Toyota Tacoma | Grille Guard Install with Axe Family

Toyota Tacoma | Grille Guard Install with Axe Family

so right now i’m headed over to jake’s house and i’m just gonna pick him up and then we’re gonna head up to the auto shop today we’re gonna try to put a new grill guard on my truck here and yeah it should be a lot of fun so i’m just waiting for jake should be here any minute Hey george haha (laughing) bumper on morning jake well hey there okay let’s go (music) okay here is the grill guard, it’s a weston and it’s going on a 2000 toyota tacoma okay george gonna put this grill guard on this truck here there gonna tell us what to do (metal noises) (air gun) two more? what do you think jake? looks really good no deer will get past this how does it look good yeah? looks straight, straight and durable got the grill guarde on now and now we can just drive wherever we want

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  1. Is this a how to show off your Tacoma or is it supposed to be an instructional video on how to install the grill guard?

  2. I installed a similar one on my 2004 Toyota Sequoia.. I had a little problem with the support brackets. Could you do a video on where you installed your? Thanks

  3. with body on frame vehicle. the upper attachment brackets are supported to the body. lower brackets are attached to frame. figure it out yet?? yep your right! you just made a solid attachment to body and frame! the softer metal in radiator area, can and will tweak if you do ANY serious offroad. if you use grommets, flat washers, longer bolts at the attachment point at the upper guard bumper area this will eliminate the tweak. also if you get a tap in the upper area of said guard you have a better chance of the brackets not punching the attachment points inward. only a light tap . make sense??

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