Toyota Rush vs Mitsubishi Xpander vs Honda BR-V – AutoDeal Comparo

Toyota Rush vs Mitsubishi Xpander vs Honda BR-V – AutoDeal Comparo

Okay, so this one has been a long time one We’ve been dying to put these two cars against each other But we figured even that wasn’t enough And not just by me By a few people on the internet as well who are ready to hit me with a bat if need be Heck even an immigration officer from Terminal three asked Vincent tonight when this shoot was gonna happen and to him I said soon The rise of the seven theatre MTV’s functionality versatility and popularity has brought soon today And that’s heavy The seasoned veteran of the bunch the Honda brv made its debut on Philippine shores quite some time ago now with little Changes since then it has become Honda cars Philippines incorporated second. Most popular car for 2018 the BRV is equipped with a 1.5 Ivy Tech that produces 120 horses and 145 Newton meters of torque this s CVT modular is available at 1 million and 72,000 Philippine pesos, which goes to show if it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it Hailing from the number one car company in the Philippines the Toyota rush or baby Fortuna is some like to call it has quickly become a staple for Toyota on Philippine roads under the hood is a 1.5 liter 4-speed automatic transmission that produces 102 horses and 134 Newton meters of torque this g variant is available at 1 million and 70,000 Philippine pesos And I gotta say this thing looks good. And now the relative newcomer that started this delightful little true and I do mean delightful in every sense of the word the Expander which are slowly but surely started to show its cuts and curves on Philippine roads ever since it made its debut in 2018 It’s powered by a 1.5 liter four-speed automatic that produces 105 horses and 141 Newton meters of torque This GLS sport variant is available at 1 million and 60,000 Philippine pesos shiny, oh And big huge ups to mitsubishi diamond motors incorporated for hooking us up with the expander You guys are awesome people. It’s good to have you at Auto deal Of the three the BRV has probably got the most current look of them all It’s got a very calming and familiar face to it The halogen headlamps the strong grille the fog lamps and LED DRLs pound directly underneath which are probably more Style than functional especially when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Metro, Manila Now down the side. It’s got skirts just like it does up front. It’s got lines that are slightly elevated repeaters on the side mirrors a slightly elevated roof rail and 16-inch mags that have 195 60s on Now the rush on the other hand has a more advanced design a sort of peak in the next year’s car today It’s got an art hood with waves on it a sleek LED headlamps a grill with equal spaces and fog lamps to boot now down the side It’s got blinds that are much calmer. It’s got Chrome on the windowsills repeaters on the mirrors body flushed roof rails and to15 60s on Seventeen’s The most futuristic front clip of the bunch the expander looks like it belongs in the halls of Tomorrowland with this dynamic shield design now a pop you’ve got LEDs but on the bottom and all halogen affair from its headlamps that are stuck inside the bumper to its fog lamps down below found by the skid plate Now you can’t miss the broad panels above the wheel wells. In fact, they probably dwarf the lines on the sides you’ve got chrome accents on the sill chrome accents on the mirrors which have repeaters as well and it sits on six teens that have 205 55 all three models offer almost the same amount of space when the third row is in play which is to say in the region of 220 liters the layout after the third row has been folded is where it differs in The BRV with the third row folded you can fit two Matic Mayan boxes snug, but they do fit There are some air pockets that can be found in the back But that’s mainly for the floor mounts of the chairs and the side panels on the doors But really to buttock buying boxes will definitely fit without impeding the view of the driver impressive The rush to folds in the same movement but offers even more space To Banach by inboxes and not a pro and enough space to fit our bulky camera equipment and a beer for Vincent very impressive the Expander on the other hand differs because the seats fold flush allowing you to maximize the space in the cargo hold which can fit to buttock bayern boxes five gallons of water our Camera equipment our audio equipment a beer for Vincent. And of course a beer for yours truly Most impressive oh and because we can night shot I just love doing that The third row on all three cars have pretty much the same level of comfort good for Jones jump seats for two smaller sized individuals five six and below and cupholders on either side plus the rear speakers now, so Asking someone six feet tall to demonstrate how to get in and out Plus it recline and test the third row of all three cars is a bit of a hassle especially under this heat But it sure is funny to see him try The BRV has no toys to speak of here in the second row no center armrest Just bottle holders on either door your standard air and air controls can be found on the ceiling which really can be found on all Three cars however, the amount of headroom and legroom is massive and very very impressive There is also very limited bolstering on the shoulders which makes getting in and out the car much easier Especially for senior citizens and I must mention that the seat material on this car. Will it kind of resembles corduroy? It’s a trip really however not as warrant, which is nice The rush has a pair more cup holders and a pair more speakers that can be found for the rear cabin It also has a 12 volt socket. We found the back and the bolstering on the seats are ever so little now the Headroom is Acceptable and the legroom much more legroom however Might be compromised by the third passenger If you do decide to take one because they will have to compromise for the tunnel in the center Lastly there are these plastic accents that can be found on the door and the white ones some people like it. I’m Not so sold on it. Really It does have a center armrest I’ll give it that but here in the back the expander has no other toys other than the bottle holders on each door however You do have excellent head and legroom losses for much taller passengers and there are bolsters for your shoulders And the accents on the door not too shabby The seasoned veteran Believe It or Not has got the most advanced interior three cylindrical gauges two of which are analog and one digital trip computer a 7-inch infotainment system with a USB input which fits very nicely into the dash I might add a well-groomed set of air controls a 12 volt socket five bottle holders for the front seats All the controls in the steering wheel and a pair of airbags. It does have a reverse sensor However, it is unfortunately devoid of a reverse camera and push-button start However, this thing can still keep up with the new kids on the block a BS electronic brake distribution Hill Start Assist and Vehicle Stability assist all complement the B RVs module Now when you do get inside the driver seat of the rush, you will notice that there is a constant lumbar support art which might take some time to get used to once you do, however the seats are pretty comfortable and very well bolstered a pair of analog gauges flank a digital trip computer a 7-inch infotainment system with USB and auxiliary inputs that fits very well into the dash our diverse camera, very simple air controls 12 volt socket a total of Seven bottle holders upfront audio and phone controls on the tilt steering wheel and a push start button This thing has got six airbags found all around 6:00 Now again with the white plastic accents just like the back. I’m really not so sold on it it kind of breaks the whole flow of the car and this gear level to Kind of skin reminds me of slim from a bug’s life Alright other tech on the rush includes ABS electronic brake distribution Hill Start Assist and vehicle stability control system now The expander has got a notch up on average when it comes to the interior Same deal with the gauges there analog but in the center, you’ll find a multicolored trip computer 7-inch infotainment with a reverse camera three notch air controls USB and auxiliary inputs beside the 12 volt socket cubbyholes with a nice retracting cover six bottle holders in total up front audio and phone controls on the tilt and telescopic steering wheel a pair of airbags and A push-button start you’ve also got nav and cruise control very nice touch What isn’t such a great touch are the smudge magnets found on the steering wheel and on the gear lever nothing great Really nothing spectacular however, like the accents on the doors in the back The actions can be found on the doors up front and on the dash and they are choice.this Expander GLS sport also comes equipped with ABS electronic brake distribution hill-start assist and active Stability control The first thing that hits you when you get inside the PRV, it’s how comfortable you are when you’re sitting inside It’s got the lowest seating position and really when you’re driving either inside the city or outside the city It is very stress-free because it feels like you’re really driving a car NVH might need a little help see the cabin noise does creep up on you, especially at high speed in fact you might actually turn around and look at the rear windows to see if they’re actually open when you’re driving so that Could use of help Now the most impressive thing about the brv is the combination of the Ivy Tech and the CVT It produces the most horsepower. It produces the most torque and yet it’s still the most fuel efficient of the three coming in at 18.1 km/h I’m not gonna light it with a cabin full getting to speed that engine will get very very loud But since it does have the highest output, do you know that you get there the fastest? Now the rush is the only body on frame chassis in this compare Oh apparent with its high ground clearance Unfortunately, that means that handling isn’t its best suit because the back has to be very bouncy and it does have slight body Roll when you’re going through tight turns Insulation may need a little bit of help engine noise will definitely creep in Especially on the highway when you hit a hundred kilometers per hour and your engine revs are at 3,000 rpm Though still 3,000 rpm it’s still able to produce 16 kilometers to a liter and the transmission shifts. Very very well Amongst the three the rush has the highest seating position Others might find that to be a problem because they might have a hard time Getting the right driving position while others will probably welcome it like myself Because then it gives you a sense of security and a better view of the room Now when the cabin is full Your right foot yes will turn to lead to be able to muster all the horses that you can get your foot on to be Able to get this thing moving, but worry not you’ll eventually have to speed The expander is certainly the most planted amongst the three the steering is right most of the time and it is Also the lightest amongst the three now the monocoque chassis minimizes body rolls So that the spirit of driving that you want to do when you get out of town. Yeah, that’s a lot of fun Now while the expander is a 4-speed automatic It does do its best to be able to maximize the engine power that it does have Being able to produce sixteen point twelve kilometers per litre. It’s quiet and very nice on long drives. Oh and the cruise control Yeah, that’s a huge plus Now the seating position of the expander is neither the highest nor the lowest amongst the three it slots in just in the middle the Bonus is is that it does have a telescopic steering wheel Which means you can get that much closer to your perfect driving position now with the full cabin The expander is still fun to drive. I’ll be if the engine is probably having a harder time getting You going but again it is a 1.5 liter after all this is an expander. Not an Evo Now while all of these cars have promos available on the audio Website now comes the difficult part like the Highlander there can be only one right? Well, it’s not that easy Every family or every driver has different needs catered by different cars There is no one perfect car for everybody in the expander You’ve got technology such as nav and cruise control plus all that space in the back. You can do whatever you want with it That’s pretty awesome in the rush looks alone. Pretty awesome high ground clearance LED lights and six. Yes six airbags Not bad in the B RV. You’ve got a CVT with the highest power output and the best fuel economy. So What’s it gonna be? Not that I’d mind giving it to all three simultaneously But personally, I’m gonna go for the expander The tech for me and the space for my family is really what gets me sold plus at a price point that is more affordable than the competition and it drives more planet – now the real winner here could actually Beat the dealer that calls you back first because these guys are a hot commodity You

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  1. My Uncle Owns an Xpander, but when my Dad Got his new 2nd Gen Suzuki Ertiga 2019, then my Uncle wants to sell his Xpander, lol.

  2. 4 speed seem outdated already. It much more better and more economy if they have 6speed for manual and 8 to 9 speed in automatic

  3. I have bought last year exactly the same color of that Xpander. The upmost idel available, Xpander Ultimate series.
    The peice in Philipines look the same price in Indonesia where the car manufactured.
    Its a great car!

  4. 1:48
    "Under the hood is a 1.5 liter 4-speed automatic transmission that produces 102 horses and 134 N.m of torque."
    You were clearly referring to the engine and transmission as a whole. So it's incorrect to report published horsepower and torque numbers which are based at the flywheel.

  5. ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ’•Excellent work..Professional photography ๐ŸŽฅ …. but did not compare measurements length and width๐Ÿ“ ….. Give stars ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…… Announcer funny๐Ÿ‘ … Keep comparisons non-stop๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• i like't

  6. Wow…might be mitsu pay him more… why he choose xpander for the family needs when it has a low horse power, think what happen to the engine in a long run… aahh… ahhh… honda has d best and durable engine of the 3…

  7. Ang maganda sa lahat yung nagbibigay ng 100,000 miles warranty kasi mga kotse ngayon karamihan transmission problem

  8. Lahat yan maganda,wag na magtalo basta qng alin napupusuan un ang piliin…now we are happy to have rush no regret because this is our hearts chooice๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  9. that brv expander rush all is awesome and the winner is toyota rush so i bought rush ๐Ÿ˜Š and i love using rush its very friendly used๐Ÿ˜

  10. Great vids! hoping to watch more contents like this or maybe better. I would suggest though having lighting instead of just using ambient light

  11. Ano ba talaga mga sir?

  12. Comprehensive, practical, helpful comparo, not to mention entertaining too! In our region we only have two seasons, โ€œthe wet and the very wetโ€ as they say. We chose the Rush, firstly, for its higher ground clearance, indulgent approach and departure angles, and its wading depth capacity of 600 mm (2 feet!). Second, we are in a suburban area where traffic is mostly mild and sometimes moderate so we find the power and efficiency of the tried and tested 1.5L dual VVTI engine and its 4 speed AT up to task (though could still be improved). Thirdly, the technology that comes with the unit is sensible, such as the hill start assist, abs, rear view camera and back up sensors, auto climate control and headlights, smart entry, push start/stop button and the 5 star safety features definitely add to its value. Fourth, in the light of other premium advantages that comes with the Unit, the marginal roll and bounce are for us acceptable compromises to its height and carrying strength (body on frame construction). Lastly, the looks, though very subjective and with all due respect to others preferences, we find the Rush more appealing to us. Thanks thanks for this comprehensive comparo!

  13. Ampanget itsura ng brv, never considered buying it. Now that I have both rush and xpander, Id be willing to sell my xpander after a year

  14. The BR-V is an old Horse and was part of the previous generation of MPVs. Why isn't the 2nd Gen Ertiga included there?

  15. uy sir, thanks po sa review. nainformed tlga ako.. mas lalo akong nalito ๐Ÿ˜…, pero grabeng ganda ng review. Ang hindi na lang tlga mganda Sir, yung budget ko… ๐Ÿ˜ญ anyweiz konting tiis pa.. makakabili na rin ako. Thanks and more blessings on your team!

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