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  1. I need to replace the entire light assembly on the LH side.  Would I still take off all the panels like you did?  Is there a screw somewhere to remove it?  Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your thorough 'inside look' . . . wow, finally found out how simple this can be — much appreciated =  the final tip of "prying just the corner" saved me a few steps (only removed first + side panel, then pried down corner for doing only bulb for red tail light . . . needle nose pliers were helpful for reaching in to twist open the bulb mount holder)  

    Ha, Toyota couldn't have made it any easier for us . . . LOL

  3. Your title "Toyota Sienna BRAKE LIGHT and Reverse Light Replacement" is misleading.  I just removed the back panel only to find out that the actual brake lights are on the outside corners.  You should change it to "tail light"

  4. This gets me very close, but my sienna has an automatic lift so my left-side molding has a hole through which this motorized arm extends.  It looks to me like I can't take off the trim unless I first disconnect the arm from the connecting hinge that sticks out through the trim.  But it is NOT so obvious how to do that!

  5. Really helpful video, had no idea how to proceed until I watched it, changed my bulbs today, couple of things came up, would suggest changing the bulbs on a hot day, plastic components are more forgiving when warm ie don't break as easily, also for the main panel start at the window and gently work towards the latch end that way you avoid breaking off the two tabs at the bottom of the panel, when all of the clips have been freed up gently pull the panel forward and the tabs will drop out of their holes. Install in the reverse. Also be prepared for some of the clips to slip out of their holders on the panels and fall to the ground


  7. Just the video I needed, thank you for explaining and showing how easy it is and what to watch out for. Great job on the video.

  8. Great video. My repair book does not cover back up light replacement. Good to know that you have to get at it from the inside not force off the outer housing.

  9. Note that removal of the strap cover is incorrect in this video, I broke the clip off by following the instructions on this video. Instead of prying it of with screwdriver from the window side, you should try to slide it toward the window (like it shows in the manual).

  10. Nice work! Your point later in the video is important to note. I was able to replace both the reverse and tail light bulbs without fully removing the large lower panel. Just loosened it at the end and removed the two side window trim pieces. It's a little tight to get your hands in there, but saves removing the strap. 

  11. great video thx…Toyota should of make 2 acess covers/caps kinda like those rear strut/shocks covers in the trunk of a seden or a hartchback just pop them out ,change the lights,put covers back on…much easier..guess thay just want u to bring ur car to them so they can get u on labors lol

  12. great video thanks also I want to replaist a broken handle from rigth slice side door Vann you up load a video for that please tanks

  13. Thanks, Tomahawk. Your video actually gives to whole detail on the replacement. I had been loathing this repair for literally years until a cop pulled me over for it. It's good to have her fully functional again 🙂

  14. Thanks for the video. Saw that I had the exact light out earlier today and told my wife that I'd try to find a DIY video to fix it up. Again, thanks for the great, detailed video.

  15. The reason you broke that tab off is because you are supposed to start popping that main panel off from the window side first, not the bottom of the door.

  16. Do you have a video on how to replace the entire reverse light assembly? I see that you have a video on replacing the tail light (that is on the side body of the van). But do you have any video how to replace the assembly on the back lift door? Thanks a lot.

  17. Excellent video. Helped me avoid a trip to the shop. CORRECT: slide the strap cover toward the window and it will pop off. CORRECT: remove the main panel off from the window side first to avoid breaking off tabs. ADDITIONAL TIPS: (1) you can use a Phillips screwdriver instead of a socket drive to remove the strap. (2) I used masking tape to mark where the plastic rivets were to know where to press down. Took a few more minutes but the panels went back in nice and easy.

  18. To remove the top panel you slide it sideways on my Sienna. You probably should hear little to no popping from the panels if removed correctly.

    The popping comes from from the plastic fasteners being pulled out of the door which doesn't need to happen. Slide the top piece to the side and the side pieces outwards away from window.

  19. When reattaching the pull handle, be sure not to over-tighten. The screw is cheap and WILL break! Go ahead. Ask me how I know this…

    Anyway, if you happen to be unlucky enough, and it happens to break, know now that it will be a pain in the @$$ getting it back out. And you will need the patience of a fleet of saints, and very, very tiny hands.

  20. Thank you very much! I was looking at this assembly and couldn't make any sense of it until I came back in the house and watched your highly informative video. Well done!

  21. I would doubt there is enough heat at 21 watts to cause the glass to warp on the bulb. I believe oils are only a problem with high intensity bulbs. For instance a front light bulb.

    The 7443 bulb (on tail/reverse for too sienna 2008) can go in two ways. The bulb is listed as 21W/5W. This means one takes more energy. Do they both produce the same brightness? If so, then care should be taken to get the brake light wire with the 5W bulb not the 21W. This would save energy while driving with lights on???

  22. Thanks for the video. you first remove the top and side panels, but then when removing the lower the top and side appear to be on again. do you have to remove them?

  23. Thanks very Helpful video, just if you could have mention the type of the bulb, so one can handy before doing all this…

  24. Looks like Philips or Wagner 7443 is the replacement bulb number. I have a 2008 Sienna and the OE owners manual does not list the bulb number in the manual. It only lists it as a 21/5W and Type D (Wedge base bulbs (clear)). Also Sylvania 194. Hope that helps.

  25. 1:45 am I seeing things/ He started out by taking off the upper top and side trim pieces. The here we see them back on? The at 2:35 they are off again wtf.

  26. The mistake happened in the time 2:00 . He broke the panel hook. He was supposed to start removing the panel from the glass side.

  27. Thanks sooo much ! This even worked on my Toyota Sienna 2011 .. start at the top middle section at top of lift gate window … dude put this works on the new model Sienna 2011-current..thanks what a stupid design I got the same issue with my 2015 impala … most Hondas have small cut out access doors to get to function lights … thanks brother

  28. Much appreciate the video and tips mentioned here. I breezed through it without a glitch within 45 minutes including wiping down the panels at the end. The only minor gotcha was masking tape didn't work for me as I used Armor All for spring cleaning. I used chalk instead. Perfect click every time brought smile to my face. Reiterate the points: (1) work from the window glass side outward to remove panels; (2) strap cover can be easily slide out towards the window; (3) use 10mm socket as Philip screwdriver didn't work for me; (4) remember to pull the pins that don't come out with the panels; (5) use chalk to mark the pin positions for perfect click in – if it doesn't click, check your work; (6) while you are at it, maybe as well replace bulbs on both sides. Happy DIY.

  29. I really want to thank you for the video and everyone who made comments. Changing these took less than 20 minutes and I am not someone who is mechanically inclined. This was a perfect demo! Awesome work!

  30. A couple mistakes. 1. Don't pry the handle cover—IT SLIDES TOWARD THE FRONT. 2. Removing the rear panel—-ALWAYS start at the top (glass side). This will keep you from breaking the heavy tabs on the bottom. You pop the top "Christmas Tree clips" off at the top and then the panel will pop the bottom ones off (and allow you to angle out) the back panel easily.

    This is fully explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtRspPCH1ps

  31. Thanks for making this video. Based on the number of panels coming off and the reasonable chance some tabs might be broken during removal, would probably be a good idea just to replace all four rear bulbs while inside. Thanks again.

    * Work from the window glass side outward to remove panels
    * Remove pins from tailgate that don’t come out with panels and re-attach to panels before reinstalling
    * Use chalk to mark pin locations on outside of panels
    * When installing panels make sure all pins snap into place
    1- Start by removing the top panel (5 clips)
    2- Remove the two side panels (3 clips each)
    3- Bottom Panel (14 Clips):
    a. Remove strap cover by sliding towards the window
    b. Remove strap bolt (10mm socket)
    c. Remove the rectangular access door near strap
    d. CAUTION: THE BOTTOM OF THIS PANEL HAS TWO LARGE BRACKETS THAT ARE EASILY BROKEN. Begin removing panel from window side first then move to sides and finally the bottom.
    4- Lights are now accessible. Rotate 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull to remove
    5- Insert replacement bulbs (wear gloves to avoid contaminating bulbs)
    (Remember to check that bulbs work before replacing panels)
    6- Reverse panel assembly (bottom, sides then top) inserting and snapping panels FROM outside towards glass.
    7- Replace rectangular access door.
    8- Reinstall strap and cover.

  33. I'm a bit of an old newbie and skipped past the 10mm socket part. 30 minutes later (10 minutes up and back from the hardware store)….I got it. Good video!

  34. Awesome. Thank you so much. I managed to change the tail light on my Sienna today thanks to your video. I didn't take the whole back panel off, but by taking the top and side panels like you showed on the video, then, just by prying off one side of the back panel, I got to the light I needed to change. Your video really helped. By the way, knowing that the socket size I needed was a 10mm one was helpful, too. Good job on the video, really clear instructions.

  35. Why not take the upper end of the panel down first, so as not to brake the clips at the bottom end? Good video though!

  36. Thank so much for making this video. This made it easy for me to change my running light quickly and correctly. Keep up the great videos.

  37. You have gotta be kidding me….. you have to pull apart the entire back door to change a bulb??? Only Toyota could be this ridiculous.

  38. Thank you so much for the tutorial – all those plastic pins!! Knowing approximately where they were helped tremendously. I did try your advice about not needing to remove the full panel to just get to the rear light – and that worked out fine. And it saved a lot of grief not having to pull off the entire panel.

  39. Why isn't there an access panel for the lights? WTF Toyota ? God forbid if manufactures use any sort of visible screws to have access to stuff like they used to do.

  40. Thank you for showing us how to do this! I think I'll just replace all the lights at the same time when I do it! I hope I can replace the license plate lights while I'm in there; they're burned out too.

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