harder? Try Defender, Triton, Hilux among others.

  8. I think people want everything these days. Generally speaking the old shape Rav4 look like it's ready for anything and it looks well made. This particular model looks weak and like it has been made to a cost. If I wanted off-road capability I'd go for something proper like a Mitsubishi or a Land Rover.

  9. Yes very reliable but unfortunately interior extremely ugly and crappy…2014 nissan x-trail much better interior-exterior with less reliability,..Really hard to find a good car 🙁

  10. What's that music played the background…I liked it and the car review too. Can someone plz help me identify the music?

  11. Toyota used to be so reliable BUT not any more. After all the accidents, mishaps and re-calls, I would not go near Toyota on and off the road for a considerable future.

  12. My family has a toyota unser and has been using it since 2003 up until now! and has no major breakdowns. Plus, it's almost 12 y/o ^^

  13. Toyota please cover those cheapy plastics with some leather and you gave a brilliant car……Please just listen to the public for once.

  14. I've just had one of these as a hire car while my Ford Kuga is having body accident damage repaired. Give me my Kuga back ASAP please as this Toyota isn't a patch on in terms of drivability, quality finish and ease of use is better too in the Ford, even the power tailgate on my Ford is more user friendly than Toyotas and the fuel economy on my Ford seems to be a lot better too.

  15. Yes she does love her bananas. . She loaded a banana into the Subaru forester as well. What if im a Costco shopper, not an ikea shopper? That "secret" hiding spot is no secret anymore. Vicki-Butler Henderson, lookout. I see your replacement here. .

  16. correction ' all models do not come with start stop technology ' i have a 2013 rav4 2.2 d4d icon and it does not have this feature , which i am glad of btw.

  17. I have a 2014 RAV4 Invincible NAV 2WD 2.0D. I like it despite some minor irritations like the electric folding mirrors are manually operated only and cannot be automated to fold and open with the ignition yet the car has great tech such as auto headlights and auto windshield wipers. Control buttons such as window operation and mirror adjustment have no illumination and the car does not auto lock the doors when driving off. This is manual operation only. The 20D drives ok. The engine is quite punchy but rough compared to some other modern diesel engines. I've had use of a 2014 Kia Sorento recently and to my surprise it is far more refined and much nicer to drive then the Rav4 which cost £28,000 with the style pack two years ago.

  18. Lots of talk, very little useful information. It looks like she is gossiping with her girlfriends about her current boyfriend rather than doing a car review. Practically advertisement for Toyota.

  19. I would not watch this video if you want to see clearly in the rav 4 for space as there is large writing that covers the screen and no way of getting rid of the subtitle at all which spoils the video clip all together

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