Toyota Tacoma Headlight Lens and Parking Marker replacement- (1997 -2000)

Toyota Tacoma Headlight Lens and Parking Marker replacement- (1997 -2000)

So I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma, and about
3 years ago I hit a fence…the fence jumped out and hit me – let’s say that…and I
ruined this front parking light right here. I also damaged the front quarter panel, but
I replaced that and that’s fine. But this light right here has a bracket on
it that’s been damaged for about 3 years, so I just stuck duct tape over the surface
of the light to hold it in place. But every couple months I’d have to take off
the duct tape, or the light would just fall off by itself and just be dangling there on
the freeway as I’m driving along. So it’s not the safest thing. And today I’m actually just going to replace
the whole thing altogether. I’m not sure why I didn’t just spend the 20
bucks a year ago…or two years ago to fix it the thing, but better late than never. I’ll link all the replacement parts in the
video description. This project is going to be a little bit different
than most because I’ve already used a lot of glue and adhesive to try and jerry-rig
the thing into place. It didn’t end up working. So now we’re just going to do it the right
way. Let’s get started. [Intro] I’ll probably have to clear these headlights
eventually. There’s like stuff you can put over the top
of it that gets rid of the yellow coating, but today we’re just going to work on this
part which is completely separate from the light. So we’ll remove this tape. It’s going to take a minute to clean all the
gunk off this truck. As you can see, there has been several layers
of duct tape over the years. That’s a lot of build up. And this is the light. So the part that’s been broken…this is a
little nozzle right here that’s supposed to jump into this plastic housing. And this has been snapped off, as well as
this section right here. So when I get the replacement light today,
it’s going to have this one section here, and it’s going to have this plug. But it’s not going to have the bracket down
here on the bottom, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to actually correct that. Now all the glue and stuff that I’ve added
is right here along the top. So it turns out that this little bracket is
just connected to the headlight itself, and both headlights are actually pretty cheap
on Amazon right now so I’m just going to replace the whole headlight assembly. And then I’ll have a safe point to attach
this light to when I get the new piece. So right now while I’m waiting for those headlights
to arrive, I’m just going to clean off this glue with a little bit of this Goof Off. It supposedly works on automotive surfaces. And I will drop this headlight out. Sprinkle a little bit of this on a paper towel. So I have a good chunk of it cleaned off. It helps to have a little plastic pry tool
or something, and once it’s absorbed some of that Goof Off stuff, I can just scrape
off the majority of it and then I can wipe it with more of the Goof Off and it will come
clean once the bigger chunks are removed. Now that all the duct tape gunk is gone around
that edge, it’s time to remove both headlights. So since this little plastic piece is broken
completely off and my headlights are 20 years old and completely clouded over, I’m going
to replace them with new headlights that are not clouded over and have a little plastic
thing at the bottom that will screw into the parking light. In order to get these off, we do have to take
off the grill. And behind the grill in these little plastic
bits right here are some tabs. The bad news with these tabs though is that
20 year old plastic is pretty brittle. So as I bend that down and pull this out,
there’s a good chance that these little tabs are going to break. I’ll try to find replacements and link them
down in the video description, but I did have these two center ones pop out. There are a few more clips down here along
the bottom. I’ll just snap that with my screwdriver and
pull it the rest of the way out. In order for the headlight to come out, the
side markers do have one little screw on the top, and the side markers have to come out
first. So I will unscrew this screw all the way,
set it somewhere where I can find it later. And then this side marker just pushes out
along the bottom. Since this doesn’t need to come out, I’m just
going to leave this here, and then we have access to the two side bolts for the headlight. So this headlight has the two side bolts here,
and then one down here at the bottom. So I’ll take those out and then there’s one
bolt right here on this side. All of these are 10 millimeter. And lastly, now that we have this bolt out,
this little metal thing right here can come loose. But it does have one more little plastic tab
there at the bottom. And we’re off. So the headlight bulbs can actually be taken
out with the headlight body or the headlight lens still in place. We’re just going to unplug that. And the last bolt we have to worry about is
deep inside of there. We’re still working with a 10 millimeter. I’ll just stick this in the hole and we’ll
ratchet it out. That allows us to remove the whole lens assembly. So I’m going to put the lenses side by side
and make sure I’m not missing anything. It looks like there’s one little clip down
here at the bottom for that metal panel that I have to move over. The clip is transferable. I still have the screw hole for the back,
front, the two pegs for the side, and we have the screw hole up top for that side parking
marker. And then I’ll take the new lens, tuck it into
those side holes, and line it up and we should be good to screw it in. Okay, so shining my headlights at that back
wall right there. If I cover up one headlight, the headlight
is on by the way – the other one. It’s pretty darn dim though. When I expose the new one it’s way brighter
than the old one. But it’s sitting a little bit high, so I want
to lower it down so it’s not blinding people. Inside of this headlight assembly there are
two screws. There’s one screw here which makes the light
go left and right to adjust it. And there’s one screw down there at the bottom
and I’m just sitting over that with a 4 millimeter bolt. And I’m just ratcheting it little by little,
and that’s bringing the headlight down ever so slightly. So I’ll probably bring it down another foot
from where it’s at right now and then it will line up with the old one and we shouldn’t
be blinding people while we’re driving. Now we have the whole point of this project
which is plugging back in the headlamp assembly. So I’m going to get this wire in, rotate it
up. And this pin is going to go in this hole,
and this is going to sit over the top of this little screw hole here. Alright, now I need a screw for this hole. Alright, now both headlights are in and the
lights are screwed in. Luckily these are plastic so I can just toss
these in the recycling bin, I don’t need them anymore. I am going to take the bulbs out just in case
I need those though. And this one, with the light adjustments – the
little knobs have caps on them so that makes it a little bit easier to adjust. Just stick a screwdriver in the end and you
can twist it. So now I’ll put the grill back in. And that is how to replace the headlight and
the sidelight in your Toyota Tacoma 1998. If you have any questions, leave them down
in the comments. Don’t forget to “like” this video if it
helped you. And don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. ZACK I THINK YOU SHOULD REPLACE THAT OLD TRUCK AND BUY A NEW ONE . Also I think you can afford buying new ones «_» _ .

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  3. Rolling around with one cloudy headlamp and another clear headlamp must have been the reason to avoid fixing the problem correctly in the first place, he mentioned that replacement headlamps where affordable at the moment so maybe they weren't affordable back then? In my opinion, this might be the reason he Jerry rigged it, car reparations can get pretty expensive quick! Or maybe he just didn't feel like doing it lol. Anyways, awesome video Zack. I love watching both of your channels and what you do has in one way or another influenced me in my decisions in daily life.

  4. Did you ever find replacement plastic tabs for the grill? I want to do this project but I'm nervous about busting them and not having replacements if I do. Thanks for the vid, subscribed!

  5. Know you've had the new truck for ages now but do you still have this old one coming from the other channel

  6. I just installed new headlights, now the alignment is off, SOB 😡 why are things always so complicated compared to how things are done on youtube 😭

  7. Please replace the passenger side marker light and the 2 lower turn signals. Just go all the way. Nothing makes a car look fresh like clear lenses.

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