Toyota Recalls Thousands of Corollas, Here’s What Happened

Toyota Recalls Thousands of Corollas, Here’s What Happened

rev up your engines, Toyota Recalled 3,400
Toyota Corolla hatchbacks with the CVT transmissions, on these 3400 vehicles
Toyota’s replacing the transmission and a torque converter, because they have a
problem that they can fail and they’re replacing all shooting matches on 3400 of them,
now if you remember a while back I made a video on why I don’t like CVT
transmissions well this is kind of proof of the pudding here, even though they’re
Toyota’s known for a long life, even they messed up with their CVT transmissions
in these Corolla but from my experience and my customers
experiences, it goes a bit deeper than just these 3400 2019 Corolla
hatchbacks, because the 2014 to 2017 with the CVT transmissions have whatToyota
calls a special service campaign jsd now they call it that instead of a recall
and really they’re splitting hairs here it’s pretty much the same as a recall
but there’s so many of those that there’s no way Toyota’s going to say they’re
gonna replace the transmissions and torque converters in every single one of
those millions of cars, so man oh man are they hedging their bets on that one, you
know they’re not going to openly say oh gee we have to replace all these
cvts because they have abnormal wear and you know hey what is abnormal wear you
know, they leave themselves a lot of wiggle room here to say what they’re
gonna fix for free and what they’re not gonna fix for free, and in this respect
it reminds me of problems that Chrysler had with a bunch of their 300 luxury
cars, they had transmission problems and they attempted a software update and
they said, oh that fixed the shifting problems with the software update, well
guess what I had customers with those Chrysler 300s and they weren’t shifting
right, and they took it into Chrysler for the software update and they still
didn’t shift right, most of my customers that was a few years back they got rid
of them anyways they said I’ll never buy another
one of those Chrysler pieces of junk I learned my lesson, but Toyota a
company that’s known for quality, hey my old celica’s automatic transmission that has
240,000 miles on it and it still shifts like a dream, they’re supposed to make really
solid reliable stuff not things like this, and interestingly enough it is only
the ones that have CVT transmissions they don’t have any problems with the
manual transmissions, they don’t have any problem with the conventional automatic
transmissions, it’s only these CVT transmissions, now if you look at the
history of it Toyota was one of the later large
manufacturers to start producing these CVT transmissions in regular cars not in
hybrids, and perhaps they should have waited longer till they perfected them,
obviously they have not perfected the CVT technology in these things, now
strangely enough the CVT transmissions in the Toyota Prius their hybrid
flagship, they don’t occur all that often but I think a lot of that might have to
do with its using a dual power of the engine that’s a gasoline
four-stroke engine it doesn’t put out that much horsepower, and the electric
boost motor where these cars that they’re having problems with now, they of
course are only getting power from one source the gasoline engine and these
gasoline engines have a heck of a lot more horsepower than a Toyota Prius
gasoline engine has, when you consider that they were only actually recalling
3400 toyota Corolla hatchbacks and not hundreds and hundreds of thousands more
that also have CVT transmissions and instead their talking about those in terms
of a special service campaign jsd if that isn’t doublespeak I don’t know what
is, they’re basically covering their own rear ends with legalese and they get to
the side whether, oh is the transmission too worn, has it damaged the inside of
the transmission, and that they reprogram that to supposedly check for wear on stuff,
hey in order to check for serious wear you’d have to take the transmission
apart, and start measuring stuff micrometer and you know they’re not
gonna be doing that unless the transmission has actually has failed, and
here’s some more of their legalese that’ll explain the whole thing so you
can really understand, in the end of this jsd campaign thing that they have, it
says resolution of existing powertrain malfunctions are not covered as part of
the special service campaign and should be diagnosed and repaired under warranty
if still covered, if the vehicle is not covered by warranty the customer is
responsible for the cost of diagnosis and repair, and as I said earlier
Chrysler tried that with their 300 vehicles,
I had customers with them that they had the reprogramming done and then they said
it’s all fine and dandy but the cars never shifted right again and
when it’s talking about extra wear, okay then a thing wears out when it’s out of
warranty they’re just gonna say, oh well now you got to buy another super
expensive transmission, why do people buy Toyota’s because they’re known for
legendary long life with little repairs I think they should go a little bit
deeper with these other Corollas too rather than just say, oh well you know
reprogram it and we’ll check for wear people don’t understand the checking for
wearing these things it’s a real big deal it isn’t some simple thing that can
be done in a few minutes, a long period of time they’ll perfect them and they won’t
have any problems, hey who knows one way or the other, but my advice is I would
stay away from buying one of these with the CVT transmission period I wouldn’t
care what year it was, pretty much the same advice I give people about hybrids,
I never advise anybody to buy a used hybrid because of their high cost to
repairs they age, so I mean if you’re the type of person say you’re gonna lease a
corolla or your gonna buy one maybe a hundred thousand miles or something and
then get rid of it you’re probably perfectly safe, but if you want your car to
last like my long line of Toyotas and Lexus in the back, I’d stay away from a
Toyota CVT transmission myself, if they’re replacing CVT transmissions and
torque converters on 2019 models this is 2019 right now when I’m making this
video who knows if those things are going to hold up over time either cuz they’re brand new, don’t buy stuff that’s brand
new buy stuff that’s tried and trued it’s another reason I love buying used
cars, cuz if you got a used car at seven eight years old and it
still runs good hey that’s Johnny that thing was solidly built, it stood the
test of time and it’s still purring along they have no problems with any of the
Toyotas that have manual transmissions those things are bulletproof they can
run forever, a lot of people don’t like driving a manual but they don’t break,
and Toyota makes ones that can last, I’ve see them go a million miles on some of them, but
the CVT transmissions I’ve never seen one at a million miles I’ve never seen
one that even had more than 150,000 miles on it before it broke down, I’m out
to tell everybody the truth about everything, no strings attached, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. the new corolla cvt has a new feature. a real first gear to start you off then transitions into cvt. thats the issue

  3. Every company has recalls Toyota no exception at least they are and all other companies who recall there products are fixing it

  4. What!!! Can't even count on Toyota to do us right nothing wrong with cash they take don't we deserve the same

  5. That's really poor on Toyota's part. FWIW, I've a several years old Camry w/a CVT, n love it. Still shifts like when it was new. Hope you didn't just jinx me, Scotty.

  6. I accidentally got a Honda CVT, before I knew that was what was under the hood. Now the car’s at 100k miles and runs fine. I’ll plan to post again at 150k miles or 200k. Alternatively, I could post when the car is 7-8 years old and still running well, to meet the “solidly built” Scotty standard from 6:30

  7. IIRC, Subaru was the first company to bring out the CVT transmission to the North American market in their Justy.

  8. Scotty, Prius CVT is planetary gears. They are all gears, no belt. CVT with belts in Nissan, Honda, and Corollas are different design. In Prius, Gears are as reliable as conventional automatic transmission.

  9. That’s why I always go with Toyota’s manual transmission. Scotty, love your objectivity. I can identify with you.

  10. The CVT transmission is Toyota's weak point they cannot make a CVC they tried it and that's why they recalled every single one Nissan however invented the CVT over 20 years in the business Toyota bought transmissions from Nissan to put in select models to solve the problem then covered it up

  11. By the way who would want to own a Toyota Corolla hatchback anyway those things are ugly that was another mistake Toyota made

  12. Scotty still has 240,000 miles on his Celica. He said that for 2 years now. Lol. He should get antique tags for it. I have a 1995 Camry with 210,700 still runs great. Recently got it all maintenanced and tuned up. That to will be an antique next year.

  13. Scott the manual transmission are good but I have a 98 celica GT 2.2L with 260 ,000 and the synchronizer between second and third gear going bad and no parts because is from Japan. I can only buy a complete transmission for 2500 $$

  14. Scotty thanks for the heads up. I still think you should do a video teaching your audience how to tell the difference between a regular automatic and a CVT automatic. I don’t think it’s readily apparent whether a vehicle is equipped with one or not. Help the buyers to beware.

  15. you are wrong btw scotty. The corolla uses the dynamic shift cvt. It has an actual solid first gear then it switches to the cvt after abit. So it accelerates pretty quick for a corolla. And its got paddle. Now this recall only effected cars made in aug and sep of 2018. And only certain ones. And it was actually the torque converter that failed. Toyota just wanted to replace both of them and be done with it. Please get your facts straight. Including scotty. Talking about crap he doesnt even know about. Source of info. I own two 2019 blue cvt corolla hatchbacks. One had the recall but it never actually failed. Toyota replaced it, so i bought a second one for my wife.

  16. And to think Toyota was about the only company who seemed to do a CVT correctly. The CVT is flawed by design, not to mention is simply is not pleasing to drive. Just stick with traditional automatics, they are proven when designed and maintained correctly to last over 200k+ miles.

  17. Never seen a CVT with 150k miles? Scotty, are you kidding me???? There are tax and I

  18. That’s great news because the absolute worst car that I hate getting stuck behind is a Corolla. What is up with Corolla drivers? Or is there like a 1.0L in that car?

  19. So is Toyota replacing the CVT's with new CVT's??!! I can't see them replacing the CVT's with conventional automatics – would'nt they also have to replace the shifter, computer(s)?
    & aren't A L L CURRENT corollas(what other toyotas!?) automatics now CVT's?

  20. Scotty – I had a Cushman motor scoter in the 1950 with a centrifugal clutch similar to a CVT transmission. But it only had 4 horsepowe .

  21. b ought used cars since 52 only demo i bought cause i aso bought a house in the country 60 miles from work was a 65 dodge dart 270 slant 6 put ov er 500k miles on it N O PROBLEM other than the ballast resisitor that kept b lowing after replaci ng 3 times i kept spare in glove box i said to myself screw it then strung copper across terminals it worked m y favourite USED car was the 71 R/RNR also 65 SS malibu conv sure purty thing

  22. Thank you for your comments on Toyota. Convinced me to buy a 2019 Toyota rav 4 hybrid. Reliability and fuel economy is incredible

  23. It would be great if they made a new front wheel drive Toyota Celica using that 2.0 i4 engine from the 2020 Corolla paired with a 8 speed auto or 6 speed manual transmission, they can even use the same body frame as the 2020 Corolla but put a sport car body on it.

  24. No scotty you don’t tell truth about everything. You are biased about lot of things. I am proud owner of 2012 BMW 328i ( original ownwer) with 75k on it. Its still perfect and fun to drive. Also own 2018 Accord 1.5T with CVT, its just fun daily.
    Toyota just BORING

  25. Fun fact: There is actually a city in Japan called Toyota, and yes their headquarters are there. They renamed the city to Toyota to honor the company.

  26. I own a Toyota Camry hybrid with 110k all ways changed the trans oil ever 30k no issues .
    My friend has 2015 highlander hybrid with 212k he never changed the trans oil no issues.
    Another friend has 2016 Camry hybrid with 175k and he drives it in NYC heavy traffic everyday with no issues.

  27. Thanks Scotty. I was hoping to buy a mid to large sedan next month. I was hoping to get something Toyota or Honda. Now I am leaning more towards the Honda Accord.

  28. The recall was due to bad torque converter where the turbine can shatter damaging the transmission not the transmission itself. The new cvt design with a launch gear means better take off power over the previous design.

  29. Torque converters in general are used for automatic transmissions (AT) and other CVTs, however, the affected torque converter in this recall is used in the Direct Shift-CVT only.

  30. Scotty,

    As long as we get the manual transmission corollas, it is very reliable and will last a very long time, right?


  31. My 3rd gen Tacoma has has two TSB software updates and still shifts horrible. Wonder if they will ever work out the Atkinson engine/transmission issues

  32. How many of these CVTs issues are due to them artificially acting like regular gearboxes and simulating gear changes in the US market ? I don't recall Europe models having any particular problems with CVTs, granted there are much less cars sold with automatic gearboxes of all kind over here so that might come into play as well.

  33. This is why I bought new in 2016 the Corolla base model with the time tested 4 speed tranny..Easy maintenance …"Drain and fill kid"..

  34. Scotty, I need your help please. A friend got in a front end collision with a new 2020 Corolla and she didn’t have collision insurance and she got the ticket so it’s her fault. She was taking off slowly from a stop sign and a pickup was coming from her right at around 55 mph and she hit him in the rear tire causing his rear tire to move quite a bit back and at an angle. Her car is damaged in the front but her tires look okay and no air bags deployed and no glass broke that I’m aware of. She got a cursory estimate from a body shop near where the vehicle was towed and they said 75% loss but indicated it could be repaired, something i’m going to verify tomorrow. My question, if I tried to do the work myself, could it be repaired, would it be worth it potentially? I am very mechanically adept but I’m not exactly a mechanic either. I plan to ask them if they know if the frame is bent or not. Any thoughts? Should I suggest she sell the car for scrap instead?

  35. I heard that the new 6 speed with the rev matching on the new Corollas are pretty good, but only available in the SE Sedan and not the XSE sedan. But much improvement over the previous Corolla, especially much more power with the new engine in the SE and XSE…

  36. If this was a Fiat/Chrysler, GM, Nissan or Kia/Hyundai they’d be called “garbage”. But since they’re built by Toyota they’re still great and he will continue to recommend to his customers to buy them. Hey Scotty, Toyota’s are crap!

  37. You don't have to worry about the transmission breaking down because the Takata airbag will chop your head off before it breaks down.

  38. Well Scotty, I'm looking to purchase a used Corolla between 2014 to 2019, did all these come with cvt auto's? In another one of your videos on cvt you mentioned Toyota was the only one you haven't seen fail yet. Should I look for something else?

  39. Hmmm … seem to recall someone bad-mouthing other manufacturer's CVT transmissions, and how Toyota was the only one who built really good ones :-).

    Maybe you ought to trying getting out of your Toyota and try a fifth generation Impreza – nice stiff body, and it ain't real quick but it is a competent ride with very nice all wheel drive.

  40. Scotty- how do I know if the car has a CVT or not if buying it used? Looking for a used corolla , but I’m cautious now over this.

  41. So, i just bought a 09 camry and smokes a little in the morning, and it's not condensation. Latter i found out this toyotas had a problem with the piston rings not allowing the oil flow go through the rings normally because the little holes on the pistons are too small! How do i know if the problem in my car was taken care of by the preview owners by taking the car to toyota? The car has 111000 miles. Is there a way for me to find out if that problem was taken care of by toyota? I don't think i cant take it to toyota anymore since the car is ten years old! Cheers scotty!

  42. It looks like Toyota has solved their problem mainly with their software update. I had one done a year ago and everything is going well. I do plan a drain and refill in my cvt as you showed sometime in August 2019.

  43. The old 4 speed torque convertor was perfect. The problem is that Toyota is building cars for the media people not the buyers.

  44. Scotty is right. I have to change my 2016 Toyota CVT transmission. I'm lucky, it's under warranty. If not they would have charged me about USD15,300.00. Now, I'm waiting for the parts to arrive.

  45. My family is actively looking for a used Toyota. Can you make a video of which Toyota models, engines or transmissions to avoid from 2005 to prevent. And how do you identify with engine or transmission does the car you are looking at have.


  47. I have a corolla hatch the cvt went out at 10k miles got everything replaced for free no issues since then currently at 23k miles

  48. My hatch broke down this morning i dont get it as soon as i put it in drive the car gonna stall.. Had the car towed to toyota waiting monday for more news

  49. Hey scotty, I disagree with you when you say Toyotas don't have problems with their manual transmissions. The 2003-2005 corollas and 2003-2007 matrix all had problems with their manual transmissions, I believe it was the bearing that would just break and trash the whole transmission.

  50. From what I can gather, at least the Toyota CVTs aren't terrible, but they probably won't be lasting to 400k+ miles like the classic automatic and manual transmissions

  51. Yes, I thought the same thing. I was loo king to purchase a Civic, but after his vid on the oil dilution problem, and the cvt issue, I changed my mind. The I heard him say Toyota was the best option in this class, then I watched this video. I’m looking to pull the trigger soon on a new compact car, but this guy is confusing me more then setting me straight.

  52. Here is the difference between the Toyota CVT and the NEW Toyota e-CVT transmissions: The e-CVT uses Planetary GEARS in it, while the CVT uses a steel belt running between two steel V-pulleys. Planetary gears are NOT affected by metal wear as time passes, but V-pulles are affected and they develop 'grooves' in them that make the transmission behave erratically, and that requires a transmission overhaul at around 80,000 to 100,000 miles, which cost around $4,000. So if you get a NEW hybrid Toyota, don't worry, it won't have any transmission problems with the transmission because it is all gears in it, and does not use a steel belt. Be careful of the old e-CVT in the Prius vehicles that have a 1.5L engine because it uses a steel chain to transmit power to the drive wheels and that chain will require replacing as it stretches.

  53. Cvt in a Prius is a continuously veritable transmission but uses a totally different architecture then that of conventional CVT most notably the lack of a metal belt fact the only thing that they have in common is that they are continuously variable transmission

  54. My 2016 Tacoma shifted terrible and they did a “software update”. Terrible Truck glad I got rid of it and would not recommend. Wonder what Scotty thinks about these newer Tacos.

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